[Approved] (November - December 2022) Aurora Filipino

Guild, community, project name: Aurora Filipino


Social Media Accounts:
Telegram Chat Group : Telegram: Contact @AuroraFilipino (452 Members)
Telegram Announcement Channel :Telegram: Contact @AuroraFilipinoNEWS (57 members)
Aurora Facebook Page: Redirecting... (518 Followers)
Twitter https://twitter.com/AuroraFilipino (242 followers)
Aurora Filipino Medium: https://Medium.com/Aurorafilipino

October was a great start for the filipino community to step up learn the great thing about blockains,smart contracts and this aurora project, we did a lot of contents,Online & offline events, and community contest.
We’ve Achieve Tremendous job on all of our social medias as a sign of a job well done.
My team strive to continue its goals of 10% Growth on each Social Media Handles,Landing new Phase of Educations for the community (Online & Offline Events),and Montly Quiz for the community.

Funding scheme:
1 Month

Proposal Summary
(October 10-November 10) Report [REPORT] Aurora Filipino (October 10 - November 10)

Metrics/KPIs to track results
*Daily Content Translation in Telegram,facebook,medium and Twitter
*Quiz (Weekly)
*10% Growth by Montly
*4 Articles Recap by the Community
*Hold AMAs with other DEX/CEX and other Local Crypto Communities (1-2 times a Month)

>Expected impact and value for the Aurora community
Funding Scheme: (Monthly)

*1500 new organic user across all handle social media Community
*Active Aurora PH community
*Qualitiy articles and content creation
*Organic Events, Partnership and Collaboration

Funding Details: 3 months

  • Community Manager: 300usd *2 = 600usd
  • Marketing Purposes: 500$
    *Monthly budget: 1100usd
    Total Cost: 2 Months x 1100$ = 2200$

KYC Purposes
Near wallet: aurorafilipino.near

Name: Jay Mark
Telegram handle: Telegram: Contact @JayMCrypto
Email: Aurorafilipino@gmail.com / Rolajaymark@gmail.com

Tagging AURORA Community grants program team members
Alex - @Alex_J
Ell - @ell

approved 2 months $2200


hi! thanks for your proposal

there’re few points i’d like to ask you about :slight_smile:

so 1400$ monthly to handle 2 socials is a lot by experience, especially it’s not so many activities in your plan to keep so many people.
i was easily maintaining by myself Twitter Telegram and Instagram channels on a DAO that I founded and developed - I mean that I understand precisely what I’m talking about .
my point of view is
Telegram Moderator: 300$
Twitter & Medium Manager: 300$

  1. then, I haven’t seen description or any details about

– what do you plan to perform?
– is there any marketing plan to attach to the proposal?
– who will run it?
– what is this sum consist of?

so i’d offer to have
2 people are building socials 300*2 = 600usd
and 400usd to have for contests, giveaways, banners, etc.
total 1000usd monthly for 3 months directly to show achieved metrics and results after

– could it work for you?

  1. advice you to visit community news stream channel daily,
    and don’t hesitate to see community core chat to participate more in community events
    like Friday Weekly Updates with Alex on Aurora Youtube
    also you can meet there team members from different projects on Aurora and create any collaboration :wink:

  2. we’d love to ask every guild to use fewer bots for growing numbers artificially, it’s recognizable and senseless :pray:

  3. and have you received the documents with local web3-communities, and exchanges?
    AMA and other activities with outer Near/Aurora ecosystem communities and projects develop both sides :blush:

thanks :green_heart:

  1. Thanks for Pointing it out. planning to cut 1 TG moderator to put into marketing budget
    we have 3 socmeds and still planning to expand for the next 2 months. Instagram and Tiktok

  2. If its to much for a marketing purpose then we can set them aside.
    What do we plan
    *KOLS (Tiktok) for the next 2 months late November and early December into “Invite friends & earn AURORA”
    +1 to 3 Short Vids, Atleast 5Kviews and 50 Referred Contract per Influencer(1 month Run)

  • 1 to 3 Short Vids,Atleast 10Kviews and 100 (2 Months Run)
    – what is this sum consist of?
    1 Short Vid = 300$

But of course if you think this arent that on a great purpose pleae say so. so we can defund the details again

  1. Noted, We love to do partnership and collab for locals only since you already suggest that there should no bots on our community.

  2. If we did made it will be easy to target 1500 members across all social media, but honestly we are still at 88% of its completion so i deny the facts that we have unrecognizable bots if ever we have ill kick them my self 1by1.

Myself, Josh and ash are pushing the all social sides organically and we push them daily

  1. Noted, only 4 positive i can see we can collab, the rest are extinct and not even working for the web3
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@johanga kindly take a look on the new Funding Draft if it fits?
already CUT mine and 1 other manager, this funding will last for 3 months

thanks for your detailed reply!

– so this plan is important to be included in the proposal - for the next time, try to fill it with all the info, that is valuable for making a decision :pray:

as far as budget, I don’t see the big difference in the proposal
in my understanding Community Manager = Moderator +- on the early stages it’s enough 1 person for a channel, or 2 for all of socials,

  • Community Manager: 300usd *2 = 600usd
  • Marketing Purposes: 500$
    *Monthly budget: 1100usd
    that has to be more than enough to grow the channels organically

and my main offer to you is still - to integrate more to community life, to participate in the activities of other guilds as well as to collaborate with ecosystem projects via community core chat and this forum :pray:

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you leave me no choice, for the love of our community. Very well said 1100 x 3 months?

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you know that any time you’re free to ask for the community help or #aurorahunters support in any questions

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Then Lets settle this agreement before i change my mind :rofl:
<3#AuroraHunters <3 #auroradao <3 #community

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while we’re making an agreement here, i have to pay your (and every community’s) attention to the point that is valuable for ecosystem growth :
want to inform that

  • all the Rewards from giveaways, contests and questions for AMAs has to be sent in Aurora tokens only to AURORA wallets in Aurora mainnet

(as we/Hunters/ are doing on Friday Alex’ stream - please join to us this Friday :smiling_face:).


Will be lovely to join you guys


Your proposal is approved


Thank you @Alex_J for this opportunity and considering us growing on our Region.


Happy to approve for November and December. Please pay attention on community growing AMAs with Ecosystem projects, AVAX community, crypto influencers. Thank you!


Noted, will do, tho we are pushing Offline initiative mostly to bring such brights into the space.
AMA and influencers are already on the pipe - Plan phase