[Rejected] Aurora Nigeria-January


Guild Name: Aurora Nigeria Guild

Region: Nigeria (West Africa)

Aurora Nigeria Guild Approved Proposal: [Approved] Aurora Nigeria guild

Check details of report for October activities: [REPORT] Aurora Nigeria October Activities

Links on social media and number of members in each social media handles;

Our social media handles:

Twitter: we have 383 followers (time of writing this proposal)
Link: https://twitter.com/auroranigeria_

Telegram: we have 426 members (time of writing this proposal)
Link: Telegram: Contact @AuroraNigeria

Facebook: We have 280 followers (time of writing this proposal)
Link: Aurora Nigeria

LinkedIn: we have 90 followers
Link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aurora-nigeria-569620246

Medium: We have 114 followers
Link: Near Protocol Nigeria (NPK Guild) – Medium

YouTube channel


Aurora Nigeria team consists of 13 members.

I am @Paulp5000, team lead for Aurora Nigeria. Our team members are:

@Ejabani (CM)
@kbounce (Social Media)
Favour (Social Media)
@Khady (Content writer)
Vicj2000 (Content writer)
@cenwadike (Tech Content writer/Dev)
Moh (Graphics designer/Video Editor/Dev)
@evelyn (Graphics designer/Video Editor)
@Kareemc2 (Translator)
Qeeyah (Translator/CM)
mrudawaki (Translator/CM)
@damboy22 (Head of Partnerships).

Seven (7) teams in total:

Community Team

Social Media Management Team

Content Team

Translator team

Graphics design/Video Editor Team

Partnership Team

Developers/Technical Team

Funding Scheme: Monthly, for the first quarter of the year.


After having a successful October, we hope to increase education and adoption of Aurora across various communities and channels in Nigeria. This we plan on doing through/by the following means:

Promote and share news and updates from Aurora Community news stream on all applicable platforms.

Create educational/marketing contents for the community. The content created will focus on two aspects of Aurora Ecosystem which are the Technical aspects and the non technical aspects.

Community Building by holding AMAs and Twitter Spaces with on-chain and off-chain communities for onboarding/education that will organically grow AURORA NIGERIA COMMUNITY.

Familiarization of Aurora Ecosystem in Local Nigeria Communities through translation of various Articles related to the Aurora ECOSYSTEM into the 3 major languages in Nigeria.

Begin a Solidity Developer bi-weekly class for training of newbie solidity devs interested in building on AURORA.

Besides daily activities such as AMAs, Social media posts we will start new initiatives such as:

Activating Aurora Nigeria Youtube Channel, to educate how to create Metamask, connected with Aurora wallet, Aurora Plus, using the dApps available in the Aurora ecosystem

Actively engage with influencers, crypto communities in Nigeria and Exchanges to gain additional exposure and increase the number of Aurora Nigeria members.


A. Event & Activity

Project of the Week Discussions - Every Mondays of the week within a month we will hold a session to discuss on project within Aurora Ecosystem. Discussing the ecosystem, updates from the Aurora project and support information that is currently in Aurora.

Trivia Night/Community Quiz - Every Wednesdays of the week within a month we will create interesting quizzes to increase the knowledge of members regarding Aurora, increase engagement & build interaction in Telegram groups.

Aurora Weekly Summary Discussion - Every Fridays of the week within a month we will hold a telegram community discussion to discuss the events and happenings within the Aurora Ecosystem. This is meet to keep the community updates on events and happenings that occurred during the week within Aurora Ecosystem.

Aurora Nigeria AMA & Twitter Space - We will organise weekly AMA/TWITTER SPACES section in AURORA NIGERIA and other Nigeria communities. Invite speakers from the Aurora ecosystem, local influencers and/or be a speaker for the crypto community to promote Aurora. Average cost per AMA/Twitter Space: 50 USD.

B. Social Media

In relation to social media building given our already established presence in Nigeria we would push it a bit futher by growing our various social media handles for AURORA NIGERIA. We shall have a 40-50% increase of followers and or members accross all social media handles. Having them fully engaged in on-chain activities.

Hit 600+ members on Telegram
Hit 600+ followers on Twitter
Hit 600+ followers on Facebook
Hit 200+ followers on LinkedIn
Hit 200+ followers on Medium
Fully activating Youtube channel & Telegram announcement channel

C. Translations

We will create SIX translations of articles per month, 2 yoruba, 2 hausa and 2 Igbo. This will enable easy familiarization of Aurora Ecosystem in Local communicaties in Nigeria.

D. Content Creation/Articles

From the content team we shall create THREE written contents containing technical and non technical aspects of AURORA, posted on NEAR/AURORA NIGERIA MEDIUM PAGE and shared on at least 5 different Nigeria communities and one article will be published on DiutoCoinNews, the second biggest crypto blog in Nigeria and Africa.

E. Solidity Dev Training

In training of newbie solidity devs we shall hold two online developer classes monthly, and one developer article. This is to help train Nigeria Solidity developers that will be able to build projects on Aurora that can solve Nigeria problems. Also, be able to prepare developers for on-chain activities for ecosystem growth.

F. Graphics & Video

Create THREE Graphics per week in relation to Aurora Ecosystem and projects built on Aurora plus ONE video per week in relation to the weekly summary video of Fridays Aurora Community.


Social Media Management + Daily Community announcements post= 300 USD
Community Moderation (Telegram) + daily Community announcements post= 400 USD
Graphics & weekly summary video of Fridays Aurora Community: (12 x 25) + (4 x 50) = 500 USD
Content/Article: 3 x 50 = 150 USD
Translations+ weekly translations of important Community announcements: 6 x 50 = 300 USD
Ecosystem Project Support (AMAs, Twitter Space, Hosting): 4 x 50 = 200 USD
Trivia Night : 200 USD
Training of Newbie Solidity Devs = 200 USD


WALLET ID: auroranigeria.near

Name: Paul Oguntola


EMAIL: paulp5000@gmail.com

Thanks to the community for all support given @ell and @Alex_J


Hello! Unfortunately we cannot provide you a grant for now. Feel free to resubmit proposal next quarter.

The third proposal rejected in a row for just no reasons attached.

It has been nice working with Aurora :wave: