[Rejected] Aurora crossword puzzle contest to promote the ecosystem

For the past weeks, using the https://crossword.xyz/ the Shitzu community has been creating puzzles related to the Aurora ecosystem. The winner is rewarded in Near tokens. The funding has been coming from personal funds and donations from the dev responsible for the site. I am planning on putting 1-2 out every week. Sometimes, a bonus one for big news/events.

The site automatically rewards the sole winner and takes them to an options page to use the near rewarded. My goal is to bring new folks from other chains/projects into Near by making themes related to their interest. e,g. I recently made one for cardano and avax fans.

Going forward will continue to work and highlight both projects within Aurora and those knocking on the door. One week per month will be dedicated to another chain to bring folks over to aurora.

The next phase is to recruit high-profile personalities from the Aurora ecosystem and crypto in general to make their crossword puzzle. Whether that be about their app or nft project.

The funds will be used for the winners and the puzzle makers. Ideally, the prize per puzzle would be 50 - 100 USD, and pay the puzzle maker approx 20-30$ for the contribution.

Also, the Shitzu community would like to scour crypto Twitter for aurora-related spaces/ama and give all attendees shitzu tokens for attendance e.g.

Request $600 monthly

here are previous puzzles tweets:


Hello, could you please update your proposal and include information about:

  • a number of members in your community;
  • Links on social media;
  • Please, introduce yourself and your teammates;
  • Metrics/KPIs to track results.

Thank you and have a good one!

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Current members of the community are 740. The executive board is comprised of 11 members.

Relevant links: @ShitzuCommunity, @ShitzuFound, @travbori, @crosswordxyz, @globularsocket

AGT here, part of Shitzu’s executive board and overall aurora enthusiast. The shitzu community aims to bring awareness and users to the ecosystem using a near smart-contract crossword puzzle that rewards the winner is Near and Shitzu tokens. My focus alongside @mikedotexe
is promote its usage and fund the prizes.

At this time, the site is unable to capture user metrics. We are in the process of addressing the deficiency. Currently, we are using twitter’s analytics for metric capture

Once a new CW puzzle is deployed, the community aggressively advertises in various forums.
When doing aurora-specific puzzles, we would like to reward them with Aurora tokens.


Ok, thank you for the proposal. I suggest you come back later with the results of the similar approved proposal on the Near Government forum. Thank you


Copy, the proposals are similar but their aims are not. The goal is to have separate crossword puzzles working in parallel to promote the entire eco. Aurora’s growth pace is skyrocketing and will need all the marketing available. Within the shitzu community, the goal is to promote both and have separate teams working on the same goals. To simply reject a proposal based on self-plagiarism is disheartening. We are actively promoting both.

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Furthermore, they are not identical. The intent was not to deceive by merely copying and pasting. They are clearly different with strong similarities


Thank You! I’m following the project closely.


Had a great time with Shitzu community, the community is super active on telegram & twitter along with twitter spaces & also on youtube live.
Having a fun time solving the crossword as well as exploring more and more about various projects in the ecosystem which are not necessary to be from near and aurora (though majority are these two only).