Promotion and Marketing Initiatives for Red Chaos Tournament

Age of Mars is preparing to host the highly anticipated Red Chaos tournament. This event aims to bring together the gaming community, increase engagement, and highlight the innovative features of our ecosystem. To ensure its success, we seek a $10,000 grant to cover the costs of hosting and marketing the tournament.

Requested Funds Allocation:

  • $1,500 - Hosting Special Tournament Servers:
    • Development and server costs to ensure a seamless and fair gaming experience for all participants.
  • $8,500 - Marketing Initiatives:
    • Special collaboration social campaign with Aurora, including a dedicated Galxe campaign with a special quest on Aurora social following, KOL and streaming activities, and announcing Aurora as a general sponsor and partner on all the tournament’s official media releases.

Wallet to Receive Funds:0xc06fd89b9d730e68875a84188fd84ddf0bab245a

Detailed Proposal:

Hosting Special Tournament Servers:

To provide a high-quality gaming experience, we need to develop and maintain special tournament servers. These servers will ensure the Red Chaos tournament runs smoothly, without technical issues or downtime. The funds will cover:

  • Development of dedicated tournament server infrastructure
  • Maintenance and operational costs for the duration of the tournament
  • Technical support to handle any issues that arise during the event

Marketing Initiatives:

A robust marketing strategy is crucial to maximizing the reach and impact of the Red Chaos tournament. Our marketing plan includes a special collaboration with Aurora, leveraging their platform and community to drive awareness and participation. The marketing initiatives will cover:

  • Galxe Campaign with Special Quest:
    • A dedicated campaign on Galxe includes a special quest to encourage social following and engagement on Aurora’s channels.
  • KOL and Streaming Activities:
    • Collaborating with key opinion leaders (KOLs) and streamers to promote the tournament and engage their audiences.
  • Sponsorship Announcements:
    • Announcing Aurora as the general sponsor and partner in all official media releases related to the tournament, enhancing visibility and credibility.
  • Social Media Campaigns:
    • Running comprehensive social media campaigns across major platforms (Twitter, Telegram, Discord) to promote the event.
  • Pre-Event and Post-Event Engagements:
    • Hosting a series of pre-event and post-event engagements, including AMAs and live streams to maintain momentum and engagement.

Campaign Details:

  • Pre-Launch Announcement:
    • Informing the community about the upcoming Red Chaos tournament and our collaboration with Aurora.
  • Official Launch Announcement:
    • A detailed announcement highlights the tournament’s start, its rules, and how to participate.
  • Community Engagement Contest:
    • Running a contest to engage the community, encouraging them to share their experiences and promote the tournament.
  • Twitter Space Event:
    • Hosting a live Twitter space event featuring discussions with key members from Age of Mars and Aurora teams.
  • Post-Tournament Highlights:
    • Sharing highlights from the tournament, including key moments, winners, and overall impact.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Increased engagement and participation in the Red Chaos tournament
  • Enhanced visibility of the Age of Mars ecosystem
  • Strengthened partnership with Aurora, showcasing the collaboration’s success
  • Attraction of new users and retention of existing community members

Reporting and Metrics:

By the end of the tournament, we will provide a detailed report including:

  • Number of participants in the tournament
  • User engagement metrics across social media platforms
  • On-chain metrics showcasing increased activity within the Age of Mars ecosystem
  • Success stories and testimonials from participants

Grant Period:

June 2024 - July 2024

Grantee’s Wallet:0xc06fd89b9d730e68875a84188fd84ddf0bab245a (Aurora network)

We believe that with your support, we can make the Red Chaos tournament a landmark event in the Age of Mars ecosystem, driving engagement, growth, and showcasing the potential of our innovative gaming platform.

Thank you for considering our request. We look forward to collaborating and creating a remarkable event for our community.

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  • What are the KPIs and retention metrics?
    I think spending $8,500 on drop hunters is a bad idea.

  • it seems the game doesn’t work on Aurora

  • Galaxy doesn’t support Aurora. How are you going to count success?

  • “Special server maintenance” costs zero dollars. Why $1,500?