Another way to utilise network fees: 2 Tiers of RPC

Proposal regarding 0 fees issue to help onboarding users and empower AURORA DAO

Aurora DAO may vote and nominate a set of primary contracts with proper gas/storage efficiency where 0 fee would still be available.

  • introduce 2 Aurora RPCs: Free/Tier1 and Common/Tier2 .
  • allow high-quality dapps nominated by DAO to use Free/Tier1 Aurora RPC on their UI (and revert free txs on that RPC for other contracts). Common/Tier2 accepts everything for fees.
  • Metamask will switch RPC seamless it will cost only 1 predictable click, but users will switch network anyway as they are doing stuff on Ethereum and L2s.
  • this may grant a real power to Aurora DAO. It could became a kind of parachain auction on Polkadot, when dApp users will try to push their favourite app to the Tier1 RPC

There is an ongoing effort to implement a similar solution. Note that you actually don’t need two different endpoints, as long as the one endpoint has enough capacity to deal with everything. The RPC will drop txs that pay no gas for “Tier2” applications.