[Report] Designer in the Aurora Community Ecosystem (November-January)

  1. Social Media Banners (x60):
  • 60 banners were developed for placement on social media platforms. Each banner was tailored to the requirements of the respective platform and target audience.

  1. Video Banners, Teasers, and Partnerships (x8):
  • 8 video banners, teasers, and partnership content were created to attract audience attention. Each video was developed considering the marketing strategy and company goals.

  1. Infographics (x20):
  • 20 infographics were created to visualize information and convey key messages to the target audience. The infographics were designed in accordance with the company’s brand guidelines and stylistic preferences.
  1. Presentations (x4):
  • 4 presentations were prepared for internal and external events. Each presentation contains important information about the company’s products, services, or strategic directions.