[REPORT] Aurora Africa-December

Aurora Africa Report for December

Hello, Aurorians!

We come with details of all that happened in December.

Our Proposal was approved as seen here, but the Funds haven’t arrived. However, below are the activities that were carried out.

To curtail a hit-and-run activity within our community, we had to stay with a monthly reward system for our community members, and all activities to be done.

Details are found in this article.

Social Media Growth and Activities.

Here, we continued sharing infographics for our project of the month series, community news updates, and other ecosystem updates.


  1. Telegram 1442 members.

News channel

Telegram quiz, AMA’s about Ecosystem projects, sharing of news from community news

  1. YouTube 341 subscribers

We made videos of our projects of the week, Aurora Africa Academy, and Solidity training Videos.

  1. Medium 80 followers

Our articles are basically about the projects of the week. Which are chosen from the latest projects to help increase their visibility within the ecosystem

LI.FI and the Multi-chain ecosystem | by Aurora Africa | Dec, 2022 | Medium.


  1. Facebook

  2. Instagram


It’s been a challenge getting many onboard via the resources we had, however, we have

Aurora Africa-Ghana: Telegram: Contact @AuroraGhana

Aurora Africa-Cameroon: Telegram: Contact @aurora_cameroon

Aurora Africa-Uganda: Telegram: Contact @aurorauganda


Rewards were distributed as follows:

  1. Uganda sub-Community (include translation of articles and community management) $200
  2. Ghana Sub-community (Include translation of articles, AMA, and community management) $260
  3. Content/Social media/community team (9 members) $1500
  4. Community rewards $500.
  5. Partnership with other communities $150

Also, we encountered a challenge on ref.finance while trying to swap tokens to stable coins to avoid price volatility for January.
We noticed that there wasn’t enough liquidity to swap directly from Aurora to any stable coin on NEAR directly and had to swap from Aurora to NEAR, before swapping back.
This is our fault however, and we hope to handle things differently next time. Updating the community

We did not have massive growth in increasing community members as our first attempts with external communities turned out bad. After our AMA which led to delayed release of funds, the community partnered with campaigned to have their community members unfollow us on Twitter. This led to we not engaging in external community collaborations till January.

January is looking good already, and our content quality is increasing.

I am calling on @Community to help us in reaching to ecosystem project teams in on chain AMAs. This will help increase the visibility of projects in our communities.

Thanks to @johanga @Dk_51 for all support. Also @ell, and @Alex_J for opportunity to build the Aurora community.


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