[Approved] Aurora Africa-December/January


Guild Name: Aurora Africa

CORE TEAM Members: Igboze-Nigeria




Other Team Members (Content/Management/technical)

9 people.

Funding Type: Monthly, for the last quarter of the year.

Social handles: Twitter|Telegram|YouTube|Medium|WhatsApp

Previous Proposal, and Report

Following the success, failure, challenges, and corrections that took over the last two months, we have deemed this fit as our final straw for the year 2022 to give us a good close as a regional guild.

Our growth direction has been about

  1. Onboarding of builders and start-ups from Africa
  2. Expanding community members to all African countries
  3. Social media growth/content to educate the masses
  4. Train developers
  5. Train none developers within the ecosystem to be fit for projects to use as employees
  6. Community bounties to engage community members and cause interest in personal research and activities.


  1. Attend at least one offline/online event primarily for developers to engage and invite into the ecosystem. Resulting in building or taking up developer activities within the ecosystem.
  2. Expand the community to two African countries. This be done by a bounty method of onboarding which will require the translation of articles to the local language, the creation of a local community on Telegram, and inviting people off-chain
  3. This shall be carried out by at least five AMAs with off-chain communities,
  4. Following the redirection of the community team about articles, we shall hence refocus on four articles in English, which are a result of our ‘PROJECT OF THE WEEK’ series and the same, translation into four African languages for local consumption.
  5. The creation of four articles about ecosystem updates, projects within the ecosystem, and blockchain series for mass education.
  6. Creation of 8 YouTube videos for ecosystem projects, Solidity training, and blockchain series for mass education. Constant update and management of existing community members on Telegram and Twitter.
  7. Put more energy into our existing solidity training class to further increase outreach.
  8. Integrating Aurora Sandboxers into our primary call of action. This has led to broadening our Intern Program to include much more people.
  9. Create Gaming events, content contests, and social media activities to engage onboarded community members.
  10. 20% community members increase across all social handles.

Our Project of the week series is hence taken in collaboration with Aurora Hunters for accuracy and better choice in time.

To clearly show transparency and aid active participation in using NEAR and Aurora products, we shall be using AstroDAO account for all bounty claiming and funds management as soon as funds are received.


  1. $500 for all bounties collected
  2. $500 for collaboration fee, rewards for the community. This is for off-chain partnership/local influencer partnership.
  3. $500 for on-chain community bounty rewards as stated above
  4. $1500 for the team compensation for

a. Four content creators/Mods

b. One CM

c. One Team lead

d. Head of BD

e. Two technical team members.

The team compensation is for meetings, creation of content, management of handles, etc.

Total for the month: $3,000 for December and also $3,000 for January

TOTAL: $6,000

Name: Igboze Israel

Email: ii0430619@gmail.com

TG username: @israel_igboze

Wallet ID: auroraafrica.near

Thanks to the team for all support. Tagging for review, questions, comments and verdict.

@Alex_J, @ell and @johanga


I think @johanga should see about this

Sorry… based on community group performance, you had lot of gaps in delivering Aurora contents

Even @ell has mentioned about it on [Approved] AURORA Africa-October, November - #13 by ell

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Hello, thanks for calling attention to this.

You mean in updating news? Check this Telegram: Contact @auroraafrica1 for all News on our TG channel. Every news here is posted on Twitter. Lest, if we miss any news, we will try to cover up next times.


Looking forward to a great December :blush:


Hello @ell and @Alex_J !

Given that the event time in Uganda is too close and our lead in Uganda can’t attend the event, we are taking out that part of the proposal.

This means Total fund will be $4000 and not $4500 anymore


Thank for great job. I can support $6000 for two months Dec and Jan


Thanks @Alex_J

We will work with this then.


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Hello @Alex_J and @ell!
Thanks for your support.

I have edited the proposal as supposed.

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Thank you for a great job! Please pay attention on @johanga and @Dk_51 recommendations in our chat. It’s part of Community KPIs.


Thanks @ell. We will do just that.