Aurora Community events tutorial

here we’ve collected for the @Community everything that (we hope) will help to organize any kind of community event successfully

. . . . . . . . . . . . Aurora Community events tutorial. . . . . . . . . . . .

1. Guidelines for AMA announcement and preparation

to tell about ecosystem news and projects
Thanks! (@ell) :blush:

  • kinds of AMAs:
    – inside the community - questions from members and answers from CMs/leaders
    – in-between regional communities
    – with ecosystem projects
    – with other local web3-communities
    – with companies like KOL’s etc

  • how to make AMA inside the community - it can be:
    – within your own guild
    – with another regional guild
    – with the ecosystem project

  • how to find an ecosystem project to connect with:
    – ‘Who is who’ message in the Aurora Community core chat ;
    Ecosystem ;
    AuroraExpert Bot with every ecosystem project’s social handles, links and info;
    – from dapp of the week, and generally follow the Aurora Community news stream to know more about newcomers

Preparing to AMA:
– length should be at least 30-40 minutes;
– be prepared for any kind of technical error;
– try to avoid some spam/repetitive questions from the community (especially in TG);
– check the audio quality of the host and speaker before AMA;
– in the case of Telegram AMA be ready for a bot attack and prepare a plan to tackle it (use group verification bot);
– avoid using lengthy conversions and go for a brief, easily absorbed conversions for new users;

– have some discussion before the AMA about how the questions will flow and what the answers will be - to prevent any miscommunication;

– (@Hai) Regarding AMA, we divide the questions into 2 parts: part 1: 7 questions (collected from Twitter), part 2: 3 live questions during the AMA time, by doing this, we can prepare in advance, and keep users follow up our AMA at live time.
After AMA, do the recap in text in both languages (English and Local) so everyone can learn more afterward, and post it with reward announcements for the winner to increase interaction.

– if possible, try to provide a recording of the AMA so that anyone who was unable to attend can view or listen to it.

For better AMA announcement:

  • when you plan the AMA please check in the events/dashboard if there’s any other ecosystem event at the same time and try to avoid this;

  • make sure that you post an announcement of AMA on all your social media accounts at least 36-48 hours in advance (Telegram and Twitter are preferable) before the event;

  • should make a review about the project first before AMA so everyone can understand and give some questions.

  • there is no issue if you display your local time. However, it would be great to mention the conversion of local time to UTC;

  • be careful to post an announcement on all social media accounts if AMA is canceled or rescheduled!

  • provide a clear location (platform) for the AMA - on which platform it’ll be held (in infographic + post);

  • try to avoid Friday 14:00 UTC time for your event, so as many members as possible can join Alex’s live stream on YouTube,

  • also, it would be great to announce a livestream on your AMA if it’ll be on Thursday or Friday before the livestream:)

  • avoid scheduling numerous AMAs in a row by taking a 1-2 day break between them;

  • promote other community AMAs in your guilds to grow the community together.

  • in an announcement on Twitter - TAG with @ a project or community with whom you’re holding the event

Additional ways of advertising the AMA in advance:
– giveaways for the best question;
– subscriptions on each other with tag 3 friends and retweet + raffle;
– invite some of your community’s most active members or from other guilds to create interaction;
– if there is any giveaway, make sure that the award is in $AURORA tokens.

Examples of topics for AMA:

– DEX and stocks
– what tokens are safe
– Who’s the future
– what DEXes there’re on Aurora
– and where a pair AURORA-USDT is traded
– what is the difference between DEXes and stocks, their advantages and disadvantages
– Metaverses

2. Recommendations for preparing online workshop:

– to provide in advance link & venue of workshop
– to prepare some basic slides, if topic is suitable for presentation
– to provide the recording of session for those who wasn’t able to join
– wait at least 5 min for the audience when starting

3. Giveaway, Quiz & Contest guidelines

– Make sure in contest that you choose right winners and in giveaway choose random winners

– For quiz provide answer keys of that asked question after the contest

– Make sure to choose $AURORA TOKENS as prize

– If possible announce your all quiz + giveaway + contest at start of week (Monday preferable)

– Try to resolve issue in contest if someone is not happy with results

4. Some basic common points :

  • make an announcement in socials - 1 day before the event

  • make a reminder on your social media - 1 hour before the start

  • be prepared for any kind of technical disturbance

  • use Tags@ in Twitter when you mention any ecosystem project - it works great for spreading awareness about your community

TOP (by TVL on dappRadar) and Multichain ecosystem projects on Twitter

  • to tag in image/banner when posting to make it more visible

  • especially suitable for contests, quests, giveaways, AMA on a common topic

  • this also a great list for organiazing ecosystem AMA

‘+’ means that is possible to send a message on Twitter

thanks to @rexux_in @Vrajesh and the whole @AuroraMediaNews team for the idea and the help with collecting all the information

anyone is welcome to add it :wink:

#AuroraOneLove :green_heart:


Thanks for sharing, @johanga ! :blush:

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Really appreciate the efforts and structure you have outlined here @johanga . It will surely help the leaders to organize AMAs and events in a better way.

We at Insta Ops are also organizing AMAs since November in Instagram Livestream and seeing a good response. Thanks for mentioning the time duration, it’s really needed to have AMA at least 30 minutes.

In Instagram, we divide 2 segments. About 10-12 questions from me and then second segment is for Audience to put their questions in live chat.

We are looking forward to collaborate with every community, ping me anytime for Instagram AMA :heart:

  • For community rewards,

Since our approved proposal doesn’t have this part, we try from our side to ask projects if they want to roll out some rewards and out of all, mostly do! If it keeps going good, we won’t need to ask for AMA rewards from Aurora Dao.

Thanks everyone!


gm @Community :high_brightness:

in order to increase community engagement and the number of transactions on Aurora, we’re starting to use Aurora+ codes for rewarding members in participation in community events.

for Leaders we’ve created a short guide about how to generate rewarding codes for community members from the campaign (that we’re providing to you through ‘Leaders chat’ on TG) :arrow_heading_down:

You can start from distributing these codes for:

  1. activities, like:
  • answering questions from newcomers (when active members from your community help with replying on usual question in the chat)
  • participation in quizzes (and other events)
  • game participation
  1. being online on Friday Aurora Weekly updates stream with Alex, by sending these codes directly in the YouTube chat (3-5 codes, from 2Aurora each)

  2. arranging short quizzes, to ask questions about Aurora, who answers - receives a code.

*** During one campaign, 1 Aurora+ account can get only 1 award.

to help members understand how to get rewards through codes, there’s an article, that you can use, translate to your language for your community, or invite them to the chat with 24/7 support :blush:

feel free to ask, offer, comment and correct :slight_smile:

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I wanted to inform everyone that in Aurora Venezuela we are committed to Aurora as a project. We continue to make progress in educating our Community in SPANISH. On February 3, we published in our Medium blog a contribution :heart_eyes::

which more than being a translation of the original, offers my experience managing Aurora+ reward codes, as a promoter !.

We soon hope to provide more resources to facilitate account registration on the Aurora+ platform.
Will be great, :rocket: