[Approved] Korea Aurora

My previous application was rejected for an unknown reason, so I decided to supplement my application and wrote about my experience of participating in various cryptocurrency projects :smiling_face:

Hello Aurora Fam!;
@Alex_J @ell

Guild, community, project name:
Korea Aurora


Team :

I am Valentina and have been involved in cryptocurrencies for more than 2 years. By profession I am a professional translator and I know many languages: English, Chinese,Spanish and of course Korean.

I took part in various ambassador programs for web3.0 projects and helped to develop them (I wrote articles, made infographics, built a project community in my region, held various contests for the audience, and was also an active participant in ama sessions)

One of these projects is Cudos, follow the link to see my work - My Works for CUDOS – Google Disk

Funding scheme:


What problem is the proposal solving?

In Korea there are many developers and investors that are interested in cryptocurrencies. There is really a high potential for the cryptocurrency market in the Korea-speaking area. As there is no Korea Aurora community I want to create a Korea Guild because I think that there is a high potential for Aurora too.

How is the problem being solved?

I plan to create a Korea Aurora community. At the beginning we will focus mainly on Instagram, Twitter and Medium. We plan to do the following tasks:

  • Create a Korea Aurora Twitter account where the latest news about Aurora are shared in Korea
  • Create a Korea Aurora Medium account where Korean articles about Aurora are shared (5 Korean articles)
  • Grow the community by inviting people from existing Korean community groups and doing promotions
  • Make Twitter posts with 3d graphics and Instagram reels . An average of at least 1-2 tweets are posted per day
  • Get in contact with influencers

Metrics/KPIs to track results.

  • Create Official channels Instagram, Twitter and Medium
  • Daily Content Translation in Instagram and Twitter
  • Weekly articles and news translated and posted on Medium

Expected impact / metrics in the next month

  • 500-700 members on Instagram
  • 200-500 members on Twitter
  • Support in Korean language
  • Articles about Aurora in the Korean language.
  • Latest news are shared on Twitter and Instagram in Korean

Funding details:

  • Article: 8 Articles X $60 : $480
  • Twitter (Twitter posts with 3d graphics. An average of at least 1-2 tweets are posted per day!) : 350$
  • Instagram (Instagram posts and reels with 3d graphics : 350$
  • Twitter and Instagram giveaways to grow community: $300 (I have a lot of ideas for what kind of contest to run: the best memes, the best idea for the development of the aurora ecosystem, or the best merch design for aurora)

Total costs: $1480

Near wallet:

What do you think now @Alex_J @ell? :hugs:


Proposal is approved


hey! congratulations for approval :pray:

could you please post here links on that socials when it’s created?
have a great day !


Happy to approve. Thank you.


Thank you very much @ell and @Alex_J

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Ok, have a nice day too


Hey @Valentina, Good Noon!!

If possible then please give us the link of Aurora Korea Social Media Account.

We are waiting for your valuable reply :relaxed: