Auroraisnear.eth ENS domain purchase

Hello @ell and @Alex_J

As a owner of ENS domain auroraisnear.eth, my proposal is to receive a grant for handing over the ENS domain to Aurora. @auroraisnear is official telegram and twitter handle of Aurora, and by far most quoted phrase from your official channels.

ENS domains are the most diversified NFT project, with over 500K owner. The importance of having your own ENS domain is increasing every day we get closer to Web3 adoption, with domains of brand names selling for high amounts every day.

Aurora wouldn’t be breaking any new ground by buying off it’s own ENS name - in just last few weeks OpenSea bought opensea.eth for 100 ETH, Looks Rare bought looksrare.eth for 50 ETH, and Dydx bought dydx.eth for the same amount. And this is just last week - if we go back, I can name a dozen of examples. Even Gucci bought gucci.eth for undisclosed sum.

Importance of owning your own ENS name doesn’t need clarifying in terms of marketing - it’s the biggest motivation behind these purchases. There are also practical use-cases - protocols are naming their main wallets or contracts with the ENS name, and sending funds to it way easier (imagine for example a bridge to Aurora with auroraisnear.eth domain!)
Another one is security - it wouldn’t be good for the domain to fall into wrong hands, as it can lead to phishing attacks. Of course no one wants that, but if I don’t sell the domain to Aurora, I can’t control who will bid and win for it on any of the NFT marketplaces.

I listed the domain for sale on OpenSea for 75 ETH (cca 120.000 USD) and it’s actually not as much as some other chains and protocols were paying for theirs, but in case of this grant I am asking for 100.000 USD in Aurora tokens.

Thank you for your time!

Good morning. Your proposal is out of Community grants scope. I’ve moved it to a common category. Thanks

Only $100,000 USD, what a deal. No thanks, we don’t negotiate with squatters.


@dafacto You are of course free to turn it down, but no need to call me a squatter, as I just quoted the price similar to what other protocols and chains were paying - and in your own token. I specifically told @Alex_J when I spoke to him before creating a topic, that I would prefer payment in Aurora tokens to add to my bag.

Is someone who bought amazon.eth and refused a million dollar bid the other day a squatter, or is it a sign of the free market economy and decentralisation we are all so found of? Was I a squatter If i invested 6 figures in Aurora when the price was over 10$?

No need for insults like this, especially from an official team member - you have no idea who I actually am. I’ve contributed to the ecosystem in different ways (spreading the word to heads of some other big protocols, made private presentations and constitute a nice part of Aurora’s TVL).

I also own additional ENS domains from protocols on Aurora - Apollo42, Crafting Finance, CrossFi, etc. I was planning to gift them as a bonus if this sale would go through. I bought the ENS names way before the protocols even started operating, so thats a good hint how involved I am.

This was very disappointing.

Are you aware of the commonly understood definition of a squatter? It’s someone who registers domains they believe other organizations will want or need, and then try to sell them back to the organization. It’s not an insult; it’s a label.

Anything else you’ve done on, in or for Aurora has no relevance to what you’re doing here. I’ve dedicated the last 1.5 years of my life to Aurora, but if I went and registered a domain the organization might want or need and tried to sell it back, I’d be a squatter.

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I’m well aware of the meaning of the word squatter and how its perceived commonly, and surely isn’t flattering.

Buying NFT domains is same as buying any token early - everyone buys everything because they believe someone in the future will want to buy it for more money, we are not grocery shopping here. It’s called trading btw.

I agree that anything I’ve done in or for Aurora has no relevance here, neither it should make a difference who I am, but I stand with my opinion that as an official team member you shouldn’t call people squatters because they are just offering a NFT for sale, and based on similar transactions, not even overpriced.

Advice for the future, try with something like :
“Thanks, we are not interested - it’s too much money - not relevant for us - etc.”

Have a nice day.

Switching terminology to “NFT” doesn’t change what you’re trying to do here, which is squatting. I, along with most people, don’t think highly of squatting (“If you don’t buy this domain off me, you risk phishing attacks!”)

Thanks for the advice. Your advice and $3 will buy me a latte at Starbucks.

This is the most brazen message on the forum. If they assign the right to the domain name to its real source, then you will have to give it back for free. There are such trends. Therefore, my offer is 1 Aurora and the deal will be completed.

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If that happens I’ll give Aurora the domain + I’ll give 100K USD to Aurora.

If “they”, you “will have to”…I see a lot of fans of decentralisation here. I think this topic will age well!

What a insane thread, please get out of here - we don’t negotiate with terrorists.

and from this article you got “If they assign the right to the domain name to its real source, then you will have to give it back for free. There are such trends”.

The article is basically a ENS advertisment for the opposite.

Dude, relax. You’re not going to get any money here. My offer is 1 Aurora

Maybe it’s time to close the post


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