[Report] Aurora Turkiye November

Hello AURORA Family;

November Report of the Aurora Turkiye Community.
@ell @Alex_J

Here is the;
:point_right: Proposal
:green_circle: Amount: $ 4,040
:white_check_mark: Wallet: nht44.near


  • Twitter + Instagram = $ 1,500
  • Moderation (Telegram) = $ 750
  • Article: 4 Articles X $110 = $ 440
  • YouTube: 4 Videos X $150 = $ 600
  • Reporting Administration, Operational Costs = $ 450
  • Channel events (Quiz Night – Invite your friends) = $ 300



  • A. Twitter / Instagram / Telegram
  • B. Videos
  • C. Articles
  • D. Channel (Online) events
  • E. Weekly meetings




We are posting the News, Important Updateds, Authentic researches and Infographics from here to keep the community alive and informed.

twitter nov ss


The same information shared on Twitter is also shared on Instagram.


Community mod: We provide 24/7 support with 4 moderators;
@dadathoo.near @CryptoBlckhntr @KriptoRaptor @REK

For quick and one-on-one support:

News-Announcement purposes:
Shared the latest news from the community news stream.

It is difficult to increase the number of Telegram members without the AMA support that we mentioned in our previous report and proposal. We would like to get AMA support like other channels do.


B. Videos

The number of Videos: 4
The expected number of Videos was: 4

Aurora | November Updates | News


AURORA | Endemic Marketplace | Aurobots NFT

Aurora | B4B Testnet | Incentive Testnet | Airdrop


C. Articles

Written number of Articles was: 4
Expected number of Articles was: 4

Aurora Engine 2.8.0 Güncellemesi PART 1

Aurora & Staderlabs

Best 4 Cross Chain Bridges On Aurora

Aurora Wind in GitCoin 15th Grant Round


D. Channel (Online) events

We couldn’t do any extra activity because we got the funding late. Also, We would like to get AMA support like other channels do to increase the number of Telegram members and interaction.

But we had an excellent External Marketing during this month.



E. Weekly Meetings

As the Turkish community, we hold our weekly meetings.
Active contributors are: @CryptoBlckhntr @KriptoRaptor @dadathoo.near @REK :dizzy:

Thank You!


thank you for your report!

after all these nice metrics I still have a few questions, will appreciate your kind response.
in the proposal you wrote:

from here it’s clear about Videos and Articles
also we’ve found 2 AMAs from October/beg.November period here

could you send some links as examples on the other points from that list, please?

have a great day!



  • Online events: ($300 grant)
    couldn’t do anything because of the late payment.

  • Ecosystem Project Support (AMA):
    We requested a small additional budget for project support and AMAs, but it was not approved and a lower amount was offered instead. We couldn’t do it because we didn’t get any money. Is this a sufficient answer?

  • Using Social Media Networks actively:
    Done and reported already.

  • Videos about AURORA in the Turkish language:
    Done and reported already.

  • Articles about AURORA in the Turkish language:
    Done and reported already.

  • (volunteer activity) Collaboration with the biggest and oldest Turkish crypto communities:
    We haven’t received any funding for this. and due to the bear market, nobody wants to talk about markets nowadays.

  • (volunteer activity) Spaces about popular crypto topics to attract people to AURORA:
    We haven’t received any funding for this. Nonetheless, we’ve covered a lot of ground.