[Rejected] Content & Social Media - January & February | Aurora Insider

Hello everyone and Happy New Year 2023. Wish you all best! I’m sending a new proposal for January & February
Previous Proposal: [Approved] Social Media - December | Aurora Insider
December Report: [REPORT] Aurora Insider December - #4 by johanga

1. Content & Social Media

  • Articles: 120 posts (it include news updates & infographics)
  • Total impressions: min 150,000
    New Plan: We learned Crew3, a web3 platform to encourge users to interact with them: https://crew3.xyz/

We’ll report in the details at the end of month

2. Activities
Monthly AMAs on demand (4-6 AMAs)
Projects can sign up here: https://forms.gle/gkFuP2Uxzvd9U71ZA
Besides, we’ll also support projects if they need to run a campaign.

  1. Budget for request: $4500 * 2 = $9000
    Wallet ID: near_insider.near

We will send a report at the end of the month. Thanks for supporting @ell @Alex_J


Unfortunately we cannot approve the grant now.
Feel free to submit the proposal next quarter.

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Hi @Alex_J can you tell us why? We’re doing well and especially our AMA is so effective. I look forward to hearing from you too @ell

We did well in December with the performance from the AMA, we attracted a lot of people in the crypto market, including people from Web3 to the Aurora ecosystem. The second thing is that we always update most of the latest news in the ecosystem, the infographics that drive the ecosystem. I feel a bit sad because I don’t understand why we were turned down. Let me know if we have to adjust the reward or anything like that @Alex_J @ell