[Approved] Aurora Nigeria guild

:grinning: seems one of my team members as similar name, sorry about dat , collaborations are awesome we would talk later


Oh, I understand
If needed in the future, we and your guild will work together and our experiences can be used haha


@ell the proposal as been updated pls any issue let me know

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This is awesome. Can’t wait to kickstart building for Aurora in Nigeria and Africa


Looking forward to this Community Building. Cheers :heart_eyes:

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Exploring Aurora in Africa, especially Nigeria will be awesome. And I believe with this the Nigerians will get to know more about aurora

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This will be a game changer to Aurora. Aurora will be all over Nigeria and Africa at large


Thank you for your proposal! We are looking for community members who are willing to launch dedicated Aurora community guilds (telegram, twitter, AMAs, meetups, etc.).


Ok will update the proposal to Launch a Fully fledged AURORA NIGERIA GUILD
@ell you can check it out now it has been updated

Thank you for your proposal. Could you please give more details here:

  1. 3- 6 written contents containing technical and non-technical aspects of AURORA, where the content will be published, and how much for one article?
  2. 6 translations - how much for one translation?
  3. 12 graphics + 4 videos - how much for one infographic and video? Could you please share examples of videos?

It would be great to reduce the total budget. Thank You and have a great day.


For this the team as created a video in relation to AURORA will be available soon, but will share some we creted for NEAR and Octopus Network

Update as been made for the next two months and all information provided

Our first vide on AURORA NIGERIA

The impression is just loud :grin:


Updates so far,
Currently 2 weeks after AURORA NIGERIA formation.

Current stat:
1)Telegram currently: 147, with everyday discussions about AURORA
2) Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn fully active with massive traffic
3) 2 videos created with lots of traction
4) Infographics created to highlight several aspects of AURORA
5) Currently Written contents are been made and will be published soon
6) Translations currently looked into but seems AURORA is lacking on contents
6) plans to host our First community discussion


Good evening, I am happy to support for one month if you ready to hold weekly technical (solidity) AMA sessions for Nigeria Community.

Thank You

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Our dev team @Moh and @cenwadike are up to the task, as currently materials to develop technical Contents including teaching materials in future are currently worked on

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Thanks for the support

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Proposal is approved

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Thanks alot

Approved. Thank You