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@ImJami2017, where you coming from is understandable. But in each countries, the cost of living varies, so for example here in our country, big mac is $3, in other’s its $30 more or less. So it doesn’t mean that 200 is huge for you, it should be the same for others.

Also, I am not supporting the proposal without proper breakdown right away. Just wrote this comment to educate you. Hoping you appreciate.


Ok i understand whats the difference of every country. And so your saying is, it is alright people can only ask huge amount in every projects just because they have a very professional job? And what about for the small people who have less education.? They can only ask for small budget.?

Even if they have a breakdown. Are you saying is you can agree to it.?

Here is my example breakdown to their job :point_down:

Aurora leader cost a month = $2600
Writer cost a month = $1000
Web Developer cost a month = $5000
Graphics designer cost a month = $1000
Mods ×2 people cost a month = $400

Total of $10,000 just for 1 month, not included rewards to help people onboard also no for the rewards of bounty and contest.

Have you read my reply properly? @ImJami2017

Yes i read it clearly that you were insisting because of their living varities. And so the breakdown ur looking for i gave the example of it.

Please refer to this if you haven’t read my reply properly.

Yes for now you wont support because theres no proper breakdown… but will wait till they edit it. And see for the reply of their final answers.

Hello @ImJami2017

Your breakdown is almost to the tea… however we have edited and included breakdown above…

That being said…

If you read the title of the proposal again you will notice it says continued funding which shows we are have been funded by Aurora for a while now and in the course of this we have built integrity and reputation with the Aurora team the Ecosystem community as a whole.

Thank you for pointing out the breakdown.


Nice for changing out Mod salary monthly. I dont disagree in the projects. I just being shocked for the rest of your salary compared to other projects that trying to build also in Aurora ecosytem.

Anyway it is not for me to decide but the main council. Some people are all agree even miss @kc_sollano agree to your proposal from other post showing your metrics and etc.

Thanks for the responce and good luck to the projects.

@ImJami2017, this is my reply

So you saying this:

Is pointless. Also, if you are rwferring to concierge team, they are different from each other. They just have the same gist of what they tryna bring to the table. That’s why @Hai and @FritzWorm pitch in for collab.

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Sorry miss @kc_sollano as i see you gave already the support for their 1st proposal of the same projects they proposed at “Proposal of Aurora Project OPS” with the same funding scheme metrics.

I hope this clarrify. Thank you.

Jami, I wont repeat this again. The concierge team/project ops that is presented by @Hai and @FritzWorm are different from this proposal that’s why you can see this pitch above:

And this:

This proposal only have same structure as the concierge team/project ops but totally differ in members.

The title above saying “continued” doesn’t mean its related to the concierge team/project ops’ post. It means that they were asking for “continued” funding scheme.

This is my last reply to you here, I have made my points and I hope you are making reading a habit.


Thank you for your proposal.

  • How many articles would you like to write?
  • Web Developer: Manage the Aurora Communityecosystem website, bots, and Contract revoker and any tools we will be building - could you please share statistics? How many community members use the platform daily?
  • Graphics Designer: $1000, how many infographics?
  • Mods x2: $500×2= $1000, it would be great to see the mods report from January till now.

Thank you

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@ell find below answers to your questions

  • 4 Aurora Community SpotLight Articles
    4 Educational Series Articles
  • Articles recommended by Aurora Marketing team( number depends on what we get from Aurora team to work on)
    *Collaborative and promotional Articles e.g AMA articles, Project Launch articles etc.( Number we can’t outrightly say)

We are however Between 8 and 15 Articles to be be written/Month with a minimum number being 8… And this is excluding Twitter threads’ post

In the last 30 days,

*267 different wallets used the Contract Revoker App to revoke access to any protocols on the aurora network

*1222 users used our telegram Protocol Profile Bot to link the Aurora community website to make further research on protocols they are doing research on…

We don’t track/count users that uses the Price Bot… however the Aurora community price Bot is what’s being used by Trisolaris Price TG group and Aurora community telegram group for price updates.

This being said… we also have other free use community development tools we are working on to be launched soon

The Graphic designer is doing much more than just info graphics… She is also producing all graphics content for all the Articles and stories to be written and will be written for every Articles, Educational series, every collaborations/partnerships, announcements, Tweets/tweet threads, AMA or contest giveaway and every Article while working closely with the

So we can’t put an exact number to what she will however be producing nothing less than 15 graphic contents.

We brought in Paid Moderators in the group in March. All we had before then was myself and a couple community members that were volunteers. The way the community was headed showed we need paid full time mods which instantly showed its impact in the stats image below

Find attached Mod report and impact on Community from February till July.

Report link below

Well, what I find interesting is, that you are talking about “from the community for the community”

but I can literally find the same text from our proposal which my partner @Hai, shared earlier with you guys before you posted your proposal.

If so, can you please share some of your work/reports on your activities and the projects you helped with in each area?

I also wanna add that my partner @Hai trusted you by sharing our idea and proposal with you because he thought you can help. But using our ideas and even copying the structure of our proposal just shows what kind of person you are.

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As a see, the bot was updated a long time ago.

Yes, but we have the Nearity project, which can cover AMA’s and other Community marketing activities.

Reasonable rewards for me:

  1. Lead, up to $1000-1500 a month (and community members tech / solidity support, weekly voice AMAs).

  2. Writer, up to $600,

  3. Website, I am not sure that we need to continue paying for management,

  4. We don’t need it because of onboarding Aurority and Aurora Insider projects.

  5. Mods (up to $400 for both)

It would be great to have weekly technical AMAs with solidity developers.

Thank you!

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In February we organized and hosted the Aurora Day at EthDenver Virtual Event including this twitter space event

Aurora Community 3rd Virtual Twitter Space event in May.

This is Aurora Community 4th virtual event in June which has Aurora CEO Alex and founders of Proximity, Trisolaris, Nomad etc as Founders

This is an AMA with SolaceFi which has the Alex the Aurora CEO and Solace Founder as speakers in July.

AMA session with OpenOcean

These above are to name a few.

I can also share a screenshot of the message between @Hai and myself if its needed were i clearly stated Aurora Community was already working on this when he proposed this and again we even spoke about a collaboration… how can doing an AMA be your Idea or onboarding users into a platform

Again we made reference that we are using your report as a template for ours and we clearly acknowledged your team by pointing to your team work link.

Hey @Inspiratibiz, as far as I can see you mentioned 4 AMAs which are of course part of your activities as a community manager. But your whole proposal is about a new initiative that addresses new activities that you have never done and only know about because you copied our proposal, and that is unfair.

It’s not about the AMAs at all, it’s about these other activities you copied from our proposal. Your whole initiative is a copy

@Hai is that true that you agreed that @Inspiratibiz is allowed to use our proposal as a template?

No, I ask for his feedback on my proposal only before posting on the forum.

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@ell edited

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Thanks. Unfortunately, still not reasonable for me…