[Approved] Aurora Brazil Guild May- June 2023

Aurora Brazil Guild

[approved] Aurora Brazil Guild March - April 2023

[Report] Aurora Brazil March - April 2023

Social Media

Realistic Goals & Metrics/KPIs to track results

Q2, report in July 2023

  • Develop our Telegram Group to +1200 real members (100 active real members);

  • Develop our Twitter to raise real users over the actual 1.263 members, bringing more engagement by DAILY AMAS and interesting content, generated by the partnerships and artists; 60 new users per month.

  • Develop our Instagram + 50 new users

  • Develop our Near Social + 20 new users

  • Connecting with multiple relevant communities and influencers in Brazil;

  • Participating in the most important and relevant IRL events, hackathons, conferences, and meetups;

  • Onboarding multiples projects to Aurora;

  • Onboarding new NFT artists to the ecosystem using Gena Drop NFT marketplace

*Increase transactions +40% -(now 24 daily transactions, and 20 UAW)

  • Connect Aurora to events and projects in Brazil;

  • Collabs and contests with different Aurora communities, projects, regional communities, local web3-communities, and IRL communities;

  • Daily Weekly AMAs (+20AMAs per month);

  • Create Phygital material to present a modern concept of Aurora Brazil Guild, to partners, and generate an income possibility, included in the events;

  • Concentrate the digital presence at the BoS Gateway, as a central page with links;

  • Start the development of a custom AI bot for community engagement.

Grants May and June

Activities Description Budget
Moderation Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram $700
Marketing, Content Creation, Articles, Activities & Games Creation of content, Articles, contests, quizzes, and daily management $800
AMAs 35 for 2 months w/ different communities, projects & exchanges $800
Giveaways 8 for 2 months w/ different communities, projects & exchanges via Twitter, Telegram & Reddit $700

Monthly May, June: $3,000

Activities Description Budget
Proposal NFT Brasil Aurora Special Price Sponsorship $1000
NFT Brasil Event Production Costs: $560
ROAD to WEB 3 Event Production Costs: $560
IRL Peru Event Production Costs: $4000

IRL Presence at Events and Products MAY - JUN: $6,120

TOTAL for May and June including Events $12 120

Wallet: cavenaghi.near

Our Plan

The main purpose is to create active members and long-term users. From a medium - long-term perspective users will become builders in Aurora. Brazil is a multi-facet country, with diverse cultural differences from regions that demand a specific know-how. To connect to this plural community, we have built a network to present the Aurora Products and Tech, such as Aurora Cloud, and Silo, aiming at developing new partnerships. The creation of more modern and custom phygital products, to present at events, and to partnerships is a way to show the more advanced tech of AURORA and build credibility

  • Build a network to the Brazilian web3 Community

  • Connect and develop new partnerships with Brazilian business

  • Spread bOS and introduce its functions to users

  • Create phygital products

We are excited to implement these changes and make grow our community. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to working with you in the coming months @ell @Alex_J


Carolina Cavenaghi - Brazil Guild Leader
TG: Telegram: Contact @cacavenaghi Cavenaghi Lynkfire

Aurora Brazil Team Members:


Aurora Brazil All Links


Thanks @whoiscavenaghi


Could you please update your proposal by December 2023 (included) with quarterly milestones

Q2, report in July 2023
Q3, report in October 2023
Q4, report in January 2024



Done! Thank you @ell

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Hello ! How many Brazilian community
members use Aurora Ecosystem dApps ?


Hello @ell ! All the active members! Our tips and rewards are all about it. We are raising constantly the Wordl/Tip Bot use!

Thanks for the question @ell, important one

100% of the active members experiment at least more than one dapp.

At every launching the community always get excited around and it mobilize the entire group.

The ones that identify themselves with a product, use it daily, and more than once.

Some of our more active members reported usage beyond the free transactions after 3 days.

Games are competitive and we are thrilled to be at the 20 top ranking.

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Hello! Thank you for reply @duOCELOT @whoiscavenaghi . Aurora Brazil
Community has 514 users on Telegram channel and 1300 on Twitter. I’m happy to approve for two months (please update amount) to see how Aurora Brazil guild will help to increase transaction and unique active wallets (at least 500) in Aurora Ecosystem. Let’s work with Gena Drop NFT marketplace (now 24 daily transactions, and 20 UAW) https://dappradar.com/dapp/genadrop and 369 https://dappradar.com/dapp/3six9 (1 UAW, 2 Transactions).



Thank you! The amount is updated - 6000k for two months plus the events… As you asked me.
Total: 15120k

Could you please breakdown the cost and exclude July? Update KPIs according to my comments. Grants period May and June 2023. Thanks!


Roger that. Thank you @ell

Done! Sorry the misunderstood! Thank you!

Waiting for updated KPIs and amount (@Dk_51 @dineshkruplani we need to add information about transactions
and UAW for each gulid on dashboard to see engagement)

Also I see you mostly focused on NDC now.


@ell here it is! Thank you

[ Mid Report ] Thanks @ell

About NDC:
I’ve built an onboard system trought a droplink leading a workgroup to support NDC marketing and some base structure. @whoiscavenaghi helped with the concept.
Now the flow to onboard can be made by a link, wallet creation and it leads to a NFT claim and to a gate system at a dapp.
( its under dev by the workgroup )
Started the talk about AURORA integration.
Happy to support with insights.

AURORA agenda

The AURORA main agenda now are the events and meetings to present the products.

There’s a support team at the TG been trained to supply
the demand as we are connecting to new business partners.

Also @whoiscavenaghi and I are designing a project to grow the base members trought new partnerships.

Any further information requirement please send a DM.

Thanks for all the support and the great work.

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Ok, thanks. Moved to approved.

Cc: @Dk_51 to track metrics.


Thank you! The events will start tomorrow… I am unable to go without payment. Anything I can do to rush it?
Thank you for the support.

@duOCELOT @whoiscavenaghi @rossoni Hello1 Could you please provide report about the events? Thanks!


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