[Approved] Designer in the Aurora Community Ecosystem (February-April'2024)

I offer design services for creating captivating graphic content, encompassing interfaces and banners, with the mission of elevating the visual essence of the Aurora Community ecosystem.

Action Plan:

  • Community Support: Crafting visual materials for community events, initiatives, and campaigns within the Aurora Community.
  • Visual Resources Update: Skillfully adapting graphic elements to align with evolving demands.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Amplified Visual Identity: Enhancing the distinctive visual identity of the Aurora Community.
  • User Attraction: Engaging users through compelling interfaces and logos.
  • Premium Graphics: Delivering top-tier graphics for impactful communication.


February - $2000
March - $2000
April - $2000

Target wallet - tolmindev.near
Email - serenequake@gmail.com


Since we are satisfied with the quality, response speed, flexibility, ability to design both static and dynamic key visuals, and creativity level of @Tolmindev, we’re happy to approve the proposal and proceed further.