[Rejected] Aurora community native

@ell and @Alex_J

Website: www.theauroracommunity.io 3

Twitter: https://twitter.com/auroracommunit3

Telegram: https://t.me/Aurora_community 3

Medium: Aurora Community – Medium

Aurora community native is the first third-party community to go live on the Aurora Ecosystem. Since the very beginning of mainnet, we discovered and have shared the vision of the Aurora team for the ecosystem, and have pursued the establishment of a healthy and accommodating community dedicated to attracting retail participation and onboarding diverse talents.

Our ultimate goal is and has always been to provide irreplaceable value for the ecosystem. We provide Marketing, Advice, connections, promotion to projects building on the ecosystem and general navigational support to community members.

Our community team has garnered exceptional knowledge and experience in Networking, community and project development and marketing, which has facilitated our ability to invite and host high-profile individuals within and outside the ecosystem to virtual events and meetings that has directly driven more retail interest and participation in the ecosystem.

Working closely with the Aurora core team we have lent our platform as an instrument for various range of activities which includes: Ecosystem education and awareness, ecosystem core product marketing, project onboarding and marketing.


Taking excerpt from our last month’s August 2022 report, which you can find here: [Report] Aurora Community Ops Monthly Report August

  • We have partnered and onboarded most of the ecosystem builders into our community to eliminate the gap between ecosystem users and builders.
  • We have used and continue to use our platform to introduce new and existing users to products within the ecosystem.
  • Built free to use ecosystem tools such as “Contract Revoker App” which the community uses to revoke access previously given to protocols, thereby improving user security within the ecosystem.
  • Built an ecosystem community page that catalogs ecosystem projects, acting as a valuable research tool for community and ecosystem participants.
  • We continue to host virtual interviews with builders to facilitate community education and interaction.
  • We have continued to publish top-quality written and virtual contents to market ecosystem products and projects to users and educate them on how to efficiently use Aurora products.


  • Publish a minimum of 16 articles monthly, broken down into 3 articles on our medium and 1 long thread on our twitter page weekly.
  • Invite and host a minimum of 6 AMA’s [through Twitter and telegram] with top builders within and outside the Aurora ecosystem monthly.
  • Create and host a minimum of 6 elaborate community Incentivized events and tasks, aimed at facilitating continued active community participation.
  • Provide uninterrupted 24 hours fast, prompt, and accurate responses and guides to community members’ ecosystem challenges and needs.
  • Use our platform to promote and give exposure to approved regional communities.
  • undertake any task within our scope of operation assigned to us by Aurora’s Core Team.
  • Work on building more valuable free to use tools for the community, a task we have begun to undertake.


  • Continued funding of the Aurora Community Native Team.
  • Duration for proposed funding: From September 2022- September 2023.
  • Proposed funding budget( monthly) $5,000
  1. Aurora Community Lead(Strategy Dev, Partnerships, Collaborations, Content strategy, Team Supervision and Direction, Operations, Administrative tools and overheads ): $2500
  2. Writer(Head of publications): $600 - Minimum 16 Articles/Month
  3. Graphics Designer: $600
  4. 2 Community Moderators x400: $800
  5. Rewards for community incentivized programs: $500

This brings the total value per month to: $5000

Justification for proposed funding budget:

Team Lead: Our community team lead has exceptional expertise in community building, growth strategy dev and networking, he is directly involved in the invitation and interviewing of high-value ecosystem individuals for virtual events And AMA’s, the supervision of community content strategy, publications and activities while also incharge of provisions of premium administrative and operations duties and tools for the team. Recently he conceived the idea of the Aurora Virtual Event Day at NEARCON 2022, and was able to onboard high-value ecosystem individuals including Alex Shevchenko and The founder of Immunifi. as well as facilitate the partnerships and sponsorship of top protocols like Aurigami and Metapool. His experience, skills and ideas are unique and irreplaceable. All these intellectual expertise will be used full time to organize even more successful activities for the benefit of the ecosystem.

Writer: Our community writer is responsible for the publications of over 16 written contents monthly which includes articles on our weekly Aurora Community Native Spotlight Series, Educational Series, Twitter Analytical Threads, and Weekly recaps . Recently our publications have become one of our community’s strongholds and we intend to continue in that manner and even increase the quality of work being done.

Graphic Designer: We also require the services of a graphics designer who will be responsible for the designing of over 27 Graphic Contents monthly, this includes quality graphical content for all articles and publications written by the writer and all AMA’s, Events, Giveaways and general Announcements post. To ensure quality retention and improvement in this category, we need to adequately compensate a good graphics designer.

Moderators: The purpose of the two moderators is to split their functions between the different time zones, with each working in the community for 12 hours daily, ensuring that there is always active support in the community to help community members and keep activities and discussions within the community organized

Community Rewards: Finally, for the community rewards, we have a host of creative ideas planned out to facilitate ecosystem community participation, events and tasks. With adequate funding, we’ll be able to execute all these ideas. Which we are certain will benefit the ecosystem abundantly.


Irrespective of the current bearish market sentiment, our work rate for the ecosystem has improved tremendously and has allowed us to grow and add value to the Aurora ecosystem.

Last month, even without the approval of our proposed budget, we executed our set task with tremendous success, which resulted in our community having one of the most activity-packed reports for August.

With this month already halfway, we have continued to execute our tasks and provide value to the ecosystem, this has seen our community grow tremendously, this month alone we have added over 1300 new followers to our Twitter and 300 members to our Telegram, organically, and we are certain this numbers will only continue to grow.

Our community isn’t requesting funding for personal aggrandizement, rather we desire to ensure we can sustain and even improve the quality and quantity of our activities for the continued growth of the Aurora ecosystem.


Why do you call yourself Aurora Community? Every chat, every user is a member of the Aurora community. Perhaps you should rebrand? There is no need to indicate that your chat is an Aurora community. This is not an attack. Your work seems to me similar to the work of the Hunters. They are ambitious, conduct testing, attract developers, have reviews and conduct AMA. Their asking price is lower than yours. I never saw the distribution of $2,500 for the director’s job. Provide a more detailed proposal for the distribution of funding.
Thx :blush:

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It’s called “Aurora Community Native”

Just as there is Aurora Community Reddit and Aurora Community Eastern Europe.

Advise you read the topic of the proposal again.

Indeed, the goal of all the communities on Aurora Ecosystem is basically to promote the Aurora ecosystem, however, everyones methods and quality are factually different, and each community that request for funding should reasonably do so based on the quality of activities, and value they are capable of bringing to the ecosystem.

The distinctive activities we undertake include:
First, publishing 16 elaborate articles on different Aurora related but independently sourced topics monthy( i don’t think any other community does that),

Secondly, to organise some incredible AMA’s and Virtual events, which I’ll urge you to join one of them if you have the chance😊. The last Aurora Virtual Day at NEARCON 2022 was conceived and hosted by the Aurora Community Native and if you’d joined, it was quite value packed: https://twitter.com/auroracommunit3/status/1567145510229757953?t=b04bfzcHKSeGNymmuln4fQ&s=19

Lastly, with our community currently at 8100+ on twitter, and 2200+ on telegram, it has one of the widest social network reach of the Aurora Communities, and I believe you’re aware of the advantages a wider reach comes with, for the benefit of the ecosystem.

When compared to Aurora hunter which you mentioned, the Aurora Community Native currently has about 90X more organic followers on twitter than they do, and when placing the 2204 members against their 39 Aurora Hunters subscribers on telegram, there’s definitely an obvious large margin in audience.

With that being said we are all looking to promote the ecosystem and everyone.

Then about the details of the funding proposal, the breakdown and justification is literally on the proposal above for you to see. Thank you😊

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Wow you guys are doing great work @Shola keep on the good work Aurora Evangelist

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They are using Aurora community Native I don’t see anything wrong with that, perhaps they did not break any given law and they are promoting Aurora to the globe

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Your answer is detailed and good. @EJabani It was just a clarification, not an attack :blush:. I agree, your community has a great reach. The last day at Nearcon was good, productive and fun. Interaction with other projects is a good job and advertising for Aurora. I hope to visit your AMA and ask questions. Thank you for your time.
Thx :relaxed:

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This proposal looks massive.
16 articles and 6 AMA’s - looks great, too.

I watched your announcements channel and unfortunately did not see most of the important Aurora news.
Your recap reflects almost every event on the network, but unfortunately it is not publicated on the same day as the information appears in Aurora’s official channels.
Do you plan to add important news as soon as it appears on Aurora’s official channels?


Hey Vlad…

Thank you :blush:

As you might have noticed… most of the content we push out and pusblish we generate ourselves

With regards the Aurora News

We do engage and push out the news as when published on same day on Twitter…

However on Telegram We do have a couple( 3-4) of other Communities that post same news in to our Telegram chat group from their channels as when its published by Aurora… so instead of announcing same news already posted 3-4 times into the group… we just discuss about it…

We are however very much aware of this and only just give room for other Communities to push out their contents in the community.

After all… a couple of them are admins of the community

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hi there! :slight_smile:
i’m reading carefully your channel, and proposals with the replies, in order to understand your work and its impact as better as possible
being a Community gives us an unique chance to help each other in achieving goals through collaboration and interaction

in you last message i can’t get the answer to a very certain question of Vlad

the matter is there’re official channels that generate official news - the information there is reliable and coming from the first hands, so users are getting proper info .
how can you generate Aurora news? ) usually you have an official source, or you make a deep research and give its results.
I guess, there’s an offer for you to join the official channel, so you will be able to get the news from frim a reliable source

i’ve visited many of your AMA and never saw more than 24 people there, it’s a bit weird for a chat with 2200+ members. - do you have a plan of connecting to other blockchain’ communities to try AMAs with them, probably it can increase the engagement ,

wish you a good luck !

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Hello johanga.

Thank you for taking the time to go through the channel, proposal and the replies.

So to clarify on my reply to @Vladislav_vl25
We are aware that only the official channel of Aurora. Which is the Aurora official twitter, telegram and website is vested with the duty to publish original and verified official news. All other regional and topic based communities , then take this news and share it with their respective audiences in their individual communities.

And we also do same, because as soon as new information is published by the main Aurora channel, we immediately share it through twitter, via retweet, quote tweet and comment… We aswell share it to our Telegram community forwarding it directly from the source… Aurora News.

Other known Aurora Communities are also do share official verified Aurora information in our Telegram community. Which they do almost everyday.

Further Clarity. We don’t generate news as you might be implying… We generate Content and we do it through research and also verified news around Aurora

Our weekly recap which gets published every Monday, we also gather these verified information from Aurora official channel, and within the ecosystem from the last week, into one article and share with our community.

Finally to your other observation, I’ll go ahead to directly suggest that you either falsely claim to attend our AMA’s or being unreasonably dishonest about the numbers of participants.

To link you up with facts, below is a link to to Aurora virtual day at Nearcon 2022: importance of bounties to the security of a network(which we hosted) where 232 individuals tuned in: https://twitter.com/auroracommunit3/status/1569686812628553728?t=5sw8GCjzK4Vp6AbHUwvu8A&s=19

This is another AMA with ONTO Wallet which had 115 individuals tuned in: https://twitter.com/auroracommunit3/status/1572933712333139969?t=nU1yRHau0KZMSyRYWZkJ7w&s=19

If you go ahead to check our last month’s report you’ll find robust evidence on our activities

As for our Telegram AMA’s below is evidence from a protocol founder that speaks contrary to your statement…

With all that being said… we will graciously continue to help grow and build the community ecosystem alongside others in it…

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Unfortunately we cannot provide you a grant for now.