[Closed] Aurora & Bancambios Metaverse - online meetups to onboard community and Devs

This proposal with the goal to gather community every week, or every day.

Bancambios can provide this “Meta Terrace”, where user can chat, video talk, access insightful information about Aurora, user and community can click and claim “proof of attendance” NFT, click and register for new sessions, meet new community, meet other builders, form teams, learn about dApps.

This space can livestream YouTube, mirror Twitter Spaces, Twitch, Discord sessions on the main Screen, while the User can chat, walk, open their camera, visualize NFT, Click on the “Art” and register to new sessions. For example we could livestream ETH Bogota, ETH Lisbon, NEAR SPACE, and in real life meetups from other communities.

The difference of YouTube streaming that this is inside the Metaverse, they can chat, talk privately, open their camera and meet in person, walk, grab free NFT, click on images to access specific information. While listening to the YouTube session, it is unique and interactive.

User can meet and connect with other people to make friend, work, collaborate or ideally start a new project.

The proposal is to dedicate a Team to take care of the calendar, schedule sessions with projects or people building on Aurora, invite speakers, invite communities from different regions, give some Alpha and stay tuned.

Daily or weekly meetups; present projects, explain the documentation on Aurora, give tutorials on how to bootstrap development on Aurora. While making it more interactive.

We can invite people to talk by region, by language by specialty.
For example: Development environment in Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Portuguese, etc.

Online Sessions by level or activity, for example:

  • How to change Network on Metamask to Aurora
  • How to use 50 transactions without fees
  • How to bridge tokens
  • How to do Swaps using the Rainbow Bridge
  • How to join Farms, Liquidity Pools
  • How to buy, sell or mint NFTs.

Invite Gaming projects to explain how to use their dApp:
For example

  • Conreality
  • CryptoBlades
  • MIND Games
  • MoonFlower Farmers
    and other games from Aurora Ecosystem Ecosystem

Invite DeFi projects to explain how to use their dApp:
For example

  • Aurigami
  • AuroraSwap
  • Buffer Finance
  • Amaterasu Finance
  • Arken Finance
  • Emiswap
  • Impossible Finance
    and other games from Aurora Ecosystem Ecosystem

Online Sessions on:

  • Synthetic Assets
  • Yield Aggregators
  • Stablecoins
  • Insurance
  • Lending
  • Yield Farming
  • Launchpads
  • DEXes
  • NFT Marketplaces
  • Fractional NFT
  • DAO tooling

Online by community, by language, example:

  • Aurora Africa
  • Aurora Italy
  • Aurora Mexico
  • Aurora Spain
  • Aurora Brazil
  • Aurora Turkey
  • Aurora Vietnam
  • Arurora Philinines
  • and so on…

Aurora for Programmers

  • Documentation for developers
  • Block Explorers
  • API available
  • Oracles
  • Analytics
  • Faucets
  • Testnet
  • Audits
  • Grants for Builders

Find prospect person to create agenda, invite speakers, invite projects, upload NFT, upload the useful links, coordinate the design of Special Edition NFT for attendees.
Take care of the Eventbrite, Luma, Newsletter and database.

Plus we would like to find a dedicated person from the Community to manage and take over the agenda of this Metaverse.
Tasks: To upload logos, NFT, images, links, invite speakers,

Bancambios has different access to Communities in different regions, we have More Women in Crypto, we have a Database of Artists, Creatives, we can even host sessions with Teams presenting project with Bancambios VC network or vote and watch a movie or documentary and hang out.

We are accepting applications and looking for the first Team of 2-3 people dedicated to managing the “Meta Terrace” space for Aurora only.

then next the first Team can find or collaborate with the next:

  • By region and by language:
  • 1 team for USA and Canada
  • 1 team for Africa
  • 1 team for LatAm (Español)
  • 1 team for Europe (Central Europe time zone)
  • 1 team for Easter Europe (
  • 1 team for Asia (time zone)

For the first Team we are thinking $3000 per month divided on 3 (two people managing the Metaverse and Calendar)

1 Team member is Bancambios which includes the platform, which includes the hosting, servers, back office to upload new logos of Projects, interface to upload NFTs, Livestreaming service, Customized branding on the “Metaverse”, plus announcements on Bancambios Twitter with 15K followers, Telegram with 9K followers, LinkedIn with 8600 followers, Facebook with 12K followers, Instagram. Discord.
Bancambios also is part of several communities with 48 different cities (chats to drop invitations).

    • note: Bancambios it is OK with $1k per month if other 2 team members wants to negotiate their fee, they are free to do so.

Comment on this post if you want to postulate yourself as candidate.



Thank you


great idea here.

Any plans for Africa as a region?


Absolutely! Are you in contact with Aurora Africa? https://twitter.com/AURORAAFRICA1

Would you like to apply to manage the Metaverse for Africa? exclusive with Aurora content.


Hey @Bancambios
@israel_igboze is the Owner of Aurora Africa.



Awesome, thank you @Dk_51

Hi @israel_igboze let’s connect, talk about it.

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Hello, I am only the team lead


Hello, sure, we can connect and get to know the full details



I DM’d you

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hey hey!! nice to meet you here :slight_smile:
you’ve described my dream project literally :blush:
it shows your storyteller’s talent definitely
but it’s so much interesting to get experience of Metavesr that you’re described,
so many links on socials you’ve put, and I never saw no one link to the metaverse itself,
even to a preview-video, to get first impressions and experience from it

also not very clear common purpose of your proposal - or you’re hiring people with providing payment for them, or you ask funds to pay to 3 people who’ll work there on the project

anyway, evidently, from the applicant’s position before any answer i’d like to see how it all written here was realised previously on other blockchains - to start trust you I have to ask showing your portfolio as a Bancambios metaverse team. could you help with it? :pray:

thanks a lot
have a wonderful day !


Hi @johanga thanks for your message. We are moving to a new hosting server; at the moment it is online with a private link.

We can do screen sharing, will send you a DM with a link to book a call.

I think the purpose of the proposal is clear, to host online meetups, education sessions, livestreaming from important events, invite projects to explain their dApp, do training or Q&A with programmers, and things like that.

What’s your location? Yes, we will provide all training on the back-office to manage the Metaverse.

Likewise have a wonderful day!

Good evening! Thank you for your proposal.
Could you please fill out the form? Thank you!


we will submit this one and we are organizing side events and we have people in Mexico City and Buenos Aires Argentina to do monthly meet ups


Sounds awesome :+1:


waiting for your submission to have a call after that

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yeah thank you we submitted 1 project > NFT DEVELOPMENT project

We will submit the grant for doing 1 meetup per month > 1 in Mexico City another one in Buenos Aires Argentina. We have a Crypto place to do that and display NFT and do a nice meetup to onboard devs on both cities.

yes we did submit one project the Bancambios Carbon Credit Marketplace. fyi

We will submit the DeFi project also to Aurora and also the 1 meetups per month in Mexico City and Buenos Aires Argentina in the marketing dao

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Aurora Mexico City / Ciudad de Mexico

Hey there!

Catching up with this proposal…

We are doing and preparing meetups, live workshops, developers club, community gathering, local community events.

We would like to add Aurora to our schedule of activations here in Mexico City.

Who can give us some guidance of who to talk to



Great idea