[Approved] Aurora Validator on NEAR 2024

According to the AURORA token economy, it was decided to allocate 30M AURORA tokens to be distributed to NEAR ecosystem in the form of farming rewards to the ones who are delegating NEAR tokens to Aurora Validator. Parameters for the first 1-year length and 5 million of AURORA Validator were discussed around two years ago in the related article on the forum, parameters for the 2nd year and 20 million of AURORA were approved here. Now it is time to consider continuing the Aurora Validator for a new term.

As have been elaborated one of the main reasons for the existence of Aurora Validator is having an ability to partially offset the costs of transaction relaying (providing free transactions to Aurora users through Aurora+) and Aurora protocol development. The activities are currently performed mainly by Aurora Labs and as was approved the majority of proceedings from the Validator are to be allocated to this company. In the future Aurora DAO may select another service provider for each of the above activity ensuring that it has advanced technical capabilities and experience.

Among other reasons there is also a need for covering operational expenses of Aurora DAO service entities as discussed in the recent proposal.

On the other hand current market conditions push for the need to establish competitive levels of incentivization for delegators of the Validator.

Considering the above there is a proposal to:

  1. To set the validator fee to 99% similar to the settings of the previous validator.
  2. Considering the market condition and token prices set up the farm of 10M $AURORA
  3. Set up the length of the farm as 1 year.

The above parameters will allow delegators to get 20.5%-9.6% range of APY with total stake size in between 7-15M $NEAR, respectively, considering current price of tokens involved.

Сontrolling wallet/address of Aurora Validator aurora.pool.near should be retained as aurora-dao-bvi.sputnik-dao.near which is official address of the Aurora DAO service entity Aurora DAO Ltd (BVI) in accordance with latest relevant DAO decision.


  1. Continue support of Aurora Validator on NEAR Protocol as described in this proposal.
  2. Allocate and transfer additional 5 million of $AURORA for distribution according to the proposal above to already allocated and not used 5 million of $AURORA.