[Rejected] AURORA PN November / December 2022

Hello AURORA Community!

We are happy to be here and will focus and work on expanding AURORA
Considering the good potential of Farsi speakers and their interest in the field of digital currencies and investment - blockchain - projects with high potential in the future - since there is still no forum to cover the Persian language, we created it and will expand it.

What are our areas of focus?
We start on media like
Telegram - YouTube, there is still no video in Farsi for AURORA and we are more interested in it - Medium: also creating articles in two ways 1- translating articles and updates and… 2- creating and writing articles
Instagram: Create three price accounts - news - and one more account
Twitter: about 75 followers since the beginning of the activity and sending tweets with good quality and graphics and news

Guild, community, project name: AURORA PN

Target language and dialect: Farsi language

Funding scheme: 2 months

Follow us on social Media here

Twitter: 75 (follower) // https://twitter.com/Auroraisnear_pn
Channel: Telegram: Contact @AuroraPN_Announcement
https://www.instagram.com/aurorapn_price/ || https://www.instagram.com/auroraisnear_persian/?next=%2Fauroraisnear_persian%2F || https://www.instagram.com/aurorapn_news/?next=%2F
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @Auroraisnear_PN
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqnCqWZFiW3bERT-toNiUtA/featured
Medium: AURORA || فارسی زبانان – Medium [12 followers ]


  • Our team consists of 4 members and everyone has their own skills.
    In terms of experience, all team members have some kind of activity in crypto.
    Experience as an ambassador in projects - Experience in guiding and leading in regional and country-based projects - Proficient in several languages - Writing articles, making infographics

ali : Experience in leading crypto forums and groups - Moderator in the English-Turkish group - Exchanges - Holding voice calls and two years experience in crypto, fluent in French, English, Turkish and Farsi, which is very useful for us for better communication.
With other languages, holding voice calls and Publication of articles that we aim for in the future and inviting other community managers and holding voice calls to discuss and talk helps in many cases.
Pardis012 : Ambassador experience in projects -
YouTuber and video production - Instagram
hossein : Graphic designer and management experience in forums - guiding them - teaching crypto to people

How is the problem being solved?

We want to create Farsi language forums for AURORA and according to the population and market potential of these countries and marketing and expansion in all social media and good graphic design and creating videos in Farsi to expand it further and in the future programs implement more and not be limited to social media.

Metrics/KPIs to track results.

Creating videos for weekly updates at the end of every week - Creating videos in Farsi about AURORA and AURORA + applications - Introducing AURORA and surrounding issues in the week

Creating and writing articles and translating articles per week
It will be in two ways: 1- Translation of articles - news - important updates in the native language 2- Writing an article that goes back to our own knowledge.
Daily support in the group and posting updates and news
Holding live and voice calls on Telegram in week
Tweets and updates per week and at least 50 new followers per month Along with graphics
Posting news on Instagram at least 20 posts per month (in the news account)
Post a day about the price status and… Every day (in the price account)
Post news and updates and videos in addition to YouTube on the main Instagram account
Conducting AMAs and quizzes to warm up the community and encourage joining the group And members study about the features of AURORA so that the quizzes and questions are about the features and… and the person should study about AURORA

Expected impact / metrics

Create videos about weekly updates at the end of each week [ Youtube ]

Creating 5 videos about AURORA - (Staking - +AURORA - Creating an account in +AURORA - Referral - and…) [ Youtube ]
700-1000 members in Telegram until the next report
Reaching 200 - 250 followers on Twitter and good stats
Daily support in Telegram and continuous news updates
Publication of 10 articles in the medium of translation and article writing
Reaching 200 followers on Instagram price account
Holding a voice call at the end of every week in Telegram
Reaching 250 followers on Instagram news account
Reach 500+ followers on Instagram news account

Things we have done so far

Of the videos we were going to publish, we published about 7 videos

What is AURORA? || What is EVM or virtual machine? || Features of AURORA

Applications of AURORA+ || Training to create an account in AURORA+ || Collecting in AURORA+ || Fifty transactions per month

Reminder to create an account in AURORA+ || Swap training || Aurora Staking

Weekly updates

Telegram group members 600+ members

75 followers on Twitter


What is Aurora Network? Getting to know the Aurora protocol and the Aurora token

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Ethereum Compatibility Network


Ethereum update and merger and its effects for Aurora users

Aurora released its engine version 2.7.0

What is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Bridge?

How to distribute the Aurora token

Funding details:

Activities: Quizzes - AMAs: $400
Article: 10 Articles X $60 + Translation of updates and news : $600
Staff salaries: TG moderators Daily support (3) X 200: $600
Twitter + Instagram : $400
Youtube Videos (Weekly Updates, explanational videos) : $500
Graphic: $150

Total: $2650

( $2650 November , $2650 December )

Total requested amount for two months in USD: $5300

> For KYC purpose:

Near Wallet ID: aurora_pn.near

Name: yasin

Telegram handlel: @Ynoo66

Email: yasinsh997@gmail.com


All the best

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Hello, your suggestion is great!
I have a few questions and something that is on my mind
The videos you produced are very good and have good views too keep it up man
On Instagram, you created several accounts that are related to the news section - price - and the main account. I think that according to the budget you requested, you can advance all these things in one account and not be scattered, this will be better and the yield will be higher. will be.
Also, regarding news updates, it is better to send them according to the time and create a channel in Telegram to send news and…
About medium also your work is very good and you have good followers and views are great

Also Metrics/KPIs are very good in my opinion

My last question is how many AMAs will there be and you budgeted $400 for quizzes and AMAs.

All that remains is to wish you the best of luck, keep up the great work :+1:

Thank you for your proposals. Unfortunately, we can’t support in at the moment.

Thanks for your reply so I see this as an opportunity to strengthen and correct some things and send another proposal for next month. :green_heart: