[Rejected] Aurora based Game for onboarding new users

We are working on Cryptoprinciple it is Game - Financial Strategy in Crypto, for new users in World of Crypto, and Criptans to improve their skills in making money.

MVP of the project Cryptoprinciple

Our progress : working on improving game mechanics and Game Design Document, implementing Nfts Avatar in project and marketing of Sale First NFT Collection.
now we looking for the grant to build all stuff
milestones : Improve first stage of the game, improve game mechanicks. Connect Avrora chain to the game, connect in game metamask, and mint NFT to chain, Develop second level game mechanics, with educatotion about NFT marketplace and usage of Uniswap, how to take part in - IDO Education for IDO Platform. and attract first 3000 users.

Unity/C# Developer 336*15 5040
tester 168 5 840
Unity Developing 5880 usd
BlockChain Developing 134
40 usd 5360
Marketing+ Design of NFT Avatar 3760 usd advertisment and activities
15000 $
or without marketing 11240$

lets discuss

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Good morning! Unfortunately, I can’t support your proposal at the time.