[Closed] Aurora Korea - July 2023

[PROPOSAL] Aurora Korea July 2023

Guild Name: Aurora Korea

AURORA Korea Members:

Past Initiatives: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Marketing Type: Social Medias, Advertising, Blogs, Events

Funding Scheme: Montly July 2023

Initiative Summary:

The Aurora Korea aims to drive the adoption of AURORA Protocol in the Korean market and fuel the growth of the AURORA ecosystem. As the CoinEasy platform, we have successfully onboarded NEAR Korea DAO since April 2022 and have built a strong reputation in South Korea. Our primary focus is to create a vibrant community of developers, investors, and enthusiasts by implementing various marketing initiatives, including:

  1. Social Media presence in local platforms (e.g., Naver blog, Naver Premium Contents, Youtube, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, and more)
  2. Content creation (blogs, tutorials, infographics, and articles) in the Korean language
  3. Hosting online and offline events (AMAs, meetups, workshops) tailored to the Korean audience
  4. Collaborating with local influencers and experts for podcasts and AMAs
  5. Business Partnerships: Reach out to local businesses and organizations to explore potential partnerships. These partnerships could involve the businesses developing applications on the Aurora.

Expected Impact and Value:

  1. Increased awareness of AURORA Protocol in the Korean market
  2. Attraction of new developers, investors, and community members
  3. Development of local AURORA-based projects and collaborations
  4. Strengthening AURORA’s position in the Korean crypto ecosystem

Metrics for Measuring Success:

  1. Growth in Aurora Korea community (measured by the number of social media followers, forum members, event attendees)
  2. Local media coverage and mentions of AURORA Protocol
  3. Increase in AURORA-based projects originating from Korea

Estimated Timeline and Milestones:

  1. Establishing social media channels and content strategy
  2. Launching advertising campaigns and securing local KOL partnerships
  3. Organizing the first online and offline events (meetups, workshops)
  4. Ongoing community growth, content creation, and event organization
  5. Easy Tutorial how to make wallets, how to use dapps for users and more

Funding Details:

Content Channel Details Category Expected deliverable USDC per month
Dynamic Community Management Telegram Our mission is to foster an engaged, thriving Aurora community around the clock. We’ll fuel this through regular news updates, partnerships, and a mix of fun and educational activities. Core focus > Social Media Expect 2-3 daily news and education contents updates 750
Robust Social Media Presence Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Naver blog We’ll keep our community engaged with regular updates on ecosystem news, partnerships, giveaways, and challenges. To ease onboarding for newcomers, we’ll share succinct tutorials and informative infographics, ensuring a smooth and welcoming entry into our ecosystem. Core focus > Social Media Expect 2-3 daily news and education contents updates 1,100
Onboarding & Engagement Zealy, Link3,Galxe We are committed to onboarding new users to Aurora and ensuring their continuous engagement. Our approach incorporates Monthly Activity Leaderboards by and regular AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions conducted via Link3. These sessions will serve to optimize user engagement from various platforms, bringing them into the Aurora ecosystem. We will also use the Galxe platform to promote “The Aurora Adventures”. Users can earn loyalty points by exploring the Aurora Core focus > incentives > Leaderboards + AMAs 1 leaderboard sessions + 2 AMA session per month via Link3 plus regular Aurora Adventures activities via Galxe 300
Thoughtful Content Creation Medium We will author informative articles about the Aurora Protocol. These writings will both educate and attract newcomers, providing immense value through insightful content. Core focus > Content > Writing 2-3 articles per month 350
Influencer Marketing Campaigns Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Telegram, Naver blog, Aurora Social, Leveraging KOLs In collaboration with our DAO members (KOLs), we’ll work with influential bloggers and projects to promote our community through paid advertising. Our success will be measured by the increase in our membership. Core focus > Social Media > Influencer Marketing 2-4 promotions per month 1,000

Total requested amount: $3,500 for July 2023

Near Wallet ID: coineasydao.near

Name: Seung Hyun

Telegram handle: @coineazy

Email; contact@coineasy.xyz

Thanks for reading and feel free to give suggestions!


Nice to see you mate!
Lets work together to Buidl Aurora :partying_face:

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Thank you for your support! Let’s make Aurora great together!

Hello! Thank you for your proposal! Aurora Community now part of NDC, please join Telegram: Join Group Chat our working group to participate in council’s election and other activities!

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Hello, I have joined this working group. I am excited to be here and contribute to the community. I have a question regarding our proposal that seems to have been closed recently. Could anyone kindly provide information on why it was closed and if there is anything that can be done to address any issues related to it? Thank you!