[Closed] Aurora Community Continued Funding

Well, what I find interesting is, that you are talking about “from the community for the community”

but I can literally find the same text from our proposal which my partner @Hai, shared earlier with you guys before you posted your proposal.

If so, can you please share some of your work/reports on your activities and the projects you helped with in each area?

I also wanna add that my partner @Hai trusted you by sharing our idea and proposal with you because he thought you can help. But using our ideas and even copying the structure of our proposal just shows what kind of person you are.

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As a see, the bot was updated a long time ago.

Yes, but we have the Nearity project, which can cover AMA’s and other Community marketing activities.

Reasonable rewards for me:

  1. Lead, up to $1000-1500 a month (and community members tech / solidity support, weekly voice AMAs).

  2. Writer, up to $600,

  3. Website, I am not sure that we need to continue paying for management,

  4. We don’t need it because of onboarding Aurority and Aurora Insider projects.

  5. Mods (up to $400 for both)

It would be great to have weekly technical AMAs with solidity developers.

Thank you!

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In February we organized and hosted the Aurora Day at EthDenver Virtual Event including this twitter space event

Aurora Community 3rd Virtual Twitter Space event in May.

This is Aurora Community 4th virtual event in June which has Aurora CEO Alex and founders of Proximity, Trisolaris, Nomad etc as Founders

This is an AMA with SolaceFi which has the Alex the Aurora CEO and Solace Founder as speakers in July.

AMA session with OpenOcean

These above are to name a few.

I can also share a screenshot of the message between @Hai and myself if its needed were i clearly stated Aurora Community was already working on this when he proposed this and again we even spoke about a collaboration… how can doing an AMA be your Idea or onboarding users into a platform

Again we made reference that we are using your report as a template for ours and we clearly acknowledged your team by pointing to your team work link.

Hey @Inspiratibiz, as far as I can see you mentioned 4 AMAs which are of course part of your activities as a community manager. But your whole proposal is about a new initiative that addresses new activities that you have never done and only know about because you copied our proposal, and that is unfair.

It’s not about the AMAs at all, it’s about these other activities you copied from our proposal. Your whole initiative is a copy

@Hai is that true that you agreed that @Inspiratibiz is allowed to use our proposal as a template?

No, I ask for his feedback on my proposal only before posting on the forum.

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Thanks. Unfortunately, still not reasonable for me…