[Proposal] Aurobots Ambassador Inititiative & $VOTE Rewards


Aurora stands out in the Web3 space as the first network to release an official NFT collection (Aurobots), with Aurora Labs setting Aurobot #77 as its iconic social media mascot, and consequently making Aurobots the front face of the EVM network.

What is notable, is that Aurora Labs has made a conscious decision to offer tangible benefits to Aurobots NFT holders when using the network, a concept which hasn’t fully been explored before. Holders currently experience an increase in the free transactions granted by the Aurora+ service.

However, this is unfortunately an intrinsically ‘selfish’ feature. Free transactions are good for Aurobot holders, but they ultimately do nothing to advance the health of the network, the community, and its participants. This means that the scarcity of the NFT collection, coupled with its inherent individual benefits, runs a risk of turning Aurobots into a collection that isn’t aligned with the decentralised community-driven ethos of Aurora.

Aurora Labs has proposed no new plans for the Aurobots collection since its launch, while keeping Aurobot #77 as the main mascot of the Aurora network. Considering this, the Aurobots Collective is forming a community-led effort by Aurobot holders to:

  1. Explore potential use-cases of Aurobots in harmony with the current direction of the Aurora network
  2. Contribute to the long-term success of Aurora, by growing and preserving the underlying branding and imagery of its main mascot.

Proposal: The Aurobots Ambassador Initiative

The Aurobots Collective proposes the AuroraDAO votes to take the first official step as part of a planned initiative to transform Aurobot holders into recognised community ambassadors of the Aurora network.

As outlined in this proposal, we propose the first steps to this Ambassador Initiative come in the form below:

  • An Increase in $VOTE rewards for Aurobots holders staking $AURORA on Aurora+. This should be a set amount agreed upon by the AuroraDAO, with the collective recommending either a x1.5 or x2 boost in $VOTE distribution

Why $VOTE token?

$VOTE is a concept introduced by @Alex in his ‘Further Decentralisation of Governance’ proposal. A blog on the aurora.dev website gives a holistic overview on the relationship between the $VOTE token, the elections, and the AuroraDAO council. We recommend you familiarise with the concept if you haven’t already.

The Aurobots Ambassador Initiative focuses on governance via Aurora+, as this will offer a non-monetary benefit that encourages wider community participation in the Aurora ecosystem.

The Road Ahead (Future Possibilities for the Ambassador Initiative)

The ability for the community to remove council members “mid-term” is an important check / balance. Should there be an established, standalone process for this or would the formal / informal proposal process be the main conduit for this kind of action? - @franklin-pantera

Given the council elections are meant to take place soon, the Aurobots Ambassador Initiative opens up a reasonable solution to have the wider Aurora community take action to remove certain council members if they act in bad faith or lose trust from the wider Aurora ecosystem.

By shifting the focus of Aurobots utility to governance instead of free transactions, it is expected that both active and (ex) inactive council members, as well as ecosystem participants with a vested interest in the health of the network will want to own an Aurobot to become ambassadors of the network. A system can be set in place where the majority of Ambassadors can band together and vote to remove a council member.

This is beyond the scope of the current proposal, but we encourage the entire community to think where the Aurora Ambassador initiative can take the network.

Potential Risks

Shifting the focus of Aurobots to governance naturally comes with certain added risks to the security of the network.

To mitigate these risks, we suggest to increase $VOTE rewards by a (reasonable) set amount via staking to ensure only Aurobot holders who care about the network and stake long-term will see any benefits from this feature (instead of benefits gained by simply holding the NFT). It also provides a continuing use case that incentives ecosystem participation and engagement in the network.

Moreover, the Aurobots Ambassador initiative is a viable proposal because Aurora Labs has taken the steps of airdropping Aurobots to the wider Aurora community. This prevents any large scale malpractices with its distribution.

Conversely, in a somewhat antithetical manner, Aurora Labs currently owns around 17 additional Aurobots according to Endemic. These are most likely airdrops that weren’t claimed. Regardless, to start with approx. 17/111 Aurobots gives the Aurora Labs team a healthy $VOTE boost in the early stages of governance, while they can be distributed moving forward.

Ultimately, the Aurobots Ambassador initiative serves to consolidate the Aurobots together with the current direction of Aurora+, while expanding upon the unique use-case of having a decentralised network with an official NFT collection.

Responsible Party

  • AuroraDAO: vote to increase $VOTE rewards by a suitable amount for Aurobot holders in addition to the existing free transaction boost
  • Aurora Labs: implement the $VOTE feature into Aurora+ and spread awareness to the Ambassador Initiative

An exclusive NFT collection designed by Lomakin to celebrate the launch of Aurora+
Aurobots Introduction [Aurora Labs]
Aurobots Collection [Endemic Marketplace]

Aurobots Ambassador Initiative
A community-led initiative proposed by the Aurobots Collective. The current proposal has been drafted by @Aurobot99 after internal discussions within the collective surrounding the future of the Aurora network.


I believe this marks a strong first step in promoting Aurora’s ecosystem governance and I feel this warrants further exploration.


Extra $VOTE power will be good start point.
Aurobots must be at level Uniswap Unisocks or Traderjoe Hats. So this is a good start but not enough. We need more power for the Aurobots. Early aurora+ users and NearNFT owners got aurobots. Only a limited number of Aurobots have been created and are still available for aurora supporters.


It’s the wrong direction since some holders can have many NFTs in one pocket. Furthermore, I see potential personal gain interest (holders and Endemic platform) because the NFT price will be pumped after the idea implementation.

This is a tremendous and unique benefit for all NFT holders. I’m wondering where you can get such a terrific option?

My question is: What the Autobots holders did for Aurora? Buying the NFT doesn’t mean bringing value to the Ecosystem.


Aurobots is the official NFT for the Aurora ecosystem, it was released by them. The collection is truly unique as it is the only official NFT for a chain, it should be special!

@Mucu My question is: What the Autobots holders did for Aurora? Buying the NFT doesn’t mean briging value to the Ecosystem.

The NFT category has already proven that it can drive adoption and engagement, so it 100% does bring value to the ecosystem. If this NFT can become special, it can bring other NFT projects into the ecosystem. This can be helped greatly with an active group of holders!

Right now, you can get $VOTE by staking $AURORA, an official asset. An Aurobot is also an official asset of Aurora, it makes a lot of sense that it can help the holder get more $VOTE. $VOTE is meant as a governance token…having Aurobot holders as part of this process makes great sense! Arguably, it would help a lot since the community is very passionate about Aurora and is very active in the community.

@Mucu This is a tremendous and unique benefit for all NFT holders. I’m wondering where you can get such a terrific option?

Aurobot’s current utility is 500 free transactions


@Mucu Thank you for the response.

I suggest reading the reply by @evie , as it addresses your concerns.

I also recommend you familiarise yourself with the collection and how it currently works in Aurora.

There is no technology that ties the collection to the Endemic marketplace.


I just read through your proposal, i love this initiative as it sounds great!


I think we should find a way to ADD value to the community as a group, not to ask for special perks because of owning an NFT


Hi @yulian, thanks for the reply, really appreciate your time!

Our intention isn’t to add “monetary” perks because we own a NFT. Aurobots is the official NFT of Aurora and we truly believe it can play a special role. At the moment, you can get $VOTE by holding (and staking) an official Aurora token. Aurobot NFT is also and official Aurora token!

We structured it this way because we think Aurobot can play a great role within the Aurora governance. The NFT was given out lottery style but most people that buy it are passionate about the ecosystem. Aurora can have a group of active governance participants which are these holders. The perks are rather indirect too since the holders still need to stake $AURORA tokens, it is just a small boost so that these NFT can play this role. $VOTE is also not tradeable so monetary perks are not our goal.

edit. I also want to add, but hopefully it won’t be taken out of context - that having a thriving NFT project (no necessarily with high floor price but an engaged community) can encourage other projects to participate in the ecosystem with their project!


Hi @yulian ,

The current proposal aims to act as a ‘soft’ way to strengthen the decentralised nature of future council governance by increasing wider ecosystem participation.

As it stands, it seems that community participants are at a significant disadvantage compared to early ICO investors when it comes to having a voice in future elections. Especially, with major $AURORA unlocks around the corner.

That said, I completely agree with your sentiment!

A couple thoughts of my own:

  • Can you give a rationale defending the current benefit of permanent free transactions at the protocol level for simply owning an Aurobots NFT? Personally, I can’t myself—even if it’s negligible.

  • The only reason my proposal doesn’t recommend completely replacing current free transactions with more proactive community governance features, is because non-Aurobot holders don’t seem to mind it, and I can’t imagine my specific opinion here is shared among many of the community the ambassador initiative aims to rally together.

  • Since we all intend to add value to the wider community, where does Aurora see the Aurobots going? Curious to hear your take, especially when it comes to governance. It seems a shame to not explore the full potential of having a network with an official NFT collection :thought_balloon:


I was one of the first participants to use the Aurora+ platform. If memory serves me correctly, the main number of Autorobots were distributed Randomly ! among the participants. It gives you a certain advantage (500 transactions), you trade them on the Endemic platform.
I dont see no reason to grant you a special status in the participation of protocol management.


There’s no real meaning behind it other than a nice gesture. Also, given the cost of transactions on Aurora, we are talking about a relatively small amount of money - about $10 per month

what you propose is not that easy to implement technically

Aurobots don’t solve for that as everyone can purchase one

So if it is just a small boost as you call it (and complicated to implement technically as I mentioned above), why not look for a way to unite other Aurobot NFT holders and finding a way to add value through collaboration?


Hi Yulian,

Appreciate you taking the time to reply and address our individual comments, definitely helps shed light on the situation.

why not look for a way to unite other Aurobot NFT holders and finding a way to add value through collaboration?

Make no mistake, that’s exactly what we’re doing! I started @aurobotsrollout as a friendly gc to unite the diverse community of Aurobots across the space.

This proposal was born out of discussions between the different members. You’re more than welcome to join anytime yourself!

The end goal is definitely not restricted to this proposal. Just a byproduct of 99 assembling the bots out there to collaborate & build together :milky_way:


No it isn’t. Aurora doesn’t have a official collections.

It was released by Endemic NFT marketplace.

It’s a great benefit. I’ve never seen something similar on other platforms.

@Benny can you share a link on El Cafe Cartel DAO, list of the NFT collection utilities and benefits for NFT holders? Thanks


Aurobot was created in celebration of the launch of Aurora+ by Lomakin and Aurora. It was launched on Endemic, not by them.


Thank you for taking your time to respond to us! Gave us a lot to think about =)


It’s hilarious when people who bought an NFT one month and did nothing to the Ecosystem asking more benefits and power in Aurora DAO.

It doesn’t mean official status. Can you share a link on Trisosaris DAO, NFT collection with the same Utility model? What kind of benefits Trisolaris users get?

Ups… not too bad. Let’s start with the governance forum on Trisolaris. It looks like down.

Please, stop tagging my posts as spam! Is it your transparency government model when you shut everyone up? Is it the same model in Trisolaris?

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@Mucu This will be my last reply to you.

  1. You have no idea what I’ve contributed to the NEAR & Aurora ecosystem, or when I first joined the space.

Regardless whether Aurora Labs has decided or will decide to make the IP public domain - the collection will still never be owned by Endemic.

  1. Stop spreading misinformation. It’s fine to disagree with a proposal, that’s what these forums are built for. It’s not okay to contribute to a discussion without doing research, using it to paint a false narrative.

  2. Your comments are bordering becoming weird & off-topic. Anyone reading this will have a hard time getting a grasp of the discussion at hand.

These are the reasons I’ve flagged your replies.

Cc: @admins


I never tagged your post as spam…


Based on this I do not agree to vary VOTE token for holders of Aurobots. Aurobot distribution was random and to early members, whereas VOTE token is streamed over time to Aurora stakers. These groups are not the same in terms of commitment to the Aurora ecosystem.

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