[Approved] Aurora Africa Introduction/Events

This is actually Amazing.
And I have no doubt we can accomplish this

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Hello @israel_igboze ! It would be great if you include in the proposal specific KPIs and targets, for example:

In August 2022 we’re going to launch

  1. Aurora Africa telegram group and onboard 850 people, budget $300 a month ($150 for mod 1 (name), and $150 for mod 2 (name);
  2. … Twitter account, target 1000 members, rewards $300 a month (Twitter manager (name));
  3. AMAs with Aurora dapps devs (4 AMAs, $400 + $50 rewards for the community for the best questions);
  4. Articles on Medium and most popular local magazines, newspapers (web editions), and blogs. 4 x $100
  5. Local influencers (>10-50k subscribers), educational meet ups, etc.

Thank You.


I have made edits. Hope you see it and evaluate. Thanks


Hello @ell !
What’s update as we have entered August already?

Thanks Sir.

Happy to approve.

Does @Ella ready to hold weekly technical (solidity) AMA sessions for Aurora Africa Community?
Thank you


Yes Sir.
All plans for all forms of AMA are in place.

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Of course, Yes.

Proposal is approved

Hello, @israel_igboze. I am happy to approve for one month! Thank you

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We will show forth the work as proposed.

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