[Report] Monthly Report (Oct) - Aurora Insider

Hi everyone. I would like to report the results from my activities in October. You can check our proposal in Oct here

Previous proposal

Approved amount in $

Guild name:
Aurora Insider


Content and Events:
120 posts on Twitter + Telegram
10 AMAs (Report)
3 Giveaways with
Aurora Brazil
Aurora Africa
Aurora Indo

Activites: $1200
-Host: $80/AMA => $800/10 AMAs
-Support (prepare form, design banner, filter questions, distribute): $20/AMA => $200/10 AMAs
Giveaway: collab with 3 another and share the rewards
-Aurora Brazil: $50
-Aurora Africa: $75
-Aurora Indo: $75

Produce: $1700
-Researcher: $400
-Designer: $450
-Content: $350
-Manager: $500

Telegram (Telegram: Contact @aurora_insiderDM): 504 subscribers / 345 subscribers in last month
Progress: +32%
Twitter (https://twitter.com/aurora_Insider): 3422 followers / 2042 followers in last month
Progress: +40%

We will continue our efforts to create even more value for the ecosystem. Proud to be part of the ecosystem. Thank you very much!

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@near.insider hey! Is that all the information? I would like to see at least a financial report, as well as detailed statistics of your communities.


Hi Lolson. Thanks for replying. You mean budget for activities?

Well, at least I would like to know what kind of work you have done, as well as evidence (statistics). I would also like to see who received the funds and for what activity. The transparency of the guild has been and remains a fundamental factor. Thank you!


For example, how did you get a 40% increase to Twitter?

Please include information about grants spent on activities, as stated in the report format :blush:


Thanks for report.
Some questions have already been asked by the guys ahead of me, including pointing out the reporting form that we use.
But if you have detailed information about how many graphics were made - it was cool to know that too.


Good evening!

We would like to see detailed cost breakdown for AMA, giveaway, bounty winner’s wallet addresses in each activity. Cheers!


Hi everyone! I added the necessary information @zubairansari07 @root.aurora @Vladislav_vl25 @Lolson


About 230 infographics

i’m sorry but i don’t see here the relevant outreach from quite a big sum of investments,
as well as clear replies to the questions that are above, and transparency in budget

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I edited the original report. Pls check it above

What any another information do you need? Pls let me know @johanga

10 AMAs - how many visitors(listeners) on each one?
in this doc I need with few more columns - number of listeners | how many people joined to your twitter after the AMA | your mark about if it was a successful event or not.
– it could help to analyze the experience in order to make the next events better.

our community members asked about funds, it means - to attach screenshots about transferring to certain people certain sums according to the written in proposal/report.

  • how many people are on the team of Aurora Insider?

and I want to understand more clear the difference between

and all these positions

as for me, if i have a designer with a salary of 450usd - he’s preparing all the design, and banners for AMA as well.
if you have a Content manager - he’s responsible for all the content and can filter questions for AMA
or Researcher could do that, as well as the whole preparation for the AMA
or - what functions has the Researcher?

and my calculations show


that equals = 2900usd
but you have 9000usd for 2 months means 4500usd per month
probably i don’t see something, but definitely i can’t find at least 1500usd in your report,

will appreciate your reply :pray:

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I updated here

There are 5 people, they are our staffs

Supporter is the person who will take care in AMA, they will have to spend time to contact projects, confirm the info from them, design banner, post and remind AMA, then collect the wallets of winner to distribute. Designer just focus infographics, they don’t design the AMA banner

Our researcher will research and creative the content, they combine with designer to produce the quality content

It’s benefit for BOD team. I manage the business. From recruiting, planning, networking, reporting

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