[Approved] Aurora India May June 2023

Guild: Aurora India

Funding Requested: $6400

Previous Report: [REPORT] Aurora India Feb,March,April 2023

After getting feedback from the core team, We re-strategized our plan and activities recently, and as can see the number of our socials is popping up.

Here are the numbers of our socials

Telegram -3300+

Twitter - 6200+

Medium - 75+

  1. Twitter

Aurora India is committed to further increasing engagement and activities on Twitter to generate more traction. In the coming days, we plan to focus on hosting events such as quiz contests and meme contests to create more buzz and encourage participation. We believe that these activities will enhance our engagement with our followers and create a more interactive and lively platform. We are excited to explore new avenues to connect with our community and look forward to bringing more fun and exciting events to our Twitter page

We will continue to work on the project featuring threads which is a great success already.

  1. Telegram

Our Telegram community has been experiencing rapid growth and active engagement. We have been actively assisting users by addressing their concerns and doubts about Aurora and its ecosystem. Moving forward, we remain committed to educating our users and facilitating their onboarding process. We believe that by providing a helpful and supportive environment, we can continue to foster growth and engagement within our community on Telegram.

  1. Content Writing/Creation

Our team has been consistently creating articles that cover various web3 topics in an effective and easy-to-understand manner. We have received positive feedback from our readers and plan to continue providing high-quality content in the upcoming months. Our goal is to educate and inform active web3 users about the latest developments and trends in the industry. We believe that by providing relevant and insightful articles, we can help our readers stay up-to-date and make informed decisions. We are committed to maintaining our standard of excellence and look forward to delivering more quality articles to our readers in the future

4… Online events

Online events are much needed to activate community traction and engagement. Aurora India has been actively doing community events keeping the Community engaged via various activities and events and will continue to do a lot more planned and structured events.

5… Iris and meetups

Web3 IRL events provide an excellent opportunity for individuals and projects to connect and build relationships within the community. These events facilitate in-person interaction and discussion, allowing participants to learn more about the Aurora ecosystem and its potential. By networking and engaging with like-minded individuals, attendees can develop new ideas and collaborations that can benefit the community as a whole. Web3 IRL events also serve as a platform for onboarding new projects into the Aurora ecosystem. By showcasing the benefits and opportunities offered by Aurora, these events can attract new projects and foster growth within the community. Overall, Web3 IRL events play a vital role in building and strengthening the Aurora community.

We are closely in touch with Web3 Bharath to host our own IRL event. Currently understanding the OKR,KPI’s. Aurora India soon will execute if everything goes well. We haven’t added funding for attending irls which will be from our own expenses.

Channel Target Strategy Funds Requesting
Twitter Followers 8k by May/11k+ by June Content Strategy:
- Individual posts about updates, news, etc
- Threads about projects - 2/Week

Engagement Strategy:
- Engaging with other projects in the ecosystem
- 3 Community events across the month

Outreach Plan:
- 3 AMAs/month
Telegram 3800/4200-4500 Engagement Strategy:
- 2 Community events across the month
- 1 AMAs/Month
- Sharing news
- Collecting community thoughts/opinions
$300 for a single Mod
Medium Articles 8 - 4 Weekly updates
- 4 educational pieces
$400 for 8 pieces
Designers 30-40 Posters in a month - Bringing out creativity via posters
- Readable and Quality pieces
Community Events 8 2 - With Twitter
2 - With Tg
2-3 - AMA
$500 for giveaways
AMA Host 2-3/community calls - Preparing engaging questions
- Cross-communicating to understand the project and milestones
- Hosting successful AMA and track KPI of it
Team Management - Manage the team KPIs and output
- Organize events and Planning
- Follow up on the team inputs/outputs
- Setting up clear objectives
- Efficiently driving client desire productivity results, meeting KPIs.
Influencer marketing Collaborate with Outer web3 community, Increase Aurora+ accounts,Increase near social followers $400
Total 3200*2 = $6400

Target wallet: sachinmurali03.near


Your proposal is approved


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