[Proposal] Reimbursement for Offline Event. [Aurora Africa]

Hello Aurora team!

I am glad to come to the team for every opportunity presented to us at Aurora Africa to be part of this colourful movement.

In the month of February, we had the opportunity to attend Lagos Tech Fest. The event was very sudden and requested a proposal then to attend, hence we tried to find other means to attend so as to make work easier for the team.

We were able to drive for a partnership with one of the largest DAOs from Africa for collaboration. SMC DAO. This partnership will help us have access to their community for the promotion, and onboarding of community members, developers, and already start-ups into the ecosystem.

Also, we are moving towards partnership with Emblica through their Vice CEO https://www.linkedin.com/in/vili-hatonen. This will aid our work with developers as we drive towards bringing them on-chain. Also to help our developers in training to be unveiled when matured :grin:.

In attendance were I and @Ella our social media manager.

Funds used

Transportation (Flight ticket for one person. To and from)/taxi $200

Accommodation (hotel for a night) $100

Feeding: $50

Total: $450

Wallet: auroraafrica.near
Name: Igboze Israel
Email: ii0430619@gmail.com
Telegram: @israel_igboze

@ell and @Alex_J for consideration.

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