[Closed] Aurora Latvia (Riga)

Guys! First of all, just want to find out if the program is still active, if so i’ll be happy to prepare and present my view and ideas for Aurora marketing activities in Latvia, Riga and up to all three Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia). Regards, Max


Sveiks brāli!
Take a look how proposals should look:

Plenty of details are still needed and sample can be found here on forum.

What are the activities that you would like to do in Latvia (Baltics)?
SMM, translations, hold AMAs, create videos or simple blogging?

If needed assistance in creating proposal and go trought possible activities, catch me on TG @Zhunda


Hey! Sveiki! Definitely happy to see my countryman here! Thank you for thorough instructions, will explore tomorrow. As i think, questions will be :slight_smile: Will contact you on TG bro. Thanks again! Really surprised :+1::handshake:

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What about Aurora Baltic guild, ser ? :slightly_smiling_face:


Great idea Ell! if that field still is empty in Baltics, ill be happy to create and manage that story! What kind of info do you want to know about me personally? Ready to introduce myself in dm!

Could you please update your proposal? Thank you

@Maksim hello and welcome to ecosystem !!
i’ve lived 6 years in Vilnius, Lithuania, from that times love Baltic area, people, culture and all like it’s my native ones, with the whole heart and soul :blush: and feel happiness about you’ve appeared here

could you please tell us some more about your background and previous experience?
so we can understand how to give you better support