[Approved] Italy Aurora Channels

Hello guys and girls;

Guild, community, project name:
Italy Aurora Channels


Team :

Hello, I am CM and I know Near since last year.
In that time, I was able to use several dapps, test several tools and get to know more about near, blockchains and aurora.
I participated in some groups on telegram and discord, always learning.
Now I want to take the next step and help Aurora grow in my country.
As I learn, I want to help others learn about this powerful protocol.

Funding scheme:

Proposal summary
I’ve known Near since last year and Aurora since the beginning of the year.

All this time I’ve been looking for new information on English channels.

Many times I thought about creating a channel in Italian to facilitate the understanding and bring people closer through the language, and now I see this opportunity.

This situation not only leads to undesirable user experiences but also prevents potential investors from investing in and tracking Aurora.

My view is that something dedicated to our language is lacking and to propose to take it to Italy, even though it is a small country considered to be many other giants, it has intelligent people who can create new solutions in the future.

As seen in other proposals, I also believe that after this period, I will be able to expand my activities and create a guild dedicated to Aurora and reach many more people.

My goal is to:
Create official channels for Aurora
Engage italian people throught translation of original documents
Show Aurora use cases
Bring more developers to build in Aurora/Near

Metrics/KPIs to track results.

  • Create Official channels Telegram, Twitter and Medium
  • Daily Content Translation in Telegram and Twitter
  • Weekly articles and news translated and posted on Medium

Expected impact / metrics in the next two months

  • 500-1000 members on Telegram
  • 100-500 members on Twitter
  • Support in Italian language
  • Latest news are shared on Twitter and Telegram

Funding details:

  • Telegram moderation: $ 2000
  • Twitter (posts and news): $ 1500
  • Articles on Medium about Aurora: $ 1500
  • Twitter and Telegram giveaways to grow community: $ 200
  • Management costs: Planning, reporting, team meetings, coordination, prepare articles, brainstorming: $ 800 USDT

Total costs: $ 6000
$ 2000/month

Tagging AURORA Community grants program team members
Alex - @Alex_J
Ell - @ell

Near wallet:


Good morning.

Have you ever been involved in any projects/guilds on Near?

How many articles?

Thank You :blush:


Hello @ell
Thanks for asking

Not directly. I just used the dapps and learned about the protocol.
As I am recently studying this universe I feel more prepared now to create content.

I can create/translate 5-10 articles/month


Hello @it.au

How many months will your requested budget be spent on?

In addition to the number of articles you create, do you consider the Views - percentage read of the articles?

In my opinion, it is important to clearly mention the views in the reports next to the production, so that the council is aware of the impact of these articles and the number of Views - percentage read , this will also help your progress.

Guys, we have to consider the quality!



Hello @Mohamad_76

Thanks for the questions

The project has a Quarterly funding scheme, so, $6k for 3 months.

As I am going to start new community, new social channels, I believe the first month is going to be more challenging.
After that I want to increase the numbers.
I believe that creating even a small but engaged community is worth more than a lot of followers without reading.


Proposal is approved for 1 month, further support depends on results.


Hello, @it.au, are you ready to start the ball rolling with one month’s payment? Thank you :grinning:


Thank you @Alex_J and @ell

Lets work…

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could you please share the links on socials when it’s created :pray:
and how to be in touch with you inn Telegram

thank you !

Hey Johanga

Here are the channels:



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thanks a lot!!

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