[Approved] September Italy Aurora Channels

Hello guys and girls;

Guild, community, project name:
Italy Aurora Channels


Team :

Hello, I am CM.
In August I started the Italian channels and since then, many articles, posts and updates have been done.
Now, I want to continue this great job to grow our community in Italy.

Funding scheme:

Proposal summary

August Report

My view is that something dedicated to our language is lacking and to propose to take it to Italy, even though it is a small country considered to be many other giants, it has intelligent people who can create new solutions in the future.

As seen in other proposals, I also believe that after this period, I will be able to expand my activities and create a guild dedicated to Aurora and reach many more people.

My goal is to:
Continue to Grow the Aurora channels created in August
Engage italian people throught translation of original documents
Show Aurora use cases
Bring more developers to build in Aurora/Near

Metrics/KPIs to track results.

  • Daily Content Translation in Telegram and Twitter
  • Weekly articles and news translated and posted on Medium - 3-5/week
  • AMAs

After September we expect partner with influencers to reach more people

Expected impact / metrics in the next two months

  • 500-1000 members on Telegram to the next months
  • 100-500 members on Twitter
  • Support in Italian language
  • Latest news are shared on Twitter and Telegram

Funding details:

  • Telegram moderation: $ 650
  • Twitter (posts and news): $ 500
  • Articles on Medium about Aurora: $ 550
  • Twitter and Telegram giveaways to grow community: $ 75
  • Twitter Ads - Test: $25
  • Management costs: Planning, reporting, team meetings, coordination, prepare articles, brainstorming: $ 200 USDT

Total costs: $ 2000

Tagging AURORA Community grants program team members
Alex - @Alex_J
Ell - @ell

Near wallet:


Good day!

  • It would be great to start explorer our Ecosystem, so I’m proposing to take a look on the list of Ecosystem projects Ecosystem and create articles about them.

  • Please pay attention to the Aurora Community news stream - source of significant information that should be shared in all Aurora Italy Community social media at the same day;

  • It’s very important to watch weekly Aurora leaks videos and share weekly updates in Community;

  • Target at least 4 monthly AMAs with Community or Aurora Ecosyste, projects.


Looking forward to seeing your comment to approve the proposal. Thanks

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Good day @ell

Right. Its a good idea.

Ok. I’ll check it.

It has been done. All saturdays.

Ok. 1/week.
Lets do it.

Thanks for the advices.


What sources do you use when collecting news? Specify the number and names of moderators that you have, and in which social networks do they work? Are you going to attract new users by translating original documents into Italian, from where will you attract new people?
Thx :blush:

Proposal is approved


Thank you @Alex_J

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Happy to support. Please wait for an agreement on email.


Thank you so much ell

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