[REPORT] Mental Maze Project Development-IN PROGRESS

Hello Community!

It’s been a long time but we are here to report on how we have been developing our product since receiving funding.

We were granted $5k as seen here in April to begin work in May.

We immediately gathered a team of experts to help us strengthen our efforts. Below is a breakdown of where we are right now.


We assembled a team consisting of;

Igboze Israel Team Lead

Steve Akin Co-Team Lead/Solidity Dev

Ajemark Frontend developer

Jesumuyiwa Grace UI/UX designer

Ijaola Omotola Game creator

Ogbleba Regina Content writer

And Two moderators as interns to help manage the community.


New community handles were utilized to help onboard a global web3 puzzle gaming enthusiast and not limit it to Africans alone. This hence required getting new faces other than the Aurora Africa Mod team. The handles are below








The initial $5k grant was used to compensate the team monthly. During this process, we changed two UI/UX designers and two front-end Devs to give us quality work. Along the line, MDAO gave us additional support of $3.3k [APPROVED] Marketing funding for mental maze (September, 2023) - MarketingDAO - NEAR Forum to help push the process to testnet.




We are thrilled to see an overwhelming response from the gaming community during our testnet testing phase. Our Discord channel has grown to over 23 live games, 189 members, and 72 creators buzzing with excitement. Players and creators have provided valuable feedback, helping us improve the game experience and build a strong community.



To speed up the action and keep engaging our community/the entire Aurora community, the mainnet is split into three phases.

  • V1 Mainnet: Quiz platform expected this January.
  • V2 Mainnet: Puzzle Launchpad
  • V3 Mainnet: Educational Infrastructure

The scope of the product has been widened and hence extended our timeline to launch the mainnet.

Mental Maze is an ultra-modern protocol that utilizes Blockchain technology to provide users with an unparalleled gaming experience. Mental Maze is a Create, Play, and challenge to earn Puzzle gaming Protocol. Mental Maze utilises web2 & web3 technology to achieve decentralisation, scalability, security and transparency.

Mental Maze is a cutting-edge web3 gaming company revolutionising the gaming industry.

Mental Maze is a create, challenge and play-to-earn gaming ecosystem built on Aurora.

Our GitHub is not open source at this moment as we are still in development. However, we can open or invite key stakeholders to have a look.

Thanks to the team (@Alex_J and @ell ) for the support received and we hope to complete this report as we launch V1 Mainnet with more details.


Looking forward seeing the launch


I’m glad you find value in our product ser.

Launching V1 Mainnet soon

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