[Rejected] Aurora Kenya Guild Community, project name: Aurora Kenya 🇰🇪

Aurora Kenya (Africa Aurora sub group) :kenya:

Kenya Africa :kenya:

Name Desmond BQ
Telegram : @DesmondBQ
EMail address : DesmondBQ7@gmail.com
Kenya group : Telegram: Contact @Aurorakenya
Africa group : Telegram: Contact @AuroraAfrica


My name is Desmond from Kenya. For the last 3 years I have been working with projects as community moderator and as an affiliate marketer. I am specialized in everything to do with reaching out for partnerships with big companies and brands too. My target areas are top cmc projects, crypto influencers, large community groups that offer AMAs and projects promotions, gig economy platforms that are looking for developers to sign up for their gigs and twitter engagement too especially from those active influencers. I should multitask both marketing and community development. That $390 cost that I have budgeted can only cover the community development. For the marketing I do not need to charge any cost. I can do it out of my own help since am also looking for long partnerships with Aurora. My goal is to bring genuine partnerships who will help Aurora achieve its fullest growth. To my experience with crypto projects before this is one of the project that holds so much potential if we could onboard partners who are not only looking to profit their bellies and abandon the project since they already got what they charged but partner who will help steer Aurora to achieve its ultimate potential.


I will be starting from scratch to grow a Kenyan community group for Aurora since there isnt one for the moment. I want to enhance the growth and presence of Aurora in Kenya and the possibly expand outside our neighbour countries but Kenya will be my priority. As of now am gathering a list of the latest and upcoming projects on cmc so that I can contact them and see if they can agree to partner with us too. I do not have limit on how much masses I can gather and divert them to Aurora. Partnerships will be our utmost pillar to build the most strong Aurora that we can think of.


I will start with creating an active members group for Aurora and help the group grow locally. I will explain and introduce new members from Kenya to aurora Kenya community. I will be doing marketing locally and other forms of marketing to attract new members and grow the group in the process. Kenya itself accounts for over 4 million active crypto users. It’s one of the too crypto holders in the entire Africa. Kenya shilling is also available on binance for merchant services and means of payment.


My aim is to help Aurora achieve its growth to the fullest capacity it deserves. I believe by gathering as much partnerships as possible is the best we can structure a strong foundation for Aurora. Should the group Aurora Kenya turn out to show slow growth rate upon the end of the agreed contract then I will divert and unite Aurora kenya community with Aurora Africa community hence uniting our forces and continue developing Aurora Africa. My main area of specialty is marketing. Aurora Kenya will help increase our odds of growing the Africa community. That means I will be working hand in hand with the African group too. They will also closely monitor performance of the Aurora Kenya sub group. Should the reunion happen I will focus on the partnership marketing as my main input in this project. Great to have everyone around here doing their best to nudge this project in the right direction.


Group name : Telegram: Contact @Aurorakenya
Africa group : Telegram: Contact @AuroraAfrica

Like I said I am going to start from scratch. I will need some capital to help me offset the entire process. I do not want to make false promises. I should start with creating the telegram group and help it achieve growth. After three months I will move forward to create twitter handle for Kenya and other platforms too.


@$120 monthly for 3 months X3 = $360
$10 monthly expected costs inclusive internet and articles X3 = $30
Total budget cost = $390

NEAR soft wallet id:


I do not have any usb ledger wallet. I only have the above soft wallet. I hope you understand.


Hello Bro!
Nice to see Aurora in Kenya.
Could you use the NEAR native wallet with (name.near) please.


Any link. I only saw the web wallet available on the official near protocol website

That’s it.

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I do not possess any usb ledger. I can only create the soft wallet, the one with recovery phrase. I should acquire one in the near future once am stable enough financially

This wallet is free and only needs 0.16 NEAR to keep it active. You can reach out to the CM in Aurora Africa telegram group to help you with a NEARDROP link.


Kindly share the link here


Thank you for a great job, but unfortunately, I cannot support your proposal at this time. Feel free to reach out to the Aurora Africa (lead @israel_igboze ) guild to continue your contribution.

How. All the energy and cost I spent on that. Will there be a refund? Not to mention all my days of patience. I even went hungry at some point waiting for this manner to drop from heaven. I should have known. Am not rich like you. It costed me way too much than you can imagine. Now I will have to sleep on the streets. I even went to an extent of borrowing some funds to early offset that thing hoping the dead will go well. I think it will be fair you guys do a compensation of 10% the amount I charged. It wasn’t easy for me and I have to say that I tried all my best. Even look at the message. You have to consider the fact that a poor African kid made some efforts. It’s brutal to decline my proposal. Unless what you are running is illegitimate then you have to give crystal clear reason as to why you had to disappoint me. I have had all my hopes and trust on this forum but now it turned out to be punishing. Do something to make it make on my side. The fact that I tried leaves room for more Africans to come in and contribute their skills in your ecosystem. Declining without compensating me will only shut doors for more Africans to come in and try. Africans are not that civilized and intellectual like you guys. This portrays an ugly image to us Africans it’s like saying we are not worthy to eat on the same plate with you. Just be fair enough to understand my situation. Am so marginalised in a way that can’t afford to loose this battle. Just sent any compensation amount on any of address below to easy my heart. Right now am panicking.

BnB address BUSD/USDT BEP 20​:point_down::point_down:
BTC address
Near address

Don’t be so brutal like this. Will appreciate. If I don’t get anything it only impact the project negatively.


A person having four profiles on NEAR Governance forum is suspicious and can’t trust the credibility of the person. Also there were some proven claims from some DAOs in NEAR against you misusing community funds.

All are your profiles .

cc @ell

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That’s exactly what you are doing. And those accounts are not mine and I don’t not have access to any of them. It’s sounds like you are accusing me. I just said it’s unfair on my side. It will be best if you do refund. If you can’t compensate I will only alert new clients I brought onboard to submit their proposals that your forum is illegitimate. No need to misguide those guys. I have a strong relationships with my clients. You fuck me I fuck you too. I’ll just reach out to multiple companies to make them beware of Aurora. My network is vast and strong


Those profiles are not mine and and you have no prove they are mine. Check the IP address you will notice they vary and stop posting false information as an excuse of your failure

If your forum is illegitimate I’ll just make people aware and stop wasting time on this crappy shit

I saw the Uganda proposal was rejected too



Just understand. It doesn’t have to look like this. Am just not in a position to undergo such loss. I work on a tiny slightest and fixed budget 39$ is only fair. Understood it will only magnify your blessings and prosperity for your project. If you need review I can provide too on the forum page.


Am sitting on the edge. Or just give me a job. I do not want to earn much. 40$ a week/150$ monthly is cool with me. I can reach 100 companies a day to give your more exposure. 100x30= 3k companies per month. That’s alot of exposure.


I don’t understand all the words you are putting here.
Despite your proposal reads ‘rejected’, you were asked to reach out to me for support.

Did you reach out?

The forum is tempted to see that you tried running a one man team btw.

Why is your Telegram account deleted sir?

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You need to understand that this is a forum where everyone can make proposals and the council/community stakes a look at what you are planning to offer and give you support to do them for the growth of the community.

The guild program is first Passion driven before compensation follow.

I gave up