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August Report: [REPORT] AURORA INDIA August

September month has been eventful. Aurora India started a few more initiatives and will continue to do in the upcoming months as well. Aurora India gradually caught the eyes of the outer community who are looking out for collaborations with Aurora India and directions to build on Aurora. We will break down the activities.

1. Twitter

We have constantly been posting the activities in that Aurora India is involved. For the upcoming month, we will be actively posting the new content and partnership happening within the Aurora ecosystem + More generic content related to Web3 and blockchain. We believe Since India is growing higher in the crypto space compared to other countries, a lot of people are newer to web3 than those who already know things on web3. So we had a plan for posting more generic posts like, what is crypto,web3, blockchain, NFT, and much more. This will help us to tap the new web3 users and it can be pretty easy to convert them to the aurora ecosystem with any bounty or rewarding tasks once they are on our Twitter or telegram. So the main goal is to make them follow us. They will follow only if we are gonna post things that will interest them. We wanted to test this and look if this help in adding new people to our community.

But before doing that, we gotta have solid manuals, guides, and videos that should be useful for newcomers in understanding aurora where they can relate what they understood with the generic terms which also helps to neglect the need for middle people in explaining concepts. A solid manual is what we are preparing and our youtube videos are an example.

2. Telegram

We have added two new moderators who have been doing a pretty good job in sharing all the relevant and current happening on aurora to the Indian community. We will continue to do the same for the upcoming months and have a few more interactional activity events together with the community.

KPI (September)

Total Members Now: 354 members

New members: 269

Notable Events: Quiz on weekly updates, Collab with other Guilds

Total Msgs: 3346

Active Users: 168 (48.5%)

Average Daily msgs: 139

Suggestions/problems currently group facing: Currently not facing any issue in engagement, however sometimes chat goes out of topic but we always try to keep everyone on track.

3. Online events

Aurora India had Two Ama’s, One quiz event, and a Technical Workshop overall

  1. AMA
  • AMA with Aurora NFT Club in talking more about the Sustainable NFT ecosystem in Aurora and in India. It was our first AMA and had a wonderful session with ANC. Almost 30 people tuned in and listened

  • AMA with Endemic to understand more about the talks about the community on NFT and Endemic Dapp in particular. All thanks to the Endemic team for giving us the oppurtunity to host and to know more about NFTs.

  1. Quiz
  • We ran a Quiz event with the Theme - Weekly updates on Aurora. The main purpose is to educate and let the community to know what is happening within the Aurora Ecosystem.

14 September

Total 8 questions were asked

Total Msgs during the Quiz: 650+ msgs

Participants: Around 30 people participated

10 people scored points

8 people got rewarded

Suggestions from the chat/ improvement can be done

  1. Audience loved it, except for a few who need a few tough questions

  2. Also, they want the reward to be given directly into their wallet or through a tip bot

Rewards were sent out via AstroDao to record everything On-Chain

  1. Technical Workshop.
  • Yet another successful event added to our bag, We helped people build their first/own Dapp on Aurora. Almost 35+ attended and benefitted. The recorded session is uploaded on the Youtube Channel. This is our first workshop however we will come up with lot more ideas to have more interaction and ask attendees to work together in parallel.

Outcome :

Link to the recorded session

4.Content Translation

Here is the list of Content Translations. The Major updates are translated and help the community in understanding the concept better. As we are just started with Hindi, we will be expanding to other regional languages in terms of Content Translation in the upcoming month.

Complete details here

1. Node deployment on Aurora

It’s a series where we help build a step-by-step guide to help users in deploying their node on Aurora.

Instruction to run an Aurora Node - AWS Edition.

One Key Feature - We came up with simple shell scripting automation in deploying the aurora packages just to ease out the deployment process.


Validating the Node status and troubleshooting common errors will be covered in the Next series.

5. Youtube Videos

We have collaborated with The Phoenix Guild(TPG) to publish Quality Videos on Aurora.

  1. The first video is the introductory video explaining more about Aurora and its capability
  2. The second video is all about how to deploy a smart contract on Aurora Testnet.

These two videos will help any newcomers to the aurora Ecosystem.

6. Projects

  • We are in talks with ChainStacks for collaboration. We help Chainstack DevRel in giving out the key and active players on NEAR and Aurora to have a better understanding of the ecosystem.

  • Aurora India will soon collaborate with CredShield in exploring possible synergies.

Activity August September Links Reward Payouts
Twitter 89 tweets 87 Tweets https://twitter.com/aurora_india01 $500 inc Graphics designing
32K impression 21K Impression
160 Followers 850 Followers
Telegram 160 Followers 354 Followers Telegram: Contact @auroraindia $460 for 2 Mods
Medium 46 Views 411 views sep data medium - Google Dokumenter $250 For content Translation
8 Translated Content (With all weekly update contents)
Youtube 0 videos - 0 view 2 Videos - 200 view approx https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxrcpFXLz16A7U-E5FffFjQ $500 for TPG for content Marketing
Online Events 2 - (1 meme contest+1 Quiz) 4(1 Quiz + 2 AMA + 1 Technical Workshop) $150 for Workshop +50$ for Quiz contest
Team Management $500 for comm strategy, event planning, collaboration seek-outs
AMA Hosting + Growth Hacking $400

Every Payment is via AstroDao for more transparency.

Thanks @ell and @Alex_J for giving us the opportunity to make Aurora a better place for Web3 users


thank you for honestly doing big work, for your intense to gather different people, communities and audiences around Aurora Ecosystem, for your wise managing, and precise report :pray:


Thank you so much Johanga for your kind words.


Great work and events done by AURORA India team :india: :heart:

Kudos to @Sachinmurali03 and whole team! :rocket:


Thank you ser for all your support. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks for report.
Great work has been done.
All checkpoints are passed. :slightly_smiling_face:
I hope your lessons can attract more developers to our ecosystem.
And if you run the AMA with exchanges/crypto-communities/KOLs will be still more powerful. :wink:


Hi Vlad. Thank you for the appreciation. Yes we will be actively collaborating with outer Web3 community to leverage Aurora India also earn partnerships with KOL and Influencers.

As by your suggestion , we will definitely try to have More Ama with the exchanges which will benefit both the community. Thanks once again. :slight_smile:


Thank you great report.


There reddit competition are too biased man always giving rewards to there friends or any insider. This thing wouldn’t go fine mates

Hey Buddy.Please reach out to @rahulgoel007

Mate i talked with vikash who is decided the winners, he start giving excuses and also offer me a tip🙂

Please feel free to reach out to me on forum dm or on my telegram id: @rahulgoel007.

We dont do any biasness with anyone or in any competition. Its a competition where one person will win and other will loss. Still we try our best to reward users for their effort and the time they spend to take part in Reddit events.

Lol also in past you have an allegation that your admin leaking the quiz answers right?
Still your community mods doing the same thing.
That’s not fine sir.

We never organized any Quiz on Reddit, how we can leak them?

Not on reddit sir on tg where one of your admin is leak the answers.
Now you are biasing the reddit comp. Results also for make your friends to win. Hahahaha

could you please tell me for which quiz event you are saying we leaked the answers?

Vikash is admin in Official near group where someone else used to organise the quiz and the answers were also present just with them.

and in baising the Reddit community events, we dont do that.

I talked to you regarding that reddit results and you Sayed to talk vikash,
Where the vikash offer me a tip also.
Its a clear sign that you are biasing the results

From what i heard from @Kv9990, You shared some wrong information on the infographic and because of your effort he tried to tip you.

Not sure how that highlights its a baised result.

I didn’t share any wrong info.
I made that graphics on the dApps of Aurora.
And as well a winner of that competition didn’t make on dApps still he won.
So surely its a insider :slightly_smiling_face:

Guys, I request you to take this on DM or over Telegram. Thanks