[Approved] Aurora Labs funding 2024

Aurora Labs Limited develops and maintains core services within the Aurora ecosystem. We aim to sustain these activities throughout 2024:

  • Continue development of Aurora Cloud according to Aurora Cloud: Vision, which is a core differentiator for Aurora Tech Stack from other appchains or L2 solutions. Note, that Aurora Cloud infrastructure contributes to the AURORA token economy alongside Aurora Mainnet through token burn mechanics;
  • Continue development and maintenance of Aurora Plus, Aurora Pass, Aurora.dev, Rainbow Bridge Frontend, AURORA staking contracts, XCC SDK and other products;
  • Develop from the ground up the ecosystem treasury contracts and front-end in accordance with approved AURORA 2.0 token economy;
  • Continue user support and coordination of the ecosystem;
  • Continue to take care of the security of the network and services;
  • Continue to provide public RPC access, Aurora Explorer and free transactions to Aurora Pass users;
  • Raise the awareness of the Aurora Ecosystem through partnerships and marketing activities;
  • Develop and launch new yet undisclosed products and features.

We are seeking a 25 million $AURORA grant to grow our technological initiatives, which we believe will contribute significantly to the Aurora ecosystem.

Aurora Labs’ is currently focused on developing Aurora Cloud for mass adoption of blockchain. Aurora Cloud provides products and services to help Web3 initiatives to deploy, manage, and monitor their blockchain infrastructure. As such, businesses are able to get their own customised blockchain, part of the Aurora Protocol. This allows them to get a tailored environment adapted to their business model. Aurora Cloud also provides gas management services to provide a frictionless experience for their users as well as a series of add-ons to complete any chain setup, such as KYC integration, AMM, onramp, multisig, and much more.

We believe collaboration with such partners as PowerGold and similar Web2 and Web3 companies will enrich the Aurora ecosystem, creating an attractive and vibrant community that will appeal to a wide range of users.

Aid of the proposal

The primary aim of the proposed allocation is to:

  • Accelerate our R&D activities to develop Aurora Cloud
  • Expand our infrastructure to support larger-scale operations and innovations.
  • Foster a skilled workforce through advanced training and development programs.
  • Hiring highly qualified professionals to enrich the potential of our team.
  • Promotion of our products among Web2 and Web3 companies.

Budget and Allocation

We propose to allocate 25M AURORA tokens to Aurora DAO BVI entity who will manage the required process.

  1. Allocate 25M AURORA tokens to Aurora Labs Limited to assist in defraying a portion of the ecosystem development expenses.
  2. The above transfer should be completed by Aurora DAO BVI upon the successful KYC/AML checks in respect of Aurora Labs.
  3. Aurora DAO BVI shall enter into a respective grant agreement with Aurora Labs.
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