[Report] Aurora Eastern Europe May 2023

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April 2023

Previous Proposal - April + May 2023

Approved amount in $: $5,000 (2,500 for each month)
Guild name: Aurora Eastern Europe Guild
Wallet: uniteddao.near

Unfortunately, the resource we requested came near the end of the month, and we did not have time to hold all the planned events, because they required rewards.
However, in the near future we will be launching an event on the Zealy platform for which we left rewards, as well as a number of other events.

:white_medium_small_square: Main Content:
Aurora’s weekly digest 05-12
Aurora’s weekly digest 05-19
Aurora’s weekly digest 05-26
Meet the Team: Aurora Labs’ Bridge Team Lead Kirill Abramov
Transforming your Business with Aurora Cloud
Building a game using Near, Aurora and BOS
Why Aurora Cloud superior to any L2 stack
Meet the team: Aurora Labs’ Chief Strategy Officer Matt Henderson
Meet the team: Aurora Labs’ Apps Team Lead, Armand Didier

:white_medium_small_square: Slightly shorter version on Telegram:
Take advantage of $AURORA’s liquid staking first. Whitelist
A detailed breakdown of cross-ecosystem communication is published on the Aurora Developer Platform
Three weeks to go until the official start of the Encode x Aurora Hackathon
CEO of Aurora Labs Alex Shevchenko will speak at the Dubai FinTech Summit 2023
CEO of Aurora Labs Alex Shevchenko spoke at the Dubai FinTech Summit, where he shared his views on the migration of traditional assets to blockchain
Decentralized finance has a place in fitness with Gym Wallet and Aurora
Cross-chain aggregator Rubic launches an Ambassador program - Rubic Rangers
Axelar will join the upcoming Aurora Hackathon (Encode x Aurora Hackathon) as a partner
Aurora DAO makes changes to the economics of AURORA tokens
Part 1
Part 2
Today marks exactly one year since the launch of Aurora+
Aurora Developer Platform has published a new article on how to check the on-chain activity of a user in decentralized games
DeFi lending protocol Bastion has partnered with Holdr to announce the launch of Boosted Pools
Polaris Finance will launch a decentralized management model today
Kalder, a Web3-based brand loyalty platform, announced its integration with Aurora
Instadapp launched Avocado, a next-generation of smart-contract wallet on Aurora
NEAR and Aurora will participate in BUIDL ASIA 2023

:white_medium_small_square: Daily Content

  1. Telegram News Channel - 69
    Progress: +6,15% (+4 posts)
  2. Also for more coverage there were a few reposts in our channel dedicated to NEAR Protocol
  3. Twitter - 58
    Progress: +3,57% (+2 posts)

:white_medium_small_square: Events
15.04 - AMA of our Aurora Eastern Europe community
24.04 - Giveaway on Twitter
31.04 - AMA of our Aurora Eastern Europe community

:white_medium_small_square: Grants
400 AURORA - Tips for AMA, сhat activity (quests), helpful tips
750 AURORA - Prizes for the Twitter contest
200 AURORA - mr_free.near / Help with banners for contests (Twitter and Zealy)
250 AURORA - Prizes for AMA
500 USDC + 834 AURORA - bond09.near (Payout for TG moderation plus content - 2 months)
1741 USDC + 1450 AURORA - // Content Editor, Social Media Lead + translations - 2 months
800 USDC - alyonushka.near (Payout for TG moderation plus content and translations - 2 months)
700 USDC + 834 AURORA - liquidus.near (Payout for TG moderation plus content and translations - 2 months )

:white_medium_small_square: Growth
Telegram News Channel - 3341
Progress: +3,14% (+102 users)
Telegram Chat - 3869
Progress: -0,75% (-29 users)
Twitter - 3092
Progress: +9,72% (+274 users)


Good morn!
Here is your work done in the month of May

Socials May
No. of followers Planned Achieved
Telegram 3,998 3846
Twitter 3,046 3086
Events - 1
Near Social 6 6
Article - 10
AMAs 2-3 2

Community Weekly Growth

Cost Per User

Thanks for the work, but much need to work on the KPIs, cost per user is -11.54$ in the last month, please pay attention to it, Thanks!