[Closed] Aurora Stars ⭐ October advertising combo pack

Hey happy people of Aurora,

I am Edgar, mostly active on NEAR Stars Guild https://twitter.com/nearstarsguild and want to drop few our team members here to create Aurora Stars.

I see that influencers make great impact not only for PR of certain product, but if well planned also can be used as good marketing tool, besides bringing in brand awareness abou Aurora drop tons of comments and mentions as contextual advertising.


So whats the problem?

Stay informative by talking about updates on Aurora and cool features that it brings, and for another part bring fresh blood to Aurora network.

Currently I feel that Aurora lacks of people, some will be brought from NEAR (for sure) tho I want to gain them from overseas. Devs became critical and each project lacks for them, admins and organisers are always fun to have, creative people like marketers, writers, video producers and designers still create huge value.

How to solve it?

The priority for this proposal is to solve new people onboarding for the community. Main message from influencers and comment posting is to make crypto enthusiasts aware that Aurora can bring them opportunities to join guilds as professionals or create their own as leaders.

Form here Submit your Aurora project to be advertised by Aurora Stars ⭐ guild we got 3 projects already submitted - Bluebit, Aurigami and Picipo.
Still active and you can submit your Aurora project to be advertised. Those are established projects, so maybe if Aurora wants to concentrate on fresh ones, can suggest any from Aurora Category - AwesomeNEAR so from influencers side half of video can be an intro to Dapp and another half updates about Aurora, same thing with contextual advertising pack to be diversified in proportions, or whole info brought about Aurora with advertising local guilds to be joined.

To make flood of ongoing people we will use youtubers at first explaining what is Aurora, giving a look on it, additionally explain topics (for this month) Aurora Plus, https://aurorascan.dev and Rainbow Bridge and add this as main newsflow to influencers.

Youtubers we picked up that will distribute such hype:

In total youtuber has 84K subscribers, first video posted four years ago, in total has more than 1100 videos with average view count of 30k views, but due last YT algo changes last videos get arount 30k views. Good discount price of 400 USD.

Ellio Trades Crypto

In total youtuber has 584K subscribers, first video posted 4 years ago, in total has 979 videos with average view count of 45k views for 1200 USD. He is one of the majors to get +50k views!

Crypto Crew University

In total youtuber has 275K subscribers, first video posted 4 years ago, in total has 545 videos with average view count of +40k views asking for and AMA session a dirty cehap 1000 USD.

All of them are English, so let’s concentrate on main language for now.

So for youtubers will be asked 2600 USD with calculated 120k views.

Additional things to do to cover informative part for Aurora.

  • Designs like infographics and one pagers about Aurora and its Dapps.

  • Freshly created Aurora Stars twitter to reach at least 300 followers by October.

  • 3 held AMA sessions about Aurora, will think about guests to catch up.

  • 3 informative short videos about Aurora Plus, Aurora Scan and Theauroracommunity.io with voiceovers.

About contextual advertising plan from @AuroraMaxi1

20k Twitter impressions per month

200 Additional tweets from multiple accounts per month

4 Medium articles covering Aurora DApps per month

50 4chan organic comments

50 Reddit organic comments

50 Bitcoin talk organic comments

30 YouTube organic comments

This is a major boost for Aurora awareness. Maxi submitted a proposal a month ago,

Aurora Stars wants to team up, so if your into contextual advertising, article writing or willing to bring any other publicity about Aurora, catch me up on TG @Zhunda and we will bring up more strength to publicity.

Who from our team will do what?

Myself Edgar – Tight contact with influencers, contest creation on forum and validating submissions, speaking out 3 AMAs about Aurora Plus, Aurora Scan and Theauroracommunity.io and leading newly created Aurora Stars Guild. For whole work 1500 USD asking.

Yana @Birdybird - Twitter account management for month, 4 infographic designs about Aurora, 4 inforgraph designs including “onepagers” about Aurora Dapps and holding 3 AMAs with me. For such an amount of work 1500 USD are below average.

Miracle @for_the_church for_the_church – will create 3 fancy videos to be shared trought community about Aurora Plus, Aurora Scan and Theauroracommunity.io Here is his past sample, bluebit - YouTube music will be covered with voiceover instead. 150 USD per video like these is charming.

Maxi @auroamaxi1 taking care of contextual advertising pack mentioned above with worth of his work of 3000 USD.

Lets go with the contest of giveaway of 500 USD in Aurora.
Rules of contest:

  • Subscribe to Aurora’s social media channels (telegram, YT, discord…)
  • Subscribe to Aurora’s community channels (will harvest most important channels so they can get extra points).
  • Referrals to competition would be cool.
  • Register on Aurora forum
  • Submit your video about Aurora (dope)
  • Submit your article about Aurora (double dope)
  • Join Aurora Plus (adress for givaways to be shared and good platform to practice more on Auora).
  • Any additonal tasks you would like to add?
    All these will be promoted by youtubers (some even asked to make similar competition).
    Basic subscriptopion costs 97 USD. Ill try to get it from past partners, if lucky, will use same 97 USD (100 rounded) to increase bounty of a givaway.

So to cover things up budget will look like this.

Total budgeting:

Youtubers - 2600 USD

Guild administration and design – 3000 USD

Miracles promo videos - 450 USD

Maxies contextual advertising – 3000 USD

Gleam.io contest and subscription - 500 + 100 USD


Target NEAR wallet : starsguild.near

Wallet owner: Edgars Zunda

@ell @Alex_J let us know how you see this proposal? Community do you see that at the moment we should drop all energy on advertising Aurora as brand or sharing this proposal with 3 projects (Bluebit, Aurigami and Picipo) or you want to suggest any that are on fresh start and would need assistance in marketing?


Most of your videos are about cryptocurrency trading. How will it benefit Aurora? Some videos have ads for which you receive a monetary reward. By publishing a video about Aurora, Rainbow Bridge and other features, you will gain good views and attract new viewers. Do you cooperate with the administration and developers of Aurora to publish and receive information for the content? You are a successful YouTuber. Are there any feedback from other projects about increasing the engagement of new users after the video is published on your channel?
Thx :blush:

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Oho, first stalker im having. ))
Just updated youtubers to get from Crypto Crew University an AMA session.

Benefits - Aurora performance in general, gained reputation from influencer followers, contextual recomendations to join Aurora and info posted about it in visible places, follow up links leading to Aurora (clickable and SEO loved ones), what else…

Another one. An experiment regarding #aurora and Aurora coin.
Whole bundle we are offering is to let social media and search engine crawlers to find #aurora @AuroraMaxi1 mentioned before that it impacts price. We got an engagement chance to boost Aurora as altcoin, so lets see how theory goes into practice.

Community, as for now i feel best “call to action” would be join forum, see how proposals are made and ask their followers to join gang by creating new guilds (or how you want to call these on Aurora?) and people joining existing ones as niche or local.

Rainbow bridge is a good topic tho, will exchange it from Theauroracommunity.io (removed).

Got covered from admins. From Devs, @stalking got someone on your mind? cuz often get technichal type questions from youtubers.

Feedback - past one got from WorldofTheAbyss, small ones preform weak, tho couple k views aint game changer, for big ones preforms charming, tho, a Call To Action should be well known, thats why opened for discussions with you all. Competiotions preform well same as givaways.

If Aurora team considers reasonable, got some partners from NEAR that use Gleam.io, we can use their paid accounts to get deeper into stats (subscription costs about 200 USD) and for a givaway share some budget (300-500 USD in Aurora tokens) if you feel so.

Thanks for good questions Stalking! :sunny:

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There is one good developer who performs on the YouTube channel every week. I think you should visit his stream. This developer’s name is Alex and his word is directly related to the approval or rejection of the proposal.
Thx :blush:


Too many “developer alex” on youtube. :smiley:

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Ok, thanks. I am waiting for an updated proposal.


I love to watch the streams by official aurora channel. very informative.


Added. Feel it will be a fun thing to have and be promoted.
If got any additional tasks like create infographics and post it on your twitter, can add easily. :boom:

those youtubers are excellent picks and really at a good price. let’s leverage our best contents, voices.

awesome work @Edgar


Wow, not like surprised to catch you up on Aurora, tho feeling great to see you in action. Go Aurora Ottoman Empire! :sweat_smile:

Trying to get best picks and offers for community. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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together strong :muscle:

Hey @Alex_J and @ell let us know why the proposal was closed, not Approved or Rejected? What can be done to make it launched?
Got some feedback in comments of negotiation, can bring other people from projects that NEAR Stars Guild worked with if needed, tho, think its not the reason. ))

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Good morning! Update list of YouTubers. I reached you out in dm about it two weeks ago. Thanks :+1:


Bom dia!
Hmmm, did change Crypto News and Hot Crypto News to AJC few weeks ago. Don`t feel for him?

Some fancy and legit other english youtubers with reasonable prices:

DeFi Whale with avg 5k views for 350 USD

Crypto Gems with avg 8k views for 350 USD

or Inspector Mindblow with 6k views on average for 500 USD to fit in budget.

Let me know which one you feel the most if changing AJC. Community votes are also counting in. :smile: