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Hello everyone! I am sending a new proposal for October. Also, you can see our September report here: [Report] Monthly Report (Sept) - Aurora Insider

Previous Proposal: [Approved] Social Media - September | Aurora Insider

This month we will launch a new campaign to better support the ecosystem. Please read the detailed proposal below
1.Social Media (Twitter)
Till end of Aug, we are expecting to reach:
-Infographics: 120 (not include New updates)
-Total Impressions: min 100,000
-Content this month: 30% of content attracts developers to the ecosystem, 30% promote for projects, 40% creative content

Monthly AMAs on demand (4 - 6 AMAs). Specific:

  • Gymnasia Labs
  • Metapool
  • Aurora India
  • B4B
  • Endemic
  • Etherspot
  • Updating (some projects are picking dates)
    Forecast: 10 AMA/month
  1. New plan: Support 6 projects in the Aurora ecosystem
    This is new our plan, we’ll support for 6 projects ever month. Follow up their campaign or content that they’ll provide. We decided to open a registration form. We will support the earliest 6 registered projects. The rest of the list will be carried over to next month
    Register here: https://forms.gle/BKrkzdkDD4upwh8u7
    Everyone can see the list of projects transparently here: Guild - Aurora - Google Regneark

4.Budget for request: $9000

  • Produce content
  • AMA activity
  • Giveaway activity ($100)
  • Support 6 projects
    Wallet ID: near_insider.near

We will send a report at the end of the month
Thanks for supporting @ell @Alex_J


Thanks for hosting the AMAs. We would like to see detailed statistics with next reports:

  • How many people attended on the Twitter spaces;
  • Numbers of users in the dapps communities before AMAs and after;

Thanks, but think it’s not necessary at the moment. We give all new projects in Aurora Ecosystem a cool base free community marketing package (AMA, infographics, promo).

I can approve $9000 for two months if

  • During the next two months, we will see 3500-4000 followers on Twitter;
  • Aurora Insider will start implementing Community growing plan - AMA with exchanges, work with local influencers, with large crypto communities (for example: Avalanche, Polygon);
  • and improve work with the Community news work stream. Please, pay attention to a lot of gaps (Twitter, Telegram Announcement channel).

Thank you!

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PS: @near.insider addition 2cents here:

That’s mean projects don’t need register right? We will just receive the information from you?

Okay. We understood how it worked. We have added people to the group for follow-up information and support

Yes. I agree. We’ve ramped up our production of useful content. Next are community activities like AMA and connecting with other ecosystems

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Proposal is approved


Thank you Alex. Waiting for Ell

Please wait for an agreement on email. Thank you

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Some great metrics. And nice detailing.