[Rejected] Aurora Argentina Guild (October)

Hello Aurora community!

We’re, Ernesto, Mateo and Matías from Argentina! We wanted to present a project in the Aurora community to create Aurora Argentina.

Who we are

I’m Matías (@matigo ), a 37 yo MBA student and I have been a crypto enthusiast since 2018 given the economic inefficiencies of my country I found refuge for my savings and investments in blockchain and DeFi protocols, since then I’ve been trying to spread the word about the benefits of Web 3.0. I’m also a college professor in two of the major Universities in my province, so education is one of my life reasons and passions.

I’ve got certified with the following Near University certifications: NEAR Certified Analyst, NEAR Certified Professor and wrote articles in Medium, and did some NFTs posts for the Discord guild.

I’m Mateo (@Tute ), a systems engineering student (21 yo) passionate about blockchain technology since 2020.

In March of this year, I was introduced to the NEAR ecosystem, completing the NEAR Certified Analyst and Near Certified Developer courses to continue learning the Rust language.

All this led me today to be studying more about appchains (using Substrate) which I think are going to be the future, I plan to contribute as much as I can to the Aurora ecosystem and discover its characteristics, in turn sharing what I learn from it with the community from Argentina.

I’m Ernesto (@chicharra.near ), 40yo lawyer with an IT background. Self-made investor, and a blockchain researcher.Avid learner, interested in technology and its social consequences. Passionate about free speech and privacy laws.

I experienced developing a strong community on Telegram as a NEAR Argentina Guild member.

The project

We want to promote the growth and presence of Aurora in Argentina by building a local community. We aim to reach enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and Web3 developers to encourage creativity and development of projects in Aurora.

We have seen the great potential that Aurora has in the region and we want to expand that power by taking it to the quintessential crypto capital of Latin America. We are currently among the 10 countries with the highest adoption in terms of crypto and decentralized finance. We are also one of the main exporters of Web3 talent, so one of our core ideas is to get in touch with the developers of our country and be able to introduce them into this brilliant project.

Our Guild will be named Aurora Argentina, it is appropriate to mention that thanks to the expansion that Near Argentina had, many people know about Aurora but also ignore its massive potential We must break the ice on these users and that is why we have the idea of encouraging the development of projects, education, ….on the foundations of creating a strong community that can use the Aurora ecosystem as a base


As we said, we want to develop and promote the growth of Aurora in Argentina.

What problem is the proposal solving?

As young and disruptive, Aurora needs to be known by developers and final users. Argentina had a fast and strong adoption of blockchain technology due to its wobbly economy. Also has one of the fastest web3 adoption rates in the region. Presenting Aurora to the Argentinean community will for sure bring more interesting players to the game.

As the Near blockchain was welcomed by the community because it is a fast and cheap solution, Aurora will be much more striking by communicating that it has the same characteristics and is also compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

How do we achieve this?

The main pillars of our proposal are based on creating a community and disseminating content related to Aurora in Spanish, EaaS (education as a service). and active presence at blockchain events hosted in Argentina.

To comply with the foregoing, we are committed to constantly generating the content, focusing on education so that users can easily obtain knowledge and that it can spread around all local communities.

We have acquired a vast experience within the Near community, within the different roles that we have had to fulfill in it (dev, generation, and curation of content, integration, and development of the community among others) so we have strong and demonstrable expertise in blockchain.

Expected impact and value for the Aurora community

Try to do as comprehensive an onboarding as possible, explaining to future users the benefits of using Aurora and the dApps that make up the ecosystem.

Spread the word about Aurora and the ease of generating smart contracts written in Solidity on a fast, scalable and carbon-neutral blockchain.

Getting web2 users to understand the benefits of being able to use blockchain technology.

We want to achieve that when using these benefits of a protocol, users follow up on it, thus obtaining an active community.

How would these users be active?

I- interacting in the dApps

II- voting in the DAO

III- or even creating their own content on their networks.

Metrics/KPIs to track results.

We plan on the following metrics for this period.

  • Create an Aurora Argentina Telegram Channel (expectation 50 active members)

  • Create a Twitter Account: @auroraArgentina ( expectation 100 followers )

  • Create a Medium blog: Aurora Argentina, write articles, guides, and how-to guides on our Aurora Argentina Medium Blog (4 per month minimum)

  • Held AMAs collaborating with Aurora’s ecosystem dApps

We have created a special logo for the community following the guidelines of the aurora press kit respecting the original spirit of the design.

Create and design: memes, gifts, and images to promote Aurora in the community.

We have seen the aurora media kit and we thought it was a good idea to have this logo for the different networks:

We plan to follow the community’s growth through Twitter followers, telegram community members and medium followers.

For that, we already created a format in which we will load the data and we will add a description of the new information that the graph provides. Which will also be part of the report.

How do we plan to do it?

  1. Creating and managing a Medium account where we will upload articles, guides and reviews in Spanish language and focused on the Argentina Community.
  2. Creating and managing a Telegram Group and Channel where the community will base.
  3. Creating and managing a Twitter account…
  4. Produce Aurora-related content in Spanish.

Funding Details

We plan to renew the metrics monthly and at the same time propose different activities to generate a bond with the community that is real since we will have full availability to build and improve, especially the content that we will create. For this first month, we propose a payment of 2100 usd to start what would be the first month of Aurora Argentina. We generate reports once the month is over so that as we grow over time we can see the progress and keep a record of it. In this report, we will include all the activities that were carried out in the month, with all the necessary details so that the DAO can observe it.

  • Twitter management = $300
  • Graphic Design = $ 300
  • Posts and Moderation (Telegram) = $ 300
  • Articles on medium (target 5 articles for October)= $ 500
  • Guides and How-to guides Twitter thread = $ 200
  • Reporting Administration, Operational Costs = $ 200
  • Staff salary for community management, planning, reporting, team meetings and coordination = $ 300

Total: 2100 usd monthly paid

The wallet for the grant is chicharra.near

We are attentive to your response and excited to start building together!


I’m very excited to start building things together!! If anyone has any questions don’t worry about make it, my twitter is https://twitter.com/MateoEmilio1 if do you want to read what i’ve post about Aurora!


I really like this proposal, it’s nice to see how Aurora is expanding around the world. Well done @chicharra.near @Tute @matigo :clap:


Great proposal @chicharra.near to expand the region in Argentina! Will be looking forward to this. :clap: :clap:


Nice proposal @chicharra.near, I hope we can work together on such a fantastic project!



Unfortunately we cannot provide you a grant for now.

Feel free to resubmit proposal next quarter

Hi @Alex_ sorry to hear that, funding was an important step for the project.
Would it be okay for us to start Aurora Argentina Community and with a solid base then propose a project next quarter?