[Approved] New Aurora Chinese Community October

Dear Aurora Community @Alex_J @ell

Thanks for the invitation from @johanga and @Fei, we would like to propose a new AURORA Chinese community according to Aurora Community Grants Program as follow:

About us

Let me introduce myself and our guild as a start. I’m Murphy, NEAR Chinese community manager. We joined NEAR and started the NEAR Chinese community more than one year ago, and now have achieved 10k members including both blockchain enthusiasts and developers. At the same time, we also operate the NEAR Chinese social media platform for a long time to translate and share the latest NEAR ecosystem news.

Our Achievements

  1. Build NEAR Chinese telegram community from zero and 9k members https://t.me/NEAR_China & https://t.me/nearchinese
  2. Have monthly AMA or community events: CCM Guild Monthly Report (China) May 26 -2021 - #3 by weiser - Guilds - NEAR Forum
  3. Build NEAR Chinese Developer Community (6 WeChat groups) from 0 to 1.9k members
  4. Developer Education:
  1. Content localization and social media platform:

Our Plan & Key Performance Indicator

We want to bring NEAR CN’s resources and experiences to help grow Aurora Chinese community. After a deep communication with Fei, who created the Aurora cn community last month,[Approved] Chinese version of Twitter, Telegram, Medium, announcements and documents we decided to join forces to better deliver the value of Aurora. We’d like to take advantage of the above to create NEAR & Aurora Chinese to raise awareness and engagement and recruit new users for the Aurora community.

  1. Aurora Chinese Community establishment and management

Create new Aurora Chinese telegram, will have 3 moderators to answer questions on time and share the latest update or news to the community.

  1. Create Aurora Chinese Twitter and operate to bring awareness

Include localization of Aurora important threads and create content by ourselves.

  1. Content localization and publishing on social media platforms
  1. Community events
  • KPI: At least 2 activities per month, can be AMA or community meme/quiz
  1. Developer Education & Developer Community: Regular monthly online courses, organization, or participation in hackathons.
  • KPI: Create lessons based on Aurora’s needs and invite guests to share. Answer all developer questions about Aurora.

And about this part, I’m sorry I can’t give specific indicators since we don’t know Aurora’s plan for developer education. Who should I contact for further communication about it?

  1. Media Relations
  • KPI: Ensure Aurora’s latest news can reach more people through the Chinese Media. We have a long-term and good cooperative relationship with Chinese media, which can help Aurora reach more people in major announcements.

Funding scheme

For this, we are requesting the following funding from October: USD $6900/month

Wallet ID: auroracn.near

Thanks for reading and feel free to give suggestions!


NEAR CN is one of the most dedicated community in the industry. And the team runs it is top-notch. They have been providing latest information, services, educational courses for thousands of Chinese community members and audiences outside NEAR ecosystem.

Aurora China Guild joins forces with NEAR CN to build the new Aurora Chinese community is the best choice for the long run.

I believe with NEAR CN’s push, Aurora Chinese community will flourish and become the backbone of the Aurora Community along with other reginal communities.

After joining the new Aurora Chinese Community, I will continue making good efforts to accomplish my vision and contribute.


Hello, guys.

Good proposal, but I’ve looked at your Twitter activity for NEAR, and honestly, does it really need 2 people for 2-3 posts a day?

3 moderators for the Telegram group, but there are almost no people there yet.
Maybe it makes sense to recruit as the chat grows?


Hi Vladislav and stalking @Vladislav_vl25 @stalking

Thanks for your questions. Allow me to explain our budget and staffing one by one. As we said, we will start the new Aurora cn community in October. That’s the reason why a few people are there.

The number of community mods is also based on the reference made by the NEAR Chinese community (you are welcome to learn about our activity level: Telegram: Contact @NEAR_China). The proposal guarantees 12 hours a day and seven days a week, including Q&A and promotion. And especially in the community’s early days, there needs to be enough topic guidance to ensure activeness.

On Twitter, we will push forward in four areas:

  1. Localize the content of Aurora;
  2. Eco-project cooperation and promotion (including translation and cooperation).
  3. Produce Chinese content related to Aurora.
  4. Timely interaction.
    The configuration of two people is to better serve the Aurora ecosystem, which is also essential here.

I understand some of your concerns. In the Proposal stage, we all hope to achieve the best —— rapid community growth and rich interaction. However, these are not performed in one day and are greatly affected by the market environment. In the early stage of community development, appropriate staffing is a cornerstone to support the community in crossing the bull and bear. In the monthly incentive application, we will list the specific output and effect and adjust it according to the effect.


The Chinese community is actively participating in the ecosystem, it’s a fact. What is the expected metric in social networks? You install 5 moderators and 1 supervisor on two social networks. Perhaps you should reconsider the number of moderators for the first month and the requested amount. This only applies to the first month.
Thx :relaxed:

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hi mates!
happy to see your cooperation around common purposes :pray:

what i’d love to think about, we’re here performing experiments, nobody knows exactly how it will grow and what will be out from it.
there’s no “professional” who got Master degree on web3-community development, we’re taking some instruments from web2, anothers from our fantasy, from our and other projects experience - the next.
with understanding that it’s not a business when 1 rich guy gives us money for his certain benefits in the future, it isn’t an investment or sponsorship , we can’t definitely promise 100% success that will come from our activities in future (but we do our best :blush:)
we don’t put salaries , we do our work to show results. and when the progress is evident we are able to increase our rewards to our teams :white_heart:

if i were you (but i’m not! i just share my feelings with you) honestly i’d ask this sum for 2 months :slight_smile:

not a financial advice, DYOR :))


Proposal is approved


Thanks :heart:! Will do our best :raised_hands:


Good morning. Approved for November, since it usually takes time to pass KYC and receive payment.
I am looking forward to seeing the results. Please, wait for instruction in DM.