[Report] Aurora Brazil Report January and February

Previous Proposal : Brazil Aurora Guild January and February

  • Approved Value of the last proposal: 6k

    • Aurora Brazil Guild

wallet KYC: cavenaghi.near

Good Night Aurora @ell @johanga @Alex_J , here is what we proposed to make:

• Show Aurora use cases to the Brazil community, and options to developers to build in Aurora/Near.
• Help developers understand, submit projects, and build on Aurora.
• Attract Investors, Web3 Game enthusiasts, and NFT Collectors.
• Make connections and Game seasonal AMAs- partnership with Bones Gameyard.
• Metrics/KPIs to track results.
• 2/3 articles per week for the Medium - Translations and Updates from the Official website and ecosystem dapps.
• 2/3 posts per week + updates, on Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram.
• 1/2 video per week explaining Aurora, updates/news, and partnerships.
• 1/2 AMAs per month.
• 1/2 per month “Onboarding Calls”.
• Onboarding of new artists, NFT collectors, and web3 game enthusiasts - at least 35 new active users in the first month.

And our achievements:

• Our projects are bringing the developers team to Aurora and are currently working on integration.
• Investors, Web3 Game enthusiasts, and NFT Collectors were attracted through connections and Game seasonal AMAs with Bones Gameyard.
• 26 articles were made in two months on Medium, and members were encouraged to read them with rewarded activities like quizzes.
• 7 videos were made and posted on Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram.
• The Brazil community was the most present community in all weekly updates with Alex, every Friday.
• There was an increase in active followers metrics, we made a fusion with Near Protocol Brazil Guild TG + 189 users, and we are aiming to bring Near users to Aurora.

  • Telegram - 491

  • Twitter - 1141

  • Instagram - 491
    • 7 videos explained Aurora, updates/news, and partnerships.
    • At least 2 AMAs were made per week, including important cryptocurrency, blockchain, and events professionals in Brazil.
    • Onboarding calls were provided through DM and principal chat every day.
    • 73 active users were brought in during the first month, which surpassed the expected target of 35 new active users.
    (February 23rd was metered)

  • Branding and Website of The New Aurora Brazil Guild - We made the new branding, and the website is in development.

:white_check_mark: User Engagement Strategies

Over the past two months, our community has implemented various strategies to engage users and foster meaningful interactions. These strategies included:

Researching user profiles to better understand our target audience.

Testing referral programs to attract new users.

Hosting Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions to connect with users and share information.

Creating partnerships to expand our reach.

Holding giveaways to incentivize participation.

Rewarding active users to encourage ongoing engagement.

Encouraging members to participate in the community’s Telegram chat to facilitate ongoing discussions.

Through these efforts, we have seen high levels of engagement and participation among our members. For example, our Friday updates have consistently attracted the largest audience of any weekly update.

:white_check_mark:Organic Growth of the Brazilian Community

While we tested referral programs to attract new users, we also placed a strong emphasis on fostering organic growth within the Brazilian community. To achieve this, we focused on creating valuable content and resources that resonated with our target audience, and encouraged existing members to invite friends and colleagues to join the community.

This approach has resulted in steady growth within the Brazilian community, with a focus on fostering engagement and collaboration among members. We believe that by continuing to provide value to our members and prioritizing meaningful interactions, we can continue to grow and strengthen the Brazilian community in the coming months.

:white_check_mark:Challenges and Opportunities

While our community has seen steady growth and engagement, we have also faced several challenges and identified opportunities for improvement.

One challenge we have faced is a lack of attractiveness for common users. Currently, the primary incentive for users to participate in our community is to receive rewards and learn about web3 and blockchain themes. To attract future community members and users that add value to the Aurora ecosystem, we need to provide additional incentives that are more appealing to them.

Over the past two months, our team has been working with the aim of attracting new users and increasing engagement among existing ones. In this report, we will outline our research on user profiles, the referral programs we tested, the AMAs we conducted, the partnerships we established, as well as the giveaways and incentives we offered to our users.

  • User Profile Research
    To gain a better understanding of our users, we conducted research using both quantitative and qualitative methods. We analyzed data on user demographics, behavior, and preferences, and also conducted surveys and interviews with a sample of users.

Our research revealed that our users are primarily interested in learning about and participating in decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). They are also interested in connecting with like-minded individuals, learning new skills, and staying up-to-date on the latest developments in the crypto space.

  • Referral Programs
    To attract new users, we tested several referral programs, including offering incentives for users who referred others to join the community. While we were able to attract a significant number of new users through these programs, we found that many of these users were not highly engaged, and did not continue to participate in the community over the long term.

We also found that referral programs within the active member’s user base were not as effective as we had hoped. While these programs did generate a large number of new sign-ups, they did not lead to an increase in user engagement or activity. We concluded that simply incentivizing users to refer others does not necessarily lead to long-term user engagement and retention.

  • AMAs and Incentives

We conducted several AMAs with prominent members of the crypto community, as well as experts in DeFi and NFTs. These AMAs were well-received by the community and generated a high level of engagement and discussion.

To further incentivize engagement, we also offered rewards to users who were active in the community, such as asking questions during AMAs or participating in other activities. This helped to create a sense of community and loyalty among our users.

We found that these activities, along with the giveaways, were very effective in encouraging user engagement and participation in the community. Our Friday updates, for example, consistently had the highest audience among all our activities.

  • Partnerships
    Finally, we established several partnerships with other projects in the crypto space, including DeFi platforms, NFT marketplaces, and other community projects. These partnerships helped to increase our visibility and reach, and also provided new opportunities for our users to connect with other communities and projects.

However, we also encountered some challenges in establishing these partnerships, including differences in goals and priorities, and issues with communication and coordination.

Finally, we have found that the Brazilian community reacts differently than other communities, and a custom approach is necessary to effectively engage with them. To this end, we have reached out to crypto influencers and high number of channels to promote our activities and raise awareness among potential users.

  • All that we learned and studied in those 2 months will be applied in the next proposal-

Some of Network achievements
-:white_check_mark:Important Partnership with Blockchain Rio and Blockchain SP was made. We will have a booth, workshops, VIPS, and marketing support for free.
-:white_check_mark: POAP for Breakout Event - in Aurora Marketplace. All the attendees will receive an email to onboard Aurora and a whitelist to redeem exclusive NFT made for me.
-:white_check_mark:I was invited to go to NY NFT to talk about my game Project, and also about Aurora Community Brazil.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to grow together and learn.


Carolina Cavenaghi
Aurora Brazil Guild Leader


Hey, good morn!
Here is your work done in the months of January-February

Socials January-February
No. of followers planned achieved(Jan-Feb)
Twitter 1200 1113
Telegram 510 420
Medium followers 14 16
Articles 16-24/2 months 27
Events - 15
AMAs 8/2 months 16

Community Weekly Growth

Thanks for your work, Have a great day!