[Approved] Update of the unlocking schedule for the private round investors

The development of the Aurora ecosystem is rapid. Together with AURORA price development, such reaction is outperforming any possible predictions for AURORA that were made in 2021. With current setup, the initially agreed unlocking schedule for the private round investors seems too rapid. It may cause unintended consequences for the future development of Aurora protocol and AURORA economy. That’s why there’s a fair bit of sense in smoothening and extending the unlocking schedule for private round investors.

Date of the unlock Current, M AURORA Proposed, M AURORA Since TGE
90 90
May 18 2022 22.5 3.25 6 months
August 18 2022 11.25 3.25 9 months
November 18 2022 11.25 3.5 12 months
February 18 2023 11.25 10 15 months
May 18 2023 11.25 10 18 months
August 18 2023 11.25 10 21 months
November 18 2023 11.25 10 24 months
February 18 2024 10 27 months
May 18 2024 10 30 months
August 18 2024 10 33 months
November 18 2024 10 36 months

This proposal is a generalisation of several discussions happening among Aurora DAO members.

The unlock of team tokens of Aurora Labs is already moved to November 2022 (1y after TGE).


Think this is a well thought out proposal. The proposed change in the unlock schedule ensures a gradual increase in the AURORA float as the ecosystem grows and matures over the next 36 months.

That is a good proposal and at the right time.

Many people are talking (most of them without knowing so much about the topic) about the Near Protocol unlocking schedule fearing sudden dumps.

A proposal like that can calm people down even before they start to get worried.