Hi Aurora
@Alex @ell

I am Priscilla from Ghana. I have been involved in community management and content creation for more than 3years
I would like to assist Aurora ecosystem expand in Ghana and beyond

Community, Guild, Project Name : Aurora Ghana

Funding Scheme: Monthly

With a solid team consisting of managers, editors, content creators, scriptwriters, designers and developers, we are a very compact team with all the requisite skills perfectly suited for Aurora Community Management in Ghana. Having many contacts to several influencers including the social media manager of Ghana’s 2nd largest TV station, we are very confident of taking this project to a farther reach across the country and beyond.

Our Skillset:
Experts in Telegram community management: Examples
(FTX, University of Ghana) - Telegram: Join Group Chat
(FTX Brekum ) - Telegram: Join Group Chat, )
Translate/write scripts or articles
Twitter/LinkedIn account management: Example: https://twitter.com/metrotvgh,
Create/edit videos
Design and edit infographics (Graphic Designers) Example: (PHRONESIS CRYPTO HUB - Google Drive )

The Problem
In Ghana, it is trite knowledge that Aurora isn’t well known, at all. For a country with youth (youths numbering in about 5 million, in Accra, Kumasi, Cape Coast other beyond) intensely interested in cryptocurrency, who look up to the Freedom coin owned by Ghanaian millionaire Freedom Wealth Caesar, it is quite unfortunate that Aurora hasn’t exploited the opportunity. It is to say that Aurora has vast market among the Ghanaian youth, their counterparts in Nigeria and beyond who are grossly trade in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrency to make a living, vis-à-vis the current unemployment rates in these countries.
In partnership with us, we could polish the Aurora brand and sell to these teeming 900,000+ people with cryptocurrency in Ghana alone, and push it even much further. It’s undoubtedly a great market out there for Aurora. Hitherto, there was no Ghanaian Aurora community on Telegram but for our intervention, our newly created Aurora Telegram community is fast growing matching the pace of other communities. Also, our proactiveness has inspired us to create a twitter account which is also fast growing. The further absence of Aurora LinkedIn account is a neglection of ready and vast cryptocurrency market here in the subregion.

Action Plan:
To build the Ghanaian Aurora Community for education, communication and interaction
Create an Aurora Community in Ghana focusing on Telegram, Twitter and LinkedIn

Activities include:
Create a Ghanaian Aurora Telegram group where the users can discuss about Aurora related topics
Create a Ghanaian Aurora Twitter account where the latest news about Aurora are shared in Ghana and beyond
Create a Ghanaian Aurora LinkedIn account and page where Ghanaian articles about Aurora are shared
Grow the community by inviting people from existing community groups and doing promotions
Organize educational events on Telegram and Twitter to expand the ecosystem of Aurora in Ghana
Get in contact with influencers to assist with promotional and features

Metrics in the Next One Month
100 -300 on Telegram; Our newly created telegram community has already amassed 125 members in just 2 days ( Telegram: Join Group Chat )
30-200 followers on Twitter; we have reached over 30 people on twitter with our new Aurora Twitter account already (AURORA GHANA :ghana: (@GhanaAurora) https://twitter.com/GhanaAurora?t=6g6KhLS65r0wakM4vKGEqg&s=08 / Twitter)
LinkedIn - 0-200
Latest Aurora news are shared on Twitter and Telegram
Create and broadcast Aurora memes and infographics and articles across all platforms

Funding Details
2 Telegram Moderators -600USDT
1 Twitter Manager - 250USDT
LinkedIn Manager - 250USDT
Telegram and Twitter Promotional and Give aways - 300USDT

Management Cost - 500USDT
Team Meetings

TOTAL- $1900

NEAR WALLET ID : auroraghana.near

Team Lead @priscywanye
Community Management Team - @Kwansah
Social Media Management Team @SLyt
Content Creation - @Bubune_ab
Graphic designers and Video Editors - @king_freeman @princed
Developer @claver ( Limitless-Kode (Peter Claver Amobila) · GitHub )

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Great work you guys are doing already and hoping to see Aurora massive in Ghana.

…btw, your Twitter account link isn’t inserted properly😁


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Why are you trying to expose members of the Aurora community and wind up subscribers? I think that 3 people are online out of 127, this means that they are not real subscribers


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The same thing, I think everything is clear to everyone here that you are winding up subscribers. I think if you honestly described all your skills, it would be much better.

More than half of the subscribers have been online for a very long time, is this normal?

Also I think if you were honest the history of the group would be open. Can you open the message history?

Hey there
Thank you for the feedback

Reason for the ineffective interaction on our telegram channels is because most Ghanaians are not so active on Telegram. They prefer Facebook and WhatsApp

Hence with this, our community would have a more interactive community on Facebook and WhatsApp soon

Can you open the history of messages in groups please?

Yes please… Thank you for the feedback

You still have not opened the history of messages in groups …

Hey Robert, aren’t you been too hasty?

The groups doesn’t mean she must be owner of all groups.

Read the write up properly.

…btw, Ghana and my country has 1 hour difference which puts Ghana ahead. It’s 8:37 pm in my country.

Not everyone is online or should be online at this moment. Especially for a group that activities are still planned.

My Opinion though

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Okay, if Aurora is just being planned, what about FTX? I think that 2 people out of 200 are online is not normal.

The admin of the group read my message but he did nothing

By the way, I apologize if I seemed too persistent or negative. I just want the Aurora community to develop quickly and in the right direction. :heart:

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Yeah, we hope the Aurora Ukraine gets better too…

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Can you check same groups in like 13 hrs or so? Cos that will be day time in Ghana

I believe those groups are campus groups and you know what that should mean.

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Thank you for your support

Greetings Robert, have you persistently visited our Telegram Channels this morning

We would be glad if you do

Thank you

You did sound negative but it’s fine …

Happy to see our West Africa brothers here any AURORA NIGERIA is ready to support you in any way possible

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