[Approved] Aurora Venezuela August/September

Greetings Auroreans! :wave:

My Name is Ulises Marin @ramgor actual Project Manager of the Venezuelan Guild.

In conjunction with our leaders, Fritz Wagner @FritzWorm , Jose Ortuño, Andres Dominguez and Arturo Hernandez, We are pleased to present our Venezuelan Guild to this community.

Venezuelan Guild is already a flourishing community in the Near Protocol ecosystem, and we would also like to integrate ourselves within this platform by creating the AURORA VENEZUELA Guild.

It is well known, that our country has always remained among the first places regarding the use and adoption of cryptocurrencies worldwide, being number 1 in Latin America according to sources such as the UN.

Thanks to this, we have been able to develop a strong and fast-growing organized community, with about 770 Telegram members, 1.2K followers on Twitter, and 300 Discord members. Similarly, we have promoted projects resulting from the initiatives carried out by our members, several of which are already in mainet in production, to mention a few: Free Horses, NEAR P2P, among others.

In our Telegram community, with about 770 engaged members, we have marked rapid growth, as a result of educational plans and promotions, together with marketing plans executed to grow and educate our community quickly and steadily.

We are an organization with a decentralized vision of governance, decision-making, and fund management. For this reason, we have managed to form a successful DAO with 21 members with voting power becoming one of the structures with the largest distribution of power among the guilds in Latin America. The funds that we receive are always managed under the considerations of the whole GUILD, promoting transparency.

Social Media Metrics

We are very proud of our community. All of them, are enthusiasts of blockchain, eager to learn new things, and love to share information, and experience about cryptos, web3, Dapps, and DeFis.

For that reason, we want to show you our milestones so far, on Venezuela Guild Social Media.

Twitter: @nearVenezuela


Telegram: @NEARVenezuela

  • 770 active members

Discord NEAR Venezuela

  • 318 active members


:arrow_right: What necessities is the proposal solving?

The Venezuelan community is actively searching for information about blockchain, cryptos, web3, DeFi, and Dapps, but most of this information is in English. We seek to solve this problem with the NEAR ecosystem, we translate and show our Venezuelan audience what NEAR Blockchain is and how it works, and we did it all in Spanish.

Equally important for us is to show the Venezuelan community what Aurora is and what they can achieve with the platform, as well as all the dApps running and developing on Aurora Network. We have a great professional team of writers, translators, designers, developers and blockchain experts to do it.

:arrow_right: How are these necessities being solved?

We have experience building and working with the community and we have learned from our mistakes and achievements, which has helped us understand how to engage and keep the Venezuelan Guild active.

Our guild holds meetings every Monday with the council members and every Tuesday with the entire community. This is our way of hearing about what members of the Venezuelan Guild want to learn and the best way to approach them.

In addition, to grow our community, we held AMAs with different guests who are developing dApps to introduce them to the community. We love to spread threat information to educate on our Twitter and the telegram channel and coupled with experts we conduct Bootcamps to educate. Furthermore, we love to create designs to spread information in a fun way.

Also, our writers, translators, and designers team are creating and delivering quality content to the community in Spanish.

:arrow_right: Expected impact and value for the Aurora community

We have the experience, and we can do it again. Building a Venezuelan Aurora community is the goal, a community that not only understands the Aurora Network, but a community that engages with Aurora, their dapps, and an audience who develops on Aurora.

Above all that, we are a team of professional individuals with knowledge in copywriting, translating, marketing, blockchain, and Near, who has worked promoting and building communities.

Notably, 21 of our Venezuelan council members are certified with one or more of the following Near University certifications: NEAR Certified Analyst, NEAR Certified Professor, Near Certified entrepreneur and NEAR Certified Developer. Equally, a big part of our community members are also certified in one or more of those programs. Conforming another group with more than 50 certified members.

To sum up, we know the Venezuelan community will engage eagerly with the Aurora Network, we are confident that we can do an excellent job showing them all the benefits and making them love and adopt Aurora.

:arrow_right: Metrics/KPIs to track results.

For us it is important to deliver real results, so we are sure that we can present the following metrics for this period.

  • Create an Aurora Venezuela Telegram Channel (expectation 100 active members)
  • Create a Twitter Account: @auroraVenezuela ( expectation 125 followers )
  • Create a Medium blog: Aurora Venezuela ( expectation 25 followers)
  • Held 4 AMAs explained Aurora’s dapps
  • Write articles, guides, and how-to guides on our Aurora Venezuelan Medium Blog
  • Create a Newsletter to inform Aurora Venezuelan enthusiasts about the latest news on the ecosystem.
  • Create and design: memes, gifts, and images to promote Aurora in the community.

:arrow_right: Funding Details

For these Marketing activities, we are proposing a $2500 monthly payment scheme, distributed as following:

Activities DescriptiĂłn Budget period
Activities (staff) questionnaires, meme contests, promos, games, twitter spreading, translating and quoting aurora tweets 0
Staff salaries Project Manager, Community Manager (1), TG moderators(2), designers. (1) $1000 monthly
Creation of 6 to 10 blog post on Medium Aurora Venezuela AURORA articles, projects, (500 to 1000 words each) $1000 monthly
4 AMAs AURORA Network, Solidity, AURORA projects $500 monthly

Total requested amount in USD: $2500

Near Wallet ID: ramgor.near

:arrow_right: Report of activities.

We will make monthly reports to show our progress and contribute to transparency.

In conclusion, the Venezuelan community wants to thank Aurora and the Aurora Community grants program team members: Alex @Alex_J and Ell @ell for this opportunity. We are committed to building a strong, participative, and enthusiastic community for Aurora in Venezuela.

Please, if there is any question, feedback, or word of support, we will appreciate it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @ramgor @FritzWorm congratulations for your proposal partners!
Glad to see you working hard in Aurora, love your proposal
Will be supporting you all the way :blush:
Hugs and best wishes!


Let´s build for a bigger ecosystem in Latam @ramgor @FritzWorm


interesting proposal I hope to be able to help you in whatever you need, happy to be able to make this wonderful community grow. @ramgor


Even though most of the new information about the NEAR protocol is delivered in the English language, an increasing amount of users of crypto currencies are Spanish speakers due to different situations with their local fiat currencies. This proposal will be great to reach those users in their journey through NEAR Protocol. Thanks to @ramgor and @FritzWorm for thinking in the Spanish community.


Thanks for your support.

I want to share a statement:

I have not been rewarded for the Venezuela Guild activities I have been doing, my intention here is non-profit/non-rewarded, I just want to help Venezuelans to grow professionally in this new industry.

It is a great opportunity to get into the Spanish public through a Spanish-speaking community that is very active in this industry. At least 10% of Venezuelans use crypto on daily basis, so they are all familiar with Ethereum, and we have more than 50 certified members by Near University. Therefore, Aurora support will help to receive a good and active community to keep growing the ecosystem.

:metal: :rocket:


Good evening! Thank you for your proposal. I can’t support marketing activities for $3500 because we already have Nearity and Aurority in our Community for the purposes.

So, I can support the proposal without the marketing part. It would be great to have people in your community with solid knowledge in solidity who will hold technical weekly AMA’s for Great Aurora Venezuela guild members.


Hello @ell

Thank you very much for your comments. I understand your approach. Perhaps, I was not clear with the point you mentioned; when I refer to marketing, I mean the promotion of Aurora’s projects with the Spanish-speaking community in Venezuela. I believe that the promotion offered by nearity and aurority is not focused on the public we are offering in this proposal. I hope you can reconsider it with this new information.

We can gladly include the AMAs on Solidity as you suggest :+1:

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I understand that. Actually, we already have launched Aurora LATAM guild, which covers many countries in South and North America. I am glad to see Aurora Venezuela guild as well in our community, but total requested amount should be revised. Thank you


greetings @ell

I appreciate the effort you make reading all the proposals from the community.

I will take your word to adapt our proposal. I will present you a couple of possible options; whichever of them you think is better for AURORA, we will gladly take it:

Option A
We are aware that building new social networks and followers requires at least a minimum of promotion and marketing.
We could make a much less aggressive and softer campaign by lowering the marketing amount to $1,500 for a total of $4,000 per campaign and adapt the proposal based on this.

Option B
We could run the original plan for $6000 but do it Bi-monthly. We would execute half of the budget per month, that is, $3000 with monthly reports, and deliver the same results we had offered at the end of the two months.

any new comments coming from you are always welcome.
best regards


Hello Hello! Just I kind reminder:

Aurora LATAM doesn’t really exist until there is support and leadership from at least 3 LATAM countries. I mean, Aurora LATAM can’t be a GUILD run by just one country from LATAM, and we just kick-started conversations with Argentina leadership who proposed the Aurora LATAM.

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Hello Fritz, kind reminder, we have the support and alliance with Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay and Brazil. It does exist and it is creating community as we are exchanging words here in this post.
From your words I dont truly understand your interests or if you do actually support Aurora LATAM, but it is created already.
Weird the way that you handle your “support” and “alliances”

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Hi @ell

We modified our original proposal to fit it according to a monthly budget of 2500 as you supported before, with monthly reports as we originally promised to achieve consensus and move on to the next step.
I appreciate the support of the aurora team.


Yeah, you are leading Argentina. But there is no community already on Chile or Uruguay for example, too small to call it a community, maybe a group.

You said Mexico, and right now, @josedlujan is presenting Mexico and I am representing Venezuela in the conversations to support the Aurora LATAM.

I keep saying this is something where we need to find consensus and support from at least 3 big communities from LATAM. We kick start the conversations and we need to shape the structure to start working for it together :metal: And in this sense, I am giving a lot of support and being a catalyst for this to happen well, with consensus and asap.

Let’s be more professional and don’t turn this conversation into a mess with personal attacks. I am giving support to building the Aurora LATAM, and at the same time, I remind all that it doesn’t exist at this moment, we need to build it together.


Happy to support for one month, September ! Thank you!


Proposal is approved


thank you @ell.
thank you @Alex_J
thanks to the AURORA team !

for supporting our guild to enter the AURORA ecosystem
I’ll be aware for further instructions ! :slight_smile:


hi! @ramgor congratulations for the approved proposal and welcome to Aurora fam :slight_smile:
could you share please links on socials when it’s created?
thank you


Congrats @ramgor , lest go!!

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@FritzWorm hi friend :slight_smile: ) can you please reach your mates there about this issue
and mostly i need TG contact of Guild lead , @ramgor - yours?
it’s time to gather :blush:

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