[Approved] Aurora Brazil Guild - March & April

                   Dear members and supporters of Aurora 

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We are pleased to present our proposal for the next months of the Brazil Guild. As a guild that is focused on providing support and value to users of the Aurora network, we have planned a variety of activities and events that align with our mission and goals.

Our activities are based on the topics list we have created, which covers a range of areas from tools and platforms to art and design, with the intention of covering the entire Web3 territory. Each week, on a fixed schedule, we will be creating a thread about a topic from the list, holding an AMA on a related topic, and hosting a quiz for users to test their knowledge. We will also be hosting two giveaways each month to engage our users and grow our social media presence. This allows us to maintain a system with various attractions and room for more events, supporting AMAs and third-party events within our organized schedule until the end of the year. Partners can pre-schedule events within the availability of the guild’s calendar and budget.

Previous Report - Jan/Feb

. Annual Brazil Guild Agenda

We are committed to growing our social media presence and active users on Telegram. By creating engaging and rewarding activities, we can attract new users and provide value to existing ones. We will continue to focus on providing support and assistance to users.

We will still be awarding Aurora tokens as rewards for the activities to incentivize user participation and engagement. For example, users who participate in the quizzes and AMAs can win Aurora tokens. These rewards help keep our user base active and interested, however, some modifications will be made. Based on our research, we identified growth from connecting with new communities. Therefore, we will focus our efforts on creating new partnerships with active Web3 communities. We also identified the emergence of small scalability issues related to support. We have designed some solutions by implementing specific bots in the Telegram group. A quiz bot and a social bot to provide information and guidance, with links and tips.

We will create the “Web3 Apprentice” project. We will transform active users into Level 1 moderators, with responsibilities and obligations to the guild. Every week, apprentices will need to report to the guild board, proving that all obligations have been met. Duties include liking and sharing all guild posts on social media for the week, providing support whenever possible for new users and guiding them in relation to activities, participating in most of the activities proposed by the guild whenever possible, and having a good relationship with other participants. The apprentice status can be revoked at any time, being replaced by another person, without the need for justification by the Guild team. The maximum time an apprentice can stay is two months. This will be rewarded with Aurora Codes.

KPI: Metrics/KPIs to track results:

  • 2/3 articles per week for the Medium - Translations and Updates from the Official website and ecosystem dapps / artists on Aurora
  • 5/6 posts per week + updates, on Twitter, Instagram and Telegram.
    -Followers metrics : + 100 followers on Twitter, +200 on Instagram, and + 150 on Telegram + 250 new Aurora Wallets
  • 1/2 video per week explaining Aurora, updates/news, and partnerships.
  • 4 AMAs per month
  • Easy Onboarding - a form will be available for possible Aurora newcomers and a call will be made to have a more human approach, in that way attracting users.
  • 4 threads per week
  • 4 AMAS per week
  • All translations of Aurora News Stream
  • Physical Onboardings on Events (each event has it own KPI)
  • Bringing Artists of the Physical events to Aurora (physical events has its own KPI)

Funding Details

-Weekly posts on Telegram

  • Weekly posts on Twitter and Instagram
  • 2-3 articles per week for Medium, Translation of the main news and articles of the Official website (technical and non-technical documents) + Updates on demand
  • 1-2 Videos/week about Aurora, news/updates, and partnerships
  • Partnership with influencers, exchanges, etc to bring more followers and engagement
  • 4 Monthly AMAs / at least
  • 3 tutorials on how to create a quality portfolio and mint on Aurora Marketplace
    Monthly Onboarding Calls
  • Crew3.xyz production and Actions
  • Near Social Post per week at least - production and management
  • One Thread every week
  • One Aurora Quiz every week
  • Activities on https://wordleaurora.com/
  • Influencer of Brasil Criptomoedas : 43k followers in TG - 500$ -Telegram: Contact @CriptomoedasBrasilGrupo
  • Influencer Brasil Instagram - Daniel Fentanes | El Mago🧙🏻‍♂️ (@daniel_fentanes) • Instagram photos and videos

Total reward: $10.000 for March & April
Wallet: cavenaghi.near

We are excited to implement these changes and make grow our community. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to working with you in the coming months.


Carolina Cavenaghi - Brazil Guild Leader
TG: Telegram: Contact @cacavenaghiCavenaghi Lynkfire

Aurora Brazil Team Members:


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Incentives rewarding for keeping user engagement is cool, especially participation in quizzes, AMAs, and especially creating the above mentioned post’s and social media educational content on how to navigate some aurora market place and it’s benefits, i truly like your proposal breakdown approach,

But there’s another issue I’d like to learn about from you on the user engagement mentioned, does it directly related to onchain activities, such as an increase in transactions, more creators and builder to the ecosystem when engaging in the marketplace or some devs docs posts, or simply an increase in the number of social accounts followers and memebers ? Sometimes the incentive to retain users is unhealthy if the users do not see the value of why they are here or what benefits it adds to their activities they will move or stop the next group or community that gives incentives again which is unhealthy to the long term sustainability.

Best wishes, and I eagerly await your reports after your upcoming successful activities, keep going.

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The main purpose is to create active members and long-term users. From a medium - long-term perspective users will become builders in Aurora. If you read my last report you will have the answers to your questions. Take a look - here’s the link - [Report] Aurora Brazil Report January and February - Aurora Community - Aurora

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It’s awesome report, will get in touch with you via TG later

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Your proposal is approved


Thank you very much @Alex_J

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Happy to approve! Please wait for an agreement by email.

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