[Approved] AURORA Africa-October, November

Guild, community, project name; AURORA AFRICA (AFRICA BASED COMMUNITY)

Region, country (for statistics), a number of members in your guild, community, or project;

Our team consists of 9 members.

Given our progress from initial proposal and the growth recorded in September and reported, we have come up with the below to vamp our development

Links on social media and how many members in the social media;

Our social media handles

Twitter: we have 346 followers

Telegram: we have 275 members (time of writing this proposal)

YouTube: We have 156 subscribers

Medium: We have 36 followers

Team introduction.

I am Igboze, team lead for Aurora Africa, and Team lead for TNEsociety(www.tnesociety.com). Our team members are: i,
@Omotola (research/content),
@Jeromemrys(Social media),
@asteve12(technical team),
@Ella(technical team),
@Thiago(graphics designer),

Funding scheme: Bi-Monthly

After having a successful September, we see to engage more into growing Aurora amongst African countries. This we plan on doing through/by the following means

  1. Forming sub-country communities to expand growth of Aurora in Africa
  2. Begin a Solidity Developer weekly class.
  3. Create educational contents for community
  4. Hold AMAs with on-chain and off-chain communities for onboarding/education
  5. Attend/hold in-person meet ups for education/onboarding.
  6. Hold educational based contests for community activity, education and growth.
  7. Inteenship program


  1. By the end of October we are able to form TWO country based African communities with measurable growth.
  2. We shall hold four online developer classes monthly, and two developer articles . This is to help train African Solidity developers that will be able to build projects on Aurora that can solve both world and African problems. Also, be able to prepare developers for on-chain activities for ecosystem growth.
  3. We shall create FOUR articles, FOUR videos, and FOUR infographics on on-chain projects for all our channels for education purpose
  4. We will be launching “Aurora Africa wednesday class” This is to enable us to have FOUR basic ecosystem projects based AMA for community growth. Also we shall have FOUR off-chain AMAs to continue our onboarding activities
  5. We propose to attend ONE official event this OCTOBER, and one in NOVEMBER to create the offline presence, onboard and have other marketing activities. Only two team members shall be attending this event. I and our head of BD

Details are found here:


Event website/details:

Sample of materials to produce

  1. Our thursday quiz continues and we plan on holding an extra content creation contest. This will encourage community members to engage in personal reserch about Aurora and projects built on Aurora.
  2. Our intenship program is given to train even non developers for on-chain activites. This will help in onboarding prepared hands for new projects built on Aurora. This shall include, community mamangement, and Graphics design


We shall have a 40-50% increase of followers and or members accross all social media handles. Having them fully engaged in on-chain activities.


As recorded above, our funding shall be based on channels and activities.

  1. Management of Twitter (this include compensation for mod and activities carried out)- - - - - - - $500
  2. Management of Telegram (includes mod’s compensation and activities carried out) - - - - - - - - -$600
  3. Medium/YouTube- - - - - - - - -$600
  4. Dev/non dev training scheme- - - - - $500
  5. Attending offline event as seen in screen photo above- - - - - - $746
  6. Sub-regional community creation/activities- - - - - -$400

NOTE; All funds are for activities engaged in (quiz, AMA, contest rewards) and team compensation.

TOTAL FOR OCTOBER: $2846 due to left over funds of $452 from September budget



WALLET ID: auroraafrica.near


TELEGRAM HANDLE: israel_igboze

EMAIL: ii0430619@gmail.com

Thanks to the community for all support given @ell and @Alex_J


September was a great month for me as a mod and October will be even better.
With so much to learn about the ecosystem, i look forward to engage and educate the members of the community through different means, in this month of October and beyond :muscle:


It was a great month… :heart:

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Proposal is approved


Thanks, and we do more

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Management of Twitter $500х2m=$1000
Management of Telegram $600х2m=$1200
Medium/YouTube $600х2m=$1200
Dev/non dev training scheme $500х2m=$1000
Sub-regional community creation/activities $400х2m=800
And 1 event =$746
Total: then $5946 for 2 months

Maybe there is a mistake somewhere or you can write more details.

How much articles and videos will be?
In last month were 1 article and 2 video(in 360p - not a good quality for text).


We have a lower threshold of at least 4 articles, 7 videos, and 4 one page overview in the area of contents.
Also, two dev related content. Articles are on the way already.

You could check properly to confirm two events.

Yes, we had low articles/video content as our creator had health challenge.

Things are different from this month already

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Also, all funds here go for the contests, AMA rewards, and mods compensation.

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Hmm, then if 2 events, then

Management of Twitter $500х2m=$1000
Management of Telegram $600х2m=$1200
Medium/YouTube $600х2m=$1200
Dev/non dev training scheme $500х2m=$1000
Sub-regional community creation/activities $400х2m=800
And 2 events =$746*2=1492
Total: then $6692 for 2 months

And then another question, you will try to make for each event similar branded hoodies?
Or are there other people going to the other event?
Plus events in different cities, and the price of travel is the same?

Please, you can describe it all in detail without separate pictures

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The second event is in a different city and better for our team lead and developer to attend.

Travel tickets in Nigeria are same for all cities except when tickets are not booked on time.

The quotation of swags and travel for the two events are same.

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This was a miscalculation from me…i apologise. However, if you read our report for last month, we had left over funds of $452. If you subtract from This Month’s proposal, it will reduce $3346 to $2894 for OCTOBER. While November will be $3346.

Making total proposal to be $6240.


Hello @Vladislav_vl25!
Are you clear about the proposal now?



Good evening! Thank you for great job!

I will be happy to approve the proposal if

  • During the next two months, we will see active community on telegram group;
  • 1000 followers on Twitter, 1200 (active) on Telegram and 300 (active) on Youtube;
  • Aurora Africa Community will start implementing Community growing plan - AMA with exchanges, work with local influencers, with large crypto communities (for example: Avalanche, Polygon)
  • and improve work with the Community news stream. Please, pay attention to the gaps (Twitter, Telegram, Instagram).

cc: @israel_igboze I trust you and believe that you, your team can reach the goals!

Thank you!


We are working towards this already as we have AMA with KuCoin this week and engaging other exchange a and even reaching our high growth KPI.

We will work on the news stream perfectly too.

Thanks for all support.


The empty boxes are where we are lagging behind I guess. All will change from this week.

Thanks, thanks


Hi, thanks for the additional information.
At least with the amount of the grant I was able to help you sort out. :wink:


Thanks for pointing that out.
It did help :grin:

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@ell sir, any final words on our proposal?

Thanks, and we await your verdict

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Please wait for an agreement on email. Thank you

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Thanks for the massive support.
We patiently wait.

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