Aurora Community grants program: how to submit proposal, report

Aurora Community Grants Program empowers the Aurora Community to access funding for marketing and other activities furthering the overall growth and expansion of the Aurora ecosystem.

The main focus is on active, good-standing guilds in the community and the broad geographic diversity of the guild’s members and regional influencers. But even if your community is at an early stage and has not created a value contribution model yet, you are very welcome in the Aurora Community Grants Program.

What kinds of proposals are accepted?

  • Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, etc.);
  • Blogs, articles, guides, media;
  • Influencers and writers;
  • Hackathons, events, workshops, AMA, etc.;
  • Other marketing campaigns.

AURORA Community grants program team members:

AURORA Community grants program team members’ responsibilities:

  • Develop guidelines for proposal submission;
  • Develop guidelines for reporting;
  • Review proposals;
  • Incentivize the Aurora Community to submit high-quality proposals;
  • Give feedback on time;
  • Review reports and prepare advice and plans to improve marketing activities and campaigns.

How to Apply for Aurora Community grant?

  1. Create a “new topic” in Aurora Community category on the Aurora forum;

  2. Make sure your post title begins with [Proposal], please use tag “proposals”

  3. Give a brief overview in the title, for example:
    [Proposal] August social media budget for Yabadaba DAO

What to include in a proposal:

  1. Guild, community, project name;
  2. Region, country (for statistics), a number of members in your guild, community, or project;
  3. Links on social media and how many members in the social media;
  4. Please, introduce yourself and your teammates;
  5. Funding scheme: Monthly / Quarterly / KPI-based / One-time;
  6. Proposal summary, be sure to include:
  • What problem is the proposal solving?
  • How is the problem being solved?
  • Expected impact and value for the Aurora community;
  • Metrics/KPIs to track results.
  1. Links to similar proposals on the forum (if applicable);

Note: Getting rewards can take up to 4 or more weeks. Please plan your proposals and funding requests.

  1. Funding Details
  • Total requested amount in USD;

Note: Approved proposals will be paid out in $AURORA tokens. The Aurora community grants program aims to fund proposals up to $10000.


  1. Near Wallet ID
  2. YOUR name
  3. Telegram handle
  4. Email

Reviewing process

  1. The Aurora Community grants team member will review your proposal and give feedback on the forum and decide to approve or reject the proposal, or request additional information. If additional information was requested, the applicant has five calendar days for an answer; otherwise, the Proposal will be closed, status [Closed].

  2. A proposal is approved - status [Approved] if it received two positive decisions on the forum from the Aurora Community grants team members.

  3. A proposal is rejected (status [Rejected]) if it received at least one negative decision on the forum from the Aurora Community grants team members.

If your proposal [Approved], you will receive a personal message in your mailbox on the forum.


How to submit a report?

The report is an essential part of transparency in the Aurora Community.

  1. Create a post “new topic” in the Aurora Community category on the Aurora forum;
  2. Make sure your post title begins with [Report], please use tag “report”
  3. Give a brief overview in the title, for example:
    [Report] August social media budget for Yabadaba DAO.

Structure of report

The following is the required structure for this reporting and suggested metrics for project success:

  1. Please include a link to the Approved proposal on the Aurora forum;
  2. Approved amount in $;
  3. Target wallet;
  4. Project Name;
  5. Project Status: In Progress, completed;
  6. Share information about achieved KPIs;
  7. Compare results with initial targets.

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A suggestion, looking at how the NEAR GUILD program is in comparison with Polygon guild program, in order to bring out the true nature of decentralization i will suggest a much more local community formation and event hosting, this will help in

  1. Decentralization
  2. increased impact
  3. wastage of Funds
  4. proper tracking.

This was a mistake made by NEAR but the same guilds program is working in Polygon.
Currently in Nigeria we had 15 state Polygon guilds and they are doing well in hosting events in different localities of their district


Challenge accepted! We’ve been educatin’ the masses about Near Protocol since Feb2022 @ Near Malaysia, time to give Aurora the place it deserves! Because an EVM-compatible blockchain can actually be cool, too. :stuck_out_tongue:



Everything is fine! But I foresee a problem
I think it is better to hire some the Council
Of course, with the expansion of the community and the migration from the Near community to the Aurora community, there will be a lot of proposal and it will be very difficult

The goal is to decentralize and the council hired at least four councilors in the forum.
The councils of each department, for example, marketing, can have different functions
As the society increases and the society becomes crowded, definitely check the suggestions - (Closed - Approved )

Also, councils should meet together according to the needs and advancement of society’s goals

We must be decentralized!

If needed I am ready to cooperate in this field :clap: :mechanical_arm:



I’m a fan of the aurora ecosystem, glad to see that Aurora has started to focus on community development. Cheers!


Nice! Thrilled to support you in any way possible!


This is very informative. Thank you! @ell

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