[Approved] January and February Brazil Guild

                        Aurora Brazil Guild

Hello AURORA community @ell @johanga @Alex_J I am here to present the new Brazil Guild members and projects:

Previous Introduction

:white_small_square: My name is Carolina Cavenaghi, architect, product designer,web3 founder, and artist. I work in Near Protocol as Brazil Guild Leader and The Clan Council member since August of 2021. I also worked on several NEAR projects and I created Electric Neon Metaverse, a web3 game also on Near Protocol and now on Aurora too. My main objective is to bring to AURORA long-term users who will add quality of work and interaction with the AURORA community.

:white_small_square:duOCELOT is an artist working at the web3 foundation. With a background of over 20 years working in marketing/publicity/design as a concept artist and creative director and Guild Leader of The Clan at NEAR Ecosystem.

:white_large_square::white_small_square:The region country (for statistics), the number of members in your guild, community, or project;

  • Brazil Guild

:white_large_square::white_small_square:Funding scheme: Monthly / Quarterly / KPI-based / One-time;

  • 2 Months

Social Media Channels:

:white_small_square:Twitter Brasil Aurora (1051 Followers)

:white_small_square:Instagram Aurora no Brasil (491 Followers)

:white_small_square:Telegram Aurora Brasil Network 1 (361 Members)

:white_small_square: Medium Aurora Brasil

:white_small_square:Youtube Aurora Brasil

:ballot_box_with_check::white_small_square: [December Report] -
([REPORT] December Aurora Brazil)

:white_large_square::white_small_square:What problem is the proposal solving?

-The main problem is the lack of Brazilian followers and active users. This proposal aims to continue our job and to grow Aurora Network in Brazil, disseminate this innovative technology to groups, entities, communities, and developers in the country, bringing cutting-edge knowledge to people who already know about the crypto universe and also new users. Plus we will implement projects for artists to bring the NEAR community to AURORA.

We want to be able to continue to bring all the news of the Aurora Network to Brazilians with projects, actions, promotions, and keep them informed and updated with articles,news and translation of the main technical and non-technical documents and updates, creating closer ties with Brazilians, so that they know more deeply about it.

:white_large_square::white_small_square:How is the problem being solved?

  • Create more proximity and constant content for Brazilians, with constantly support since the onboarding, passing through help to participate into giveaways and promotions, minting, swaps and everything that is need to make the new user a happy aurorian.
  • Show Aurora use cases to Brazil community, and options to developers to build in Aurora/Near.
  • Help developers understand, submit projects and build on Aurora.
  • Attract Investors, Web3 Game enthusiasts, and NFT Collectors.

:white_large_square::white_small_square:Metrics/KPIs to track results.

  • 2/3 articles per week for the Medium - Translations and Updates from the Official website and ecosystem dapps

  • 2/3 posts per week + updates, on Twitter, Instagram and Telegram.

-Followers metrics : + 150 followers on Twitter, +200 on Instagram, and + 150 on Telegram

  • 1/2 video per week explaining Aurora, updates/news, and partnerships.

  • 1/2 AMAs per month

  • 1/2 per month “Onboarding Calls” - a form will be available for possible Aurora newcomers and a call will be made to have a more human approach, in that way attracting users.

  • Workshops teaching “How to Aurora”- how to use Marketplaces, tools, and new applications, and how to enjoy the full potential of AURORA.

  • Onboarding of new artists, NFT collectors, and web3 game enthusiasts - at least 35 new active users in the first month.

:white_large_square::white_small_square:Funding Details

  • Weekly posts on Telegram = $ 400

  • Weekly posts on Twitter and Instagram = $ 400

  • 2-3 articles per week for Medium, Translation of the main news and articles of the Official website
    (technical and non-technical documents) + Updates on demand = $ 200

  • 1-2 Videos/week about Aurora, news/updates, and partnerships = $300

  • Partnership with influencers, exchanges, etc to bring more followers and engagement + possible rewards = $ 350

  • Monthly AMAs = $ 200

  • Giveaways and raffles = 350 AURORA

  • Workshops on how to create a quality portfolio and mint on Aurora Marketplace = $ 350

  • Monthly Onboarding Calls = $ 350

  • Crew3.xyz production and Actions = $300

  • Near Social and WEb4 production and management = $ 150

:white_large_square::white_small_square:Total Requested

  • $6000 for January and February.

:white_large_square::white_small_square:Guild email : aurorabrazilguild@gmail.com

:white_small_square:NEAR Wallet ID : cavenaghi.near

AURORA Brazil Guild


thanks for your proposal :pray:

shifting here the same question from the report: how do you think, which social media gives more solid results for Brazil Guild - Instagram or Telegram?
my proposition is to put more effort into what works for you,

looking forward to seeing your report :wink:


Hello Johanga! Those are two different canals of approach - Telegram is responsible for raffles and quizzes, for example. Instagram is very popular here in Brazil - I will use it to gather new people.

  • Telegram - Informative, easy to use, quizzes and contests are easy to use for new users.
  • Instagram - Informative with visuals, will alert the users about what’s happening in telegram, Twitter, and community.

Remember that we will implement crew3 https://crew3.xyz/ as seen in Paras… so this will create a stronger bond between media channels. Will exist tasks to complete crossing the platforms - Twitter - Instagram - Telegram - Medium - Youtube.

  • Example: Like and react to this post on Twitter, follow Brasil Guild on Youtube, read this article on medium… etc

Thank you for the attention @johanga … and I am at your disposal for further clarifications!
Looking forward to working with Aurora and you guys :grin:


Hello! I couldn’t find Aurora network there…


Hi @ell initially we can connect by Discord And Metamask and we choose in the field - blockchain - other - and setup Aurora. Remember that is a Social Medias interaction, we don’t need (yet!) to be connected to the blockchain, as it takes time to make all the adjustments, it won’t be a problem. Anyway, I’m in contact with the founders to be added Aurora.

in my opinion it’s worth it because the community members are interacting very well.


Happy to support. Have a great day.


Thank you very much. For you too :relaxed:


Your proposal is approved


Thank you Alex!

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Dear @whoiscavenaghi you will get an information in DM, Thanks

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Hello @ell :slight_smile: I will be aware. Thank you