[Rejected] Aurora Poland

Hello Aurorians;

Our goal is to introduce the Auora to everyone who has heard of blockchain in Poland. Poland has a very strong crypto community and therefore we want to develop Aurora among these people!. Our team has experience in managing regional communities as well as many years of experience in managing social networks, ama, writing articles.

Portfolio of one of our team members - My Portfolio/ works for web3 projects - Michail_crypto - Medium

To be able to grow further the community we want to continue with our work and take the next steps.


  • Twitter/Instagram:
    To keep the community alive and informed, we post Poland-specific, simple and understandable news, important updates, authentic research, and infographics.

  • Telegram activities and development:
    We are going with the team to pay a lot of attention to the activity in the telegram, because it is important in the crypto space!

  • Articles:
    We have planned to write 5 articles about the Auora ecosystem in Polish language and present these articles to our community through our Medium account. There is not enough content in the Polish language.


At the end of November, we are expecting to reach:

  • 5 articles per week for the Medium - Translations and Updates from the Official website and ecosystem dapps
  • 10 posts per week + updates on Twitter and: 300 followers on twitter, 200 on instagram and 150 on Telegram
  • 1 AMA/week
  • Using Social Media Networks actively.
  • Articles about Auora in the Polish language.
  • Be present on Youtube and in well-known Polish cryptocurrency communities.


  • Twitter + Instagram = $600
  • Article: 5 Articles X $80 = $400
  • Moderation Telegram = $400
  • Reporting Administration, Operational Costs: $200

TOTAL : $1600

Near Wallet ID:
Name Michail
Telegram handle @michail_crypto
Email polandmichail@gmail.com

Hey @Aurora_Shiller !!
Can you please let us know which type of experience do you have in communities management?
Because it is not shown in your portfolio.

And also It would be great if you describe more about yourself & Experience :innocent:



Hello @Dk_51 Thank you for your attention. One of our team members Marlen is the regional community manager of the Dmail Network project (Dmail Network is a Web 3.0-based collaborative platform which integrates the functions of message communication, asset management, data storage, workspace and etc. )
Telegram: Contact @dmailofficial - link to the official channel

Marlen leads telegram, twitter and other social networks for the cis community
Telegram: Contact @dmailrussia - Telegram channel he leads
Как получить Principal ID в Plug-кошельке? — Teletype - article example
https://twitter.com/DmailRussia1/status/1558759614593769475 - An example of working with the community through a contest

About another member of our team, Mikhail, I already wrote above in the application. He has a lot of experience in working with web3 projects. He knows how to do a lot of useful value for the community. Infographics, fashion design and much more

We also have Max and Alexander who are native speakers of Polish and can hold ama sessions and other interesting events for the Polish community of Aurora

In conclusion, I can say that we are all very experienced guys in the web3 space and will do our best to develop the Aurora community

Unfortunately we cannot provide you a grant for now.

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